Poll – Battle of the bedding – Sleeping bags or duvets?

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  1. David F Drinkwater. says:

    2 Singles.

  2. Ann Douglas says:

    Our U-shaped lounge makes a 6×6 bed so we each have two single duvets, thick & thin and can then each decide how cold we feel and choose whichever for the top. Saves arguments, I always seem to feel the cold more.

  3. John Punshon says:

    Anyone that sleeps in a sleeping bag obviously doesn’t drink a lot on an evening

  4. Mike Dover says:

    Use two duvets – a light and a heavy one – the duvet on top depends on the season.

  5. Andrew says:

    We use a double sleeping bag. Much easier to store as not as bulky as a duvet.

  6. Maryann Hogan says:

    SnugLux Duvet sleeping bag with mattress topper the sleep and flexibility is amazing with two different tog duvets one 9 tog the other a 4 tog – together 13tog or one or the other in the warmer months. Colour co-ordinated to match my motorhome and with 400+ thread for the extra luxury. Amazing!!

  7. Trevor says:

    Duvalay – wouldn’t use anything else – can open it up if warm, or add a blanket if cold; easy to get in & out; & very comfortable. Surprised it’s not included in your list – especially as you have an article about it at https://www.caravanguard.co.uk/news/sure-fire-sleep-solutions-for-caravans-and-motorhomes-23387

  8. Barry Carter says:

    Our Motorhome an Autotrail Apache 700 rear U shaped lounge/king size double bed, when cushions in place for sleeping it’s topped with a 30mm memory foam topper and we use various tog rated duvets for summer and winter use. When not in use store in over cab bed space as easily to get at. If long distance touring between sites leave bed made up and use dinette area for day lounging. Have done now this for 16 yrs with 3 similar Motorhomes summer and winter touring no problem.

  9. gshaigh says:

    We have a fixed island bed so the bed is made up all the time with a fitted sheet and duvey

  10. Kelvin Rees says:

    We use duvalay combined mattress and duvet. They are a bit on the expensive side but absolutely ideal for a caravan or motorhome. We only use a 4.5 tog duvet, as we don’t use the caravan during the cold season and there are different sizes of mattress. We opted for the 5mm, which although not large, still gives a comfortable sleep. We’ve already lost two of our booked holidays this year, hopefully we will be able to go on the other two that are stilled booked and being retired, stay as long as the sun shines. Just a pity we couldn’t have made the most of the current excellent weather.

  11. Steve and Josie Manson says:

    When sleeping separately for short breaks away, we use the Duvalays. Easy to roll up to then use the seating area as normal. When stayIng for longer and the awning is up to use as a sitting area, we make up the double bed and have conventional set up of bottom sheet over a mattress topper and a duvet.

  12. Jenny Petch says:

    Hi – we both have one that opens up fully – can be used to lie on when hot or as a duvet when cold or can be climbed into when really cold ! Brilliant for visitors to house too. Best things we ever bought.

  13. Chris Read says:

    I don’t do a bag or a duvet, I have Duvalay they are great

  14. rovingrices says:

    Duvet because it wraps around you, and you can put your feet out if too hot.

  15. Tony Harris says:

    Duvet as it’s a fixed bed

  16. Julie Ashton says:

    I use a heated throw blanket. In summer I have it turned off but because I can turn it up from 1 to 9 it is perfect for absolutely every eventuality! Would recommend to everyone. I had a sleeping bag previously but I used to get cold in winter. Not now I use my heated throw blanket.

  17. richard Braithwaite says:

    use 5 tog duvet light enough for sleeping and easy to store in small space. Ho and two flat sheets as well.

  18. Robert Britton says:

    We both use sleeping bags as duvets tend to slip off the narrow bed.
    Also we find sleeping bags are easier to roll up and store

  19. John Davis says:

    With a fixed bed the duvet is much lighter and quicker

  20. Christine McFarlane says:

    Would like to try a Duvalet.

  21. Neil says:

    Haven’t used a sleeping bag since camping as a child; sheets and duvet are it for us. Nothing better (sleep-wise) in my opinion than getting into my pyjamas and my bed and pulling up my duvet (even when taking a couple of hours kip in a lay-by on a long trip).

  22. David R J says:

    We have an Eriba, so the seats turn into a king size bed. We have a topper inside a duvet cover and a duvet. We roll them up together, strap them up and store in the boot of the car. Going to bed, unstrap and roll out. Simple.

  23. VERONICA GILL says:

    They stay on the bed better x

  24. Carole says:

    Would not be without our Duvalays, best bedding investment made having motorhomed for many years using sheets, duvets, sleeping bags these are by far the best option for us.

  25. chris morris says:

    i use a sleeping bag opened up on top of a fitted sheet then a duvet to sleep under so cosy and comfy sleep better in the motorhome than at home

  26. philip juby says:

    Home made duvalay to match shape of mattress, no cushion edge to feel through .

  27. Marsha says:

    I have always used a duvet, but James makes a valid point. Got me thinking!

  28. Craig Clarke says:

    Duvet all the time – my wife is an octopus!!!

  29. Jacqueline Taylor says:

    Duvalays for us

  30. Jason says:

    Sleeping bag when using as singles and duvet as a double

  31. James says:

    Sleeping bag as it’s lighter and quicker when making up the bed. We use a double sleeping bag though not 2 singles.

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