Of mice and ‘vans: Protect against vermin in caravans

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  1. Susan Neave says:

    I had a mouse get into my caravan while in storage , it eat the first aid box kitchen roll sponges and ear plugs but it didn’t do too much damage so I felt lucky if I was a mouse I would get inside a van if I could.

  2. Allan Gilman says:

    Re.peppermint oil as a deterrent I’ve found that WD40 is pretty effective too. After an episode with a rat under the bonnet of my car and a mouse in the bottle box of our caravan I’ve sealed gaps as per previous posts and sprayed around gaps and around the steadied. Seems ok fingers crossed.

  3. David H says:

    Fill any gaps you find with wire-wool. Easy to fit into spaces and the vermin cannot chew through it. Tip from pest control officer!

  4. JaneF says:

    We have had a problem with mice in our attic, and as well as blocking up all gaps with mesh, using an ultrasonic device , putting all possible bedding material in plastic boxes, we are using peppermint oil on cotton wool. Refresh weekly, seems mice don’t like the smell. As an added bonus, our attic smells lovely to us anyway!

  5. deana says:

    I had a mouse decide to make a temporary home in my old caravan in some plastic sheeting . I read that mice detest the smell of peppermint so I left cotton wool balls splashed with peppermint aromatherapy oil in under bed storage areas and under the sink and had no problems after that.

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