Poll: Did you go caravanning as a child?

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  1. Stewart Tweedie says:

    Started out caravanning when my parents bought a CI Cadet 10ft from my uncle. I was maybe 5 years of age, and my sister was about 8 months old. I’m now 47 and I’ve had several caravans of my own over the years, currently a Sprite Musketeer EB, which my kids have outgrown and I’m on the lookout for something that better suits 4 adults.

  2. John Nichol says:

    I started caravaning with my parents when I was 5 and bought my first
    caravan in 1974 a Linton Simitar Executive in 1980 I purchased a new Monza 1200S since then I’ve owned 13 caravans currently own a 2021 Swift

  3. Steve says:

    I started a camping when I was seven and had my own tent outside at my parents tent. We should go camping every weekend between Easter and November and my friends were based around my weekend Camping..our holidays were always abroad in our tents. I eventually converted to caravanning in my 30s

  4. John MacBride says:

    Started when our first son was just born, and friends were down to see our new baby. She said her dad had an old van for sale – we were down to 1 ordinary salary, so bought it for £500 or £600 and enjoyed it for 7 years with glass windows and gas lights which we used a few times.43 years later we, and the boys still enjoy touring.

  5. Andrew says:

    Went tent camping when I was a Wolf Cub………. Always tent camped until we had children and was offered an old caravan around the mid-1980s. Still use a tent at some motorcycle rallies. But more than likely took the bikes in a van and towed the caravan. Only now its going to be using the motorhome and towing a trailer with the bikes…. Will probably use a tent if I go on my own to the local bike rallies……

  6. James says:

    Started when I was about 2 years old after my parents were offered a 10ft caravan for £100 and was dragged out from under a tree. It enabled my parents to start having holidays and the bug started from there for me with being bought toy car and caravans etc. I’ve loved caravans and caravanning ever since. When my parents split up, Dad used the caravan once a year to France. I missed the caravanning holidays and a month after passing my driving test when I was 17, I bought my own caravan. 23 years later, there hasn’t been a day I haven’t owned a caravan.

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