Motorhome damp poll results revealed

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  1. Christine Larkin says:

    I bought a motorhome without a habitation report.
    It had 3 areas of 99% damp at a later habitation service which the dealer themselves quoted me £10,000 to repair! And then suggested I bought a new one.
    (I had it repaired elsewhere.)
    However, this year I now have 4 patches of damp and one is registering at 90%.

  2. David Dwight says:

    Never used anything to keep condensation at bay during the winter when Mh not in use, why introduce moisture into the Mh by using moisture traps by pulling moisture in through the vents and gas drops. We have had Caravans and Motohomes for 48years and nevet hsd a damp problem.

  3. David Rogers says:

    I have a Rapido 7099+ l once had a humidifier but it was drawing moisture in from outside. I didn’t use it now. I’ve never had a damp problem. Brilliant van. Just leave cubbard and fridge doors open.

  4. Ian Condliffe says:

    I do own a motorhome and have had 3 episodes of water ingress in 3 consecutive years (2015 -2018)in what is now an 8 year old vehicle. All due apparently to poor assembly. I shall not buy an Eldiss again.

  5. Tony Heywood says:

    I concur with Dave Johnson – with forced ventilation in a motorhome or caraven, humidifiers or damp drawer pots are a waste of money & time. Any moisture they take out is replaced by the air incoming through the ventilation. I am able to park the motorhome on our drive so I leave the electric hook up connected (so it keeps the batteries charged) & have a small oil filled radiator on a timer & set so it keeps the motorhome aired. So far our annual habitation service has never indicated any damp in over 8 years.

  6. PJ Dan says:

    We do use crystals in our motorhome but found some other useful tips on your website. Thank you

  7. d cornock says:

    i do not own a motorhome but i find it disgusting that given the extortionate amount of money that these things cost its about time the manufactures started putting them and caravans together properly we are been taken for idiots its time they were taken to task over this dire situation

  8. Gary Carter says:

    Hi one minute you are talking about damp ingress the next is condensation. Both completely different issues.

  9. Ron Fulton says:

    I too use a dehumidifier at home set on a timer for 2 hours per day, even though we do use the camper van for some short trips in winter.
    Never had a problem.

  10. Dave Johnson says:

    By using a humidifier and moisture traps you are surely drawing moisture in from outside the vehicle!

  11. Frances Morgan says:

    We also use the damp drawer pots around replaceing them when full. We dont have damp.

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