Poll: Do you use heating in your caravan awning?

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  1. Michael White says:

    Some evenings we like to sit in the awning rather than the caravan just as a change of scenery. We also like to dine in the awning as there is more space. If it gets a bit chilly then we put the heater on. We also use it for entertaining if people come over.

  2. Peter Williams says:

    In honesty this is a very serious issue and needs considerable debate, one thought is that it is nice to have some form of heating in the awning, however in reality to encourage such a practice is in my opinion dangerous.
    Often we read of campers, caravaners etc being overcome by using anything from open cooking fires to electric / gas heating in the awnings. People have lost their lives through such daft practices and we all know that there are any folk who would not give even the slightest thought to safety etc, for Havens sake if one has to heat an awning then a purpose made caravan electric small heater with cut off tilt / fall over facility is critical as is how it is plugged in, eg trip sockets etc.

    Use of ceramic, gas , Halogen Barbeques in side awnings are in my opinion both stupid and endangers lives.

    We all strive to enjoy caravanning and yet we all see bright heating elements ( Halogen) heaters shining in the awnings. remember you can not then complain about site fees etc when a site has 150 pitches and 50% are using additional heating in the awning, just think of the cost.

    In closing would we in honesty plus an electric heater in and use on the patio at home without considering the effect on ones electricity bill !!!!!

    • Liz @ Caravan Guard says:

      Thanks for raising some valid points. We’d never recommend using a gas heater in the awning. We agree that a small electric heater with tip over cut off function is the best bet.

  3. Jackie Lilley says:

    As the only safe option is electric heating, this would ultimately raise the site fees for all tourers and is a particularly selfish thing to do.

  4. Steve Harcus says:

    Christmas dinner in our awning wouldn’t have been so nice without our heater

  5. David Hinchliffe says:

    Can’t see point of wasting heat on an awning, if its too cold for sitting in awning sit in the caravan which is better insulated.

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