Calor to discontinue small gas cylinders

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  1. footlooserv says:

    Anyone with experience of refillable bottles for caravans – I would need to take the bottle out and go to an LPG station. This would mean a Safefill bottle.

    • There are a number of companies out there: Safefill, Gaslow, and GasBank. These tend to have an inlet valve so they can be safely refilled without disconnecting from the system. You would need a new gas bottle though.

  2. Chris Topping says:

    I have one full and one nearly full lightweight cylnders in my caravan. Do I need to get them replaced immediately or wait until they are empty, which may be in 12 months or longer?

  3. Tony Wetjen says:

    With a bit of luck Calor will now go to the wall, perfect Karma, I have never used them anyway!

  4. Bobby the Gnome says:

    I take it that the gas regulator is all that needs to be changed to switch to another supplier of gas? So the gas itself makes no difference to the cooker?

  5. Graham Coulson says:

    thinking of getting a Safefill cylinder. my only concern it that I’ve read that Morrisons are going to remove all LPG pumps from its stations by 2024, and more fuel stations are removing it, this would make it more difficult to get a fill. any advice would be appreciated.

  6. John Lindon says:

    Not good enough.

  7. martyn wylde says:

    I don’t get this they say they are streamlining to cope with demand but the smaller bottles are the ones in demand, I use the ordinary 6kg bottles as they are the ones my caravan is designed to take

  8. Peter Boothroyd says:

    Many sites ban bottles not housed in a unit

  9. Peter Boothroyd says:

    Not only a caravaner but a boat owner, there will be a problem because the steel lockers on boats are only just capable of holding these smaller cylinders. Safety regulations for boats are much tighter on boats than caravans, we can’t use plastic housings.

  10. Mr says:

    Gaslow all the way – I have 2 Fillers side-by-side, one fills my 11kg Yellow Gaslow and the other fills my 6kg —– lite things 🙂
    Always less than Half of Calor Gas £££’s

  11. Peter Hutton says:

    As a Flogas dealer, I would switch to that brand, there are no plans that we are aware of to discontinue any of the sizes mentioned, obviously you will need to purchase a bottle, but the connectors are exactly the same.

  12. Jim Leach says:

    Very disappointed, this was going to be our first year camping and the home we have will only take the smaller Propane/Butane bottles. The 6 & 7kg bottles a far too large for our compartment. Also, have looked into the camping gaz as an alternative but need an empty bottle before I can exchange it for a full one, and no one locally is selling empty bottles. Not very helpful at all. Also, disappointed that there isn’t more information available on what to do when you can’t change to a different sized bottle from Calor….I bet they wouldn’t pay for having my camper altered to take bigger bottles 🙂

  13. Scott Taylor says:

    Hi CaravanGuard
    Are Calor Gas going to refund the deposits that customers had to pay to get the canister. In my case it cost £20.

  14. Phil says:

    Explains why I have been unable to get a refill for my empty 4.5kg bottle

  15. Peter Thomas says:

    Very disappointed that the caravan industry, Caping Club and Caravan and Motorhome Club didn’t mount a concerted effort to persuade Calor to retain at least one small butane and propane cylinders. The impact on caravaners changing to the next size up is significant, a 7kg butane is 7kg heavier than a 4.5kg butane cylinder so two of those use up 10% of the average small caravan payload. Always assuming there is space for the larger cylinder.

  16. David says:

    It would help if Calor, Campingaz,
    Flowgas etc. were interchangeable and would accept each others bottles for exchange.

  17. Steve Gill says:

    Well tha’ts useful – not! My micro caravan has a built in gas locker that is just big enough for the 3.9kg bottle. Now I’ll have to lug a bigger, heavier, more expensive bottle around in the back of the car and leave it standing outside the caravan while its connected. Thanks for nothing Calor. I reckon that there will be places springing up that will refill the smaller bottles from larger ones before long.

  18. Tom says:

    Haven’t seen any details of this at calor distribution site am visiting different one weekly for propane lites

  19. Raymond Butler says:

    This is very annoying, for 50 years I and many others have been buying these and we are told there are far more people camping now!!! madness!!

  20. S Adams says:

    I can only use the small cylinders in my old camper van what can I use now?

  21. Trevor Watson says:

    Calor doesnt like anyone, I had Calor Bulk tank for my home for 30 plus years , prices were high, no consideration for being faithful. Best thing I did was moving to a smaller suplier.

  22. Philip Humphries says:

    This article was published 13th Feb Calor implemented this on 1st Feb! Was it not possible to get advance notice of this? I’ve seen plenty of rumours but nothing official. I don’t think Calor likes Caravanners.

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