Poll: Do you use a caravan motor mover?

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  1. Dave Mackay says:

    Due to a tight turn to access our driveway and a steep hill when on it, a mover is an essential! Occasionaly use it on sites if needed.

  2. David Lomas says:

    I’ve managed for years without one, but after staying on a few sites where it would be impossible to reverse a caravan on to a tricky pitch, I decided to invest in a Reich Mover. Like many things in life, now I have one, I wouldn’t be without it. I can turn my van in my driveway 180 degrees to face the other way in moments, and some sea view pitches need the van facing the ocean which would be impossible without the mover. Expensive, yes, but it can be moved from van to van. Levelling is also a doddle, as I can stand next to my ramp and move the wheel on to the ramp without my wife having to shout STOP, when I was towing up the ramp. A great investment.

  3. A Flesher says:

    I never used to have a mover but after an ankle injury moving the caravan by hand was just not possible. Anyone trying to fit an Alko axle-wheel lock at the same time as using a levelling ramp would really struggle without a mover irrespective of how good they are at manoeuvring with the car-van combination.

  4. Alexandra Collins says:

    Our new van was fitted with one as a dealer special. Wouldn’t be without it! It’s a heavy, twin axle beast which we struggled to move without it the mover, and it means we can turn up late and cause minimum disruption to fellow campers (we can reverse the van but takes much more space and noise).

  5. Meirion Jones says:

    Our storage site layout makes it very difficult to park the van without a mover. Also applies to some site pitches.

  6. David Andrew Preece says:

    Even though I am a retired LGV driver, my drive is quite narrow and the mover is a god send in tight situations. I am now too old and infirm to maneuver by hand and an old back injury does no favours on that front.In this day and age they should be fitted as standard along with bodywork that doesn’t leak after a few years

  7. james reed says:

    We live on a hill, and being the wrong side of seventy five, we couldnt manouver our van into position without one, its an essential help to us.

  8. Linda Clark says:

    We both suffer from arthritis so the motor mover is essential. We could not caravan without it, it makes life so much easier.

  9. Mr Kelvin Rees says:

    I was fortunate enough to have a mover on my second caravan when I bought it, although I didn’t have one on our previous van. My wife is disabled and therefore can’t help with the moving. I could reverse onto a pitch but to be perfectly honest, it’s much easier to use the mover. My only gripe is that my old mover is one of the wind on type and doesn’t work well with my cordless drill. I may think about up grading it to a new one.

  10. Colin Bradford says:

    A motor mover is essential for us to get on our drive as the kerb is raised and the drive slopes downhill. Normally they do not need a lot of maintenance but should be checked once and awhile to ensure the motors are equal on both sides and adjusted to reach the tyres together to avoid slipping.
    Always remember to remove batteries from remotes when not in use. It can be expensive to have then repaired or replaced if the batteries corrode the contacts.

  11. Alan Forrester says:

    I have a mover and would not be without one ,due to my age and arthrits its a God send, although it eats in to your pay load,you just have to put more in the car, and be a bit more thrifty on what you take with you, But yes its a great bit of kit.

  12. Peter Johnston says:

    I live in a barn conversion on a hill that has a long steep sloping gravel drive from the road, I cannot turn into my drive with my caravan hitch up to my car since the back of the caravan grounds on the road due to the up hill angle of the drive. This means I have to unhitch and wind the jockey wheel up to just below the A frame so the back of the caravan clears the road. I then hitch up again to tow it up to my house. I store the caravan around the back of my house which again is a steep sloping ramp followed by tight corner so the motor mover is a must for my situation.

  13. James coatsworth says:

    ⁹very good product would recommend this

  14. Alan orchard says:

    I’m brand new owner. Friends advised me to get one so I’ve never tried to move van without one – assuming that otherwise I’d have to be very good with car reversing etc.
    My main worry is that if it failed (van battery, internal battery etc) I’d probably be well stuck.
    Having said that – it’s brilliant.

  15. Harold Masterson says:

    I can park in the tightest spot without falling out with the Director of Operations ( my wife )

  16. Paul & Lesley Rushton says:

    Had our first caravan 1978. So getting older with some health problems it was the ideal solution to be able to carry on.

  17. Janice Minich says:

    Cant remember manually manoeuvring a van now! They do so help for lining up a wheel lock and onto levelling blocks too. Brilliant invention, should be fitted as standard these days.

  18. J. Pollard says:

    Having a caravan mover is essential piece of kit to manouvre any modern caravan weighing 1400kgs or over. Ideal for positioning the van on it’s pitch or reversing from the street up onto the driveway. Highly essential unless you have a posse of trained neighbours on hand to push the unit.

  19. Brian frosdick says:

    I would not be able to move my caravan without a mover without a mover.At the age of 87 the mover enables my wife and I to continue our 54 years of active caravanning joys.


  20. Paul says:

    We could not do without a mover as we live on a hill and would not get our van on the driveway without the mover because of parked cars. It has failed once when getting of the driveway and we had to enlist help as we also have a wall to negotiate, the cost of replacement is cheaper than storing the caravan. We can clean and keep a close eye on our caravan whilst it is on our driveway.

  21. Phil Hewitt says:

    Our motor mover is vital to move a heavy caravan down the side of our house where the gap is only a bit wider than the caravan. Also it is great to manoeuvre the caravan on sloping pitches as there is no danger of it running away. Also great to raise one wheel onto a ramp to level the van when you want the van in a position on the pitch where it cannot be moved by the tow car e. g. on French sites where you have a free choice about how to pitch.

  22. John Smith says:

    Always use motor mover for putting caravan in storage pitch, but not always on holiday sites.

  23. John Wright says:

    As a senior citizen it gives me peace of mind when travelling solo, that if I get in difficulties I have the ability to resolve the problem myself

  24. Charles Bates says:

    I park my 5.3 meter caravan on my drive at home, and as the drive has a fairly steep slope, also with a confined space, the motor mover is an essential addition to my caravan.

  25. Mike Hardisty says:

    Now that we are getting on in years it makes life easier when hitching up, levelling the caravan and when lining up the wheel for the Alko wheel lock.

  26. jem bullock says:

    Could not manoeuvre van without it

  27. Mike Ball says:

    essential for turning round at home, nice to have for locating the wheel lock and for the final movement on some sites

  28. Peter Griffin says:

    I have been caravanning for over 50 years and until about 5 years ago managed without one, but age and the increased weight of caravans forced me to invest in one. I now consider them essential not only for positioning of the ‘van on pitch and at home but also for ease of hitching up.

  29. John Holmes. says:

    OK if your having a bad reversing day| But does use up a lot of weight allowance. 35kg out of 190 kg.

  30. Anthony Dangerfield says:

    More like essential if you’re a pensioner with limited movement, got to keep going until you run out of ways of overcoming the difficulties.

  31. Brian Negus says:

    A caravan motor mover is essential to me because my caravan is stored on my drive, which has a slope. It would be impossible to get my caravan on and off the drive without one.

  32. Mr Christian Jose says:

    I’ve had a tourer for 5 years and it’s been used extensively (40 nights away in 2019). I’ve never missed a mover. Many of the sites I pitch on are grass and, in Wales, some of the fields are fairly steep. Knowing how to reverse the tourer in to it’s spot and use the car to pull it up on to levelling ramps is a must. Most motor movers don’t do steep and don’t handle wet grass too well, either!
    Until recently my van was stored on a farm and I had loads of space to swing the car around to back it into it’s space with 2ft either side to the next van. In fact I got quite adept at it (my record is 18 mins from entering the farm gate, drop the van, lower the corner steadies and be back out through the gate. There was also a second gate that needed opened and closed on the way in and out in that time and, as a single parent, it was all done unaided!). Anyway… The van is now stored where there isn’t enough space to park it up with the car and I’m not strong enough to manoeuvre the van alone, so, for the sole purpose of parking the van in a very tight spot at the new storage, I bought a Vevor Jockey Wheel mover. It’s perfect for what I need and I’ve added fixed wiring to the A frame, using Neutrik Speakon connectors, to power it with quick connection. So, yes, there is a use-case for a mover but it’s definitely not essential and if it weren’t for the fact I had to find a new storage, I still wouldn’t have one!

  33. Wayne says:

    Saves the cost of clutches also. As recommended by a clutch specialist to use.

  34. Ian Kelly says:

    I have a twin axle caravan 1.7 ton in weight and I consider myself to be a big guy but I cannot move my van on the flat without the mover. It is not safe to move heavy vans without a mover as you could quite easily injure yourself So yes I am a huge fan of caravan movers.

  35. Geoff ellis says:

    As one gets older caravans seem to have got heavier and they save a lot of shouting at your partner to push harder

  36. Robert says:

    I have a twin axle van which is close too 8 metres in length, the drive is 11 metres long and the caravan goes behind a concrete wall too one side for added security , so it would be nearly impossible to move by hand or with a car so the mover is a BIG help.

  37. Richard Mead says:

    Caravan mover is essential to get my van on the front garden. There is a narrow Lane so it is difficult reversing with the car connected.

  38. Chris Denham says:

    My mover allows me to store the van in a very tight space to avoid upsetting the neighbours! A great asset.

  39. Taylor says:

    I would struggle without my motor mover. Because I have reversing sensors on my car it really isn’t happy when I try to reverse with the van on the back.

  40. Pat Seals says:

    I need it to twizzle the caravan round on my driveway, use it to fit the axle lock, and one the days my reversing skills are rubbish use it to put the caravan where I have to place it on a pitch

  41. Christopher Wilkinson says:

    i have had cancer so a motor mover is essential for like you say getting into tight spots i would be lost with out one.

  42. Roy Welch says:

    Best piece of equipment ever

  43. Alan A Holmes says:

    My caravan is stored at a storage depot. I would not be able to get the caravan into and out of its parking space without a motor mover, as I have no nobodt able to help me manhandle it.
    I also find it useful when on site, as sometimes it’s not possible to pull onto or reverse into the pitch.

  44. David PageSmith says:

    Yes love the caravan mover wouldn’t be without one

  45. James says:

    We have a mover, purely to get the caravan on and off our very tight driveway. If we lived elsewhere, we would save the payload it takes up and use the weight for something we use more often.

  46. Andrew says:

    We live on a bus route and our caravan is stored at home. The movers are essential for us to put the caravan in its parking place on our property with the least effort. I have parked the caravan by using my tow vehicle but with a combined length of over forty feet we did have problems with a bus that would not back up to let me complete a manoeuvre and this made us consider caravan movers and then have them retro fitted to our caravan on its first service…….. I also use them on sites as well, especially when pitched up in tight situations.

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