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  1. dave says:

    i have a bailey persuit 570-6 2017 on my first night out the front bed collapsed .ON inspection the slats were made of cheap soft wood and gave away as soon as you pushed them. my wife also broke her toe when it collapsed pre inpection before delivery i dont think so.

    • Liz @ Caravan Guard says:

      Sorry to hear about the problems you’ve had with the front bed Dave. You can email Bailey directly with your concerns: [email protected]. Hopefully you can reach a satisfactory resolution.

  2. alex bow says:

    i bought a new 550/4 pursuit last june, the front window keeps getting a mark right across the middle, it has been replaced but the same thing has happened again after 2 months,, I am now getting another new window(still under warranty) fitted but seemingly I am not the only one with this problem, I am waiting on bailey and the window maker myriad getting back to me with why this is happening and how they are going to fix it as I don’t want to be having the window replaced every few months,

  3. Clare says:

    We own a Bailey Pursuit 430 2014 very happy, good price especially as we are not looking for any return on re-sale just wanted a new van at a decent price to tour Britian and it does. Heating excellent for winter touring, no shower curtain? Sink fine due to extension of worktop.
    I admit finish could be better but we didn’t pay top dollar, but with money different between the Pursuit and the higher cost vans we can go away more often which was the reason for purchasing, should we decide to have a year off it is big enough to site. Love it.

  4. Andrew Monk says:

    The Pursuit 400/2 is one of the best new caravans we’ve ever owned. Entry level, nobody would ever know. Every gadget, fantastic washroom, fab heating and hot water system. Comfortable. Easy to manoeuvre and towing a dream. Brand new last August and not one issue with a fault!! We had the Chipping Sodbury platinum edition, with a few extra bits. Had new Elldis in the past and the last van was a New Pegasus with fixed bed etc! How we prefer this. Everybody that sees it call us the Tardis. Well done Bailey.

  5. Keith says:

    Hi brought my first caravan last year Bailey pursuit 400/2 what great caravan fantastic heating hot water big bathroom bigger than some of the more expensive models easy to tow compleatly satisfied with the van

  6. Nigel Perry says:

    I have read and understand what peoples opinons for and against the said range, also Jim I am not a dealer, I have owned various Bailey Models and find the latest Pursuit/ Unicorn and Peg 3 are poorly built too the point of not being value for money, those add on front and back and not needed, the strips that run in the front and back moulding are second rate and pull out very easily, why do you need a full front window in the unicorn and peg 3, it’s like being a goldfish bowl, Bailey shold look back at what it built pre Alu tech and see what brilliant vans they produced, the pursuit 5 berth double dinette has wardrobe space for 1 let alone 5, the space in the same model between the kitchen and toilet wall is only for twigg type adults, what really annoys me is that Bailey are not listening to there customers at all, if they are, it’s not reflected in there new offerings, come on Bailey get your mojo back and stop offering second rate ideas and quality!!!!

  7. dale tinsley says:

    i have supplied 2 comments on here. either as dale tinsley or monkeypops. i can assure anyone that what i wrote was true. if not i would have supplied the dealers iv inferred. i actually like the 5 berth as the end dinette layout would make a very spacious 2 berth but baileys feedback especially from bristol seems terrible

  8. Richard says:

    Lucie I think you miss the point. I don’t think Jim is referring to journalistic reviews of caravans more the comments by supposed owners.

    • Lucie @ Caravan Guard says:

      I see – as far as I’m aware, there aren’t any undercover dealers acting as owners on the blog 🙂

  9. Jim says:

    Just reading these reviews, does anyone check that these are valid owners and not spiteful competition?

    e.g. there are a plethora of negative reviews from Oct 2013 to Nov 2013 (some recommending older Swift models). Then no reviews until March 2014 when the good reviews pitch up. The writing style and layout is fairly similar among the Oct-Nov reviews too which seems to imply it’s just the competition getting jealous.

    • Lucie @ Caravan Guard says:

      Hi Jim,

      I can assure you that all our reviews are written by independent freelance journalists. Which models we review is decided by what’s currently on the market, what’s generating the most ‘buzz’ and what offers something new. We like to give you a good mix of reviews to choose from.


      Caravan Guard

  10. monkeypops says:

    the best of luck with it. lets hope the sunroof finishing seal doesnt come adrift as it is on an alarmingly regular basis that even the dealers have conceded to. make sure the damp report ( especially in the washroom area! ) is ok after its first service. my advice to anyone buying a new bailey is get/research some feedback on the supplying dealer. more so as to their customer service satisfaction ratings. id only buy a new van around the end of the regular touring season. i.e sept oct time. better deals are usually had and it will be not so much a problem/inconvenience to lose the van if warranty work has to take the van out of use. i recently spoke to a couple whose bailey was just about to be having its whole back end off as it had shown 25% damp on its first service. it had been in for several warranty issues ( including a holiday ruining mains power loss. they had towed it from yorkshire to scotland for a 2 week break and had to come back after just 2 days ) told me it was his 1st AND LAST bailey. again best of luck with

  11. Mike says:

    Just received delivery of the Pursuit 430/4 and after the first weekend away I am more than pleased.
    It has a very comfortable layout with nice furnishings, lovely bed and quality fittings with a nice roomy wash room and shower, very well designed indeed, its smart looking and easy to tow with a relatively small car (2010 Citroen Berlingo) I have owned caravans for the last 30 years, large and small so I have had something to compare with when I say this caravan offers very good value for the money spent.
    I am just so glad that I didn’t listen to the previous negative posts on here.

  12. Bob Wainwright says:

    We bought a Pursuit 550-4 at the end of March and have just had our first long break in it some 4 weeks on 3 different sites in Devon. Although we have a couple of small finish issues we have been really pleased with the van and having changed from a 2 berth pageant monarch to the fixed single beds we have found the layout so convenient and spacious, and everything in the van seems to work fine.

  13. dale tinsley says:

    re the bailey pursuit RIPPLING SUNROOF SEAL!! no this is not normal and dont except the excuse. this is the dealer fobbing you off. how do i know this? 2 weeks ago a couple were showing me their 6month old bailey genoa. this had what i believe is the same as your problem. is it at the front of the sunroof seal ( as you are looking at it from the entrance door! ). they had reported this to their dealer who informed them it has become a very!! common problem on those sunroofs. remember bailey and most other manufacturers use many same parts when building vans to keep costs down. the dealer assured them it would be sorted at the 1st service. YET AGAIN i read of poor aftersales service from either bailey or a bailey supplying dealer. i would inform BAILEY you have this problem both by email and registered letter BEFORE you go back to the dealer. i would contact the trading standards as a last resort as in my experience they are worse than useless. hope this helps GOOD LUCK

  14. Jill says:

    Hi our new van is great apart from some snagging problems, which we hope are now being sorted out. The sky light in the main living area is not sealed at the front and has a rippled effect around it, is this normal?? Also the other side of the sky light Is not bonded and the roof on the other side of sky light does not meet with the sky light so not bonded ??
    They have told us this is how it is , surely not clean finished lines is how it should be, does any one else have this problem …?.

    • Lucie @ Caravan Guard says:

      Hopefully you’re getting things sorted now Jill. There may be someone here on the blog that can help you too.

  15. Al says:

    Just got pursuit 540 and love it. Everything you could need for a comfortable holiday. Thank you Jill for identifying how to switch off kitchen lights. We were struggling with this one. The lighting is the only thing not mentioned in the handbook z even better if Bailey made a seperator for the bedroom area that can be purchased seperately if needed.

  16. martin orme says:

    I have just purchased a pursuit 550/4 first time out this weekend, had a leak on the offside rear above window, not impressed. email gone to bailey telling them to sort out QC.

  17. Duncan Harper says:

    Having recently purchased a pursuit 530-4 and just returned from our first holiday in it I have to say that most of the negative comments on here are unfounded. We shopped around for the last year looking for a van on a budget and have to say for the price we feel we have chosen the right van,
    The van is very comfortable, spacious with a very comfortable bed. We found no negatives to write about. I’m pleased to report there is no shower curtain but a Perspex shower door. We also had positive comments from other people on site who were most impressed. Good value for money we feel.

    • david says:

      Hi I just bought a bailey pursuit 530 4 I was wondering how does it tow mine isn’t to good have you got a alko atc on it

  18. andrew says:

    purchaced 550-4 and we are delighted with the van,comments suggesting a shower curtain are untrue,the lay-out is spot on as far I am concerened.welldone baileys.

  19. Zach says:

    I have just recently purchased a 550-4 pursuit and it is a very, very good van and I can’t find any faults with it. No chance of a better caravan at this price.

  20. Jill Bennett says:

    When in bed how do you have just the lights on over your bed and not the kitchen lights on??
    Is this possible or do have to get out of bed to turn them off at the main switch ?

    • Lucie @ Caravan Guard says:

      Hi Jill,

      It’s difficult to say without having a close look at the model. I can’t seem to find any information on the website either. I’ve put your query to Bailey so hopefully they’ll be able to help you. I’ll keep you posted.

      Caravan Guard

    • Lucie @ Caravan Guard says:

      Hi Jill,
      I’ve had a response back from Bailey’s Marketing Manager, who tells me you should:

      “Keep your mains and light switches in the on position on the mains control panel. You can then switch the kitchen lights off using the rocker switch above the fridge and turn the individual spot lights off around the caravan leaving just the ones above the bed on. These can then also be turned off one by one using the individual switch on each spotlight.”

      I hope this helps.


      Caravan Guard

  21. simon says:

    Hi we have bought a pursuit 430-4 and what a fantastic van it is lots of space and a good well planned layout.

    We have stayed on a few different sites and many people have commented on how nice the van looks. It accommodates a 360 porch awning. The new blown air heating is fantastic and is always warm as temperature outside has dropped below freezing and we have still been warm in van.

    The only issue we have found so far is the reading lights don’t move and are fixed in one position

    The end bathroom is a good size with a glass folding shower door and the new style shower head that draws air in for more pressure. The fridge has plenty of space with the removable freezer compartment.

    The van is also nice to tow and The ATC just adds that extra bit of security the van is not nose heavy due to the gas locker been on the side and there is room for a 6kg and a 4kg bottle

  22. Alison Sherratt says:

    We have recently purchased a Pursuit 550/4 having traded our Bailey Pageant Champagne which was admittedly a lot more luxurious, but we wanted the twin single beds as our elderly parents occasionally use the caravan so this is ideal. We knew when we purchased the Pursuit that it wasn’t nearly as luxurious as the old van, but honestly, it is comfortable, spacious and has everything we need. People seem to be forgetting that this is not a ‘top of the range’ van but it is more than adequate. I feel I need to give it a decent review after much slating from others. I think people tend to forget that this is, by and large ‘camping’ not ‘glamping’ and the Pursuit never pretended to be an all singing all dancing state of the art show case. Maybe I’m easily pleased??….I don’t think so, but I’m not in the habit of complaining over pinickety little issues for the sakes of it.

    • Phil Harrison says:

      I agree, I have a 550/4 and love it. Yes it’s an entry model, you get what you pay for. Everyone has different tastes and different depths of pockets. We find it very comfortable, spacious and good specification for what it cost. You can’t please all of the people all the time, especially caravaners

      • Craig @ Caravan Guard says:

        Great to hear from an owner of a Pursuit Phil. The range seems to offer great value for money.

    • Christine says:

      Many thanks for your comments on the Bailey Pursuit 550/4 we have just purchased one and collect in a week or two. After reading previous comments I was ready to cancel order but then read yours. Our van looked lovely and was roomy (had no shower curtain) and cannot see what people have to complain about. Our old van is 12 years old still in good condition but twin beds was the draw for me. Hoping we have many happy years with our van

  23. Christian says:

    We found our Orion 400-2 just too small and kitchen sink payout so impractical. One look at the Pursuit was enough to tell us we don’t want it – who wants a shower curtain in the 21st century? Have just ordered an Xplore 402 which will give us much more space together with a decent sized front chest and slide out table top.

  24. T. M cCall says:

    was thinklng of replaceing my olympus next year, but will have to think again as tihis is a backward step from bailey. poor, cheap look, not what I was expecting, shower curtain is a joke, from looks outside to finnish inside very much a retrograde step.

  25. Patricia Gill says:

    Bought our Orion 440-4 just before launch of Pursuit so pleased we did as there is no twin dinette model in the range. Just had our first trip away in the Orion and everything worked perfectly, very comfortable. The only thing I would change is the door which should open to the right not on to the window!! Orion is a STAR

  26. CHAZLENKO says:

    Wow!! i quite fancied a Bailey until i read all the negative comments especially the after sale attitude,thanks to the honest opinions of the owners. C

  27. Sue Antrobus says:

    Awful. Just awful. What can I say on the plus side? Nothing. We have a 2008 bailey ranger series 5 with more modern upholstery and design. Bailey what’s going on?

  28. dale tinsley says:

    oh dear and there i was contemplating having a look at the 2 berth. il give bailey a miss now. il stick to my 2005 pageant monarch which i got off an elderley local couple. even vad £2300 worth of remote sky dish and tv and sky box. new vans seem frought with probs. im a confident competent diy er and enjoy fettling. but for some one whose not then new vans must be a nightmare as it seems that dealers and suppliers are your best friends up yo you parting with your cash. then they change. and what they charge for a simple service! well at least dick turpin wore a mask!!

  29. Mr J. Ross says:

    i bought a brand new bailey 400/2 last year and it has been a great dissapointment after contact with bailey we have had no satisfaction

  30. Grahm Vince says:

    I have an Orion 440-4, the new range does not cover our layout and agree with comments already made regarding the sink, fuel saving., Wondere if they have listened to customers fauls

  31. Rich Greenwood says:

    I wondered whether the Pursuit would make me less satisfied with my 2011 Orion but quite the contrary. The interior is not to my taste at all and the level of standard equipment seems to have been downgraded. I’ll be sticking with what I’ve got.

  32. Sheilagh says:

    Has Bailey gone mad?? With market-leader and innotive design in the Orion (fuel saving benefits, light & compact, unique & funky design) they now introduce this ugly duck… way will they sell 100

  33. S foster says:

    Just part exed 7mth old bailey Cartagena for new swift conquerer. Wouldn’t buy another bailey had swift before never had a problem

  34. Harrison says:

    Had leak in or Bailey 440/4 Bailey very unhelpful, build quality leaves a lot to be desired. Would not buy a Bailey caravan again. Customer service needs to be improved.

  35. Martin says:

    Disapointed when we saw it at the NEC. Shower curtain with very low tray! Ridiculus – water will be everywhere it shoudn’t be.
    Gas locker over axle = very little cupboard space. High gloss worktops – designers must have had a day off ! Good weights but will not be buying due to overwhelming disappointment. Need to look elsewhere.

  36. Nigel says:

    had 5 Bailey vans, 2002 model Pageant Loire first class, last one Ranger GT60 09 510/4 what a poor relation, looked at the Pursuit what a load of rubbish, have now got a 9yr old Swift Challenger 530SE 04, bought older van as fed up buying new vans and ending up changing costing us lots of money, second Swift van and totally happy, no more Baileys, Pursuit is total was of money!!!!

  37. alasdair says:

    Very unattractive kitchen units and sink in wrong place. Who picked the fabric for the seats? Awful. certainly wouldnt consider it.

  38. Jayne says:

    The upholstery looks dated, had very similar in a 70’s model. What’s happened to all the investment in aerodynamics, the Orion shape is a market leader and Bailey should have had courage to run with it, we’ve achieved nearly 10% fuel saving.
    Why on earth have they used shower curtains, another throwback to the 70’s!

  39. Margaret bolt says:

    Why is the washroom/ toilet almost always situated at the end, behind the fixed bed which is offset against the wall? The most convenient layout is an island bed at the end with the shower and toilet somewhere in the middle otherwise those sleeping at the other end have to squeeze round the fixed bed at night to reach the toilet and whoever is on the inside of the fixed bed has a struggle to get out without disturbing their partner! I have just purchased a 2006 swift conqueror with my preferred layout. We were considering a newer caravan but they all seem to have the offset island bed with a shower/toilet room behind it…WHY???

  40. Brian says:

    Not surprised to see a couple of comments from people disappointed with quality issues. My brother has had many faults on his 2012 Unicorn. However, I have had many issues with a 2012 Elddis Avante which has now gone back and been replaced with a Swift. They just don’t build them like they used to. Consider using the Sale of Goods Act if you are not happy, it’s your right to get goods that are of satisfactory quality.

  41. S foster says:

    We purchased a brand new unicorn Cartagena in feb.. Straight away we had problems,filler left in awning runner which ripped the awning. Badly fitted kitchen faulty pump been back for work 4 warrenty work 4 times.. We are going to trade it in due to very poor workmanship. We have just lost faith in this van. Bailey just don’t want to know. They are just pushing the vans out without checks.

  42. Richard Gill says:

    No alternative to the Orion 440 4. Much was made of the rear aerodynamics of the Orion but that has been discarded. I agree with Anthony Newman regarding width. I see no benefit in the increase.

  43. Eileen Pomeroy says:

    I do not like the kitchen sink against the wall, there is nowhere to put dirty dishes prior to waning them. Baileys kitchen designs are not practical. I made a comment a few years ago only to have a reply that you can manage if you are organised. We have lived in our caravan for 6 months and more on several occasions and know how important a kitchen layout is for ease of use. Also in the bathroom there is nowhere handy to put toiletries around the basin.

  44. Bill Clements says:

    Did I see a glimpse of a shower curtain in the photo? In a 2014 model? Are they serious?

  45. Jim says:

    Good look to anyone who buys a Bailey, never again!

  46. Anthony Newman says:

    I like the look of the new Bailey Persuit, but Why can`t they make a caravan that is 7ft wide to make it easier for caravans to be parked in the drives, giving a lot more choice of model to purchase, I`m sure a couple of inches narrower would make little difference, but could increase their sales.

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