Video: Our top 10 Spring checks for your caravan

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  1. RobH 65 says:

    One I found my pet hates is people flying the flag upside down, just like in the picture.

  2. eileen mc mullan says:

    what about lights

    • Hi Eileen – we mention lights:
      Lights, electrics and appliances – Check the road lights and electrical connections between the tow car and caravan are working properly and clean or remove any corrosion on the connectors with wire wool and then protect with WD40. Replace any broken or dim bulbs. Connect your gas and check all appliances are working correctly, making sure the flames on the gas cooker are blue and that all gas hoses are still in service – high pressure rubber hoses should last for five years and will be stamped with the date of manufacture.

  3. Ernest Sollis says:

    Not sure what a bugle is in a tyre?

  4. Peter says:

    Well spotted Keith Benton. At least they are flying a real Union flag and not one where you can’t tell if its upside down or not.

  5. Roger Nolan says:

    If you have changed your towing vehicle don’t forget to buy a new number plate for your caravan ?

  6. Bryan says:

    We have our first caravan and will be using it for the first time soon. I recently read an article that you should turn off the mover before connecting to the car electrics. You run the risk of damaging the caravan circuitry.

  7. K says:


  8. Graham Ford says:

    All good advice. We have our caravan serviced annually in January as we tend to use the ‘van as often as we can despite being quite cold now and again

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