Poll: How often do you clean your motorhome roof?

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  1. Norman Chandler says:

    I use a ladder to get up there and stand on the roof to clean it with a long handled car wash brush. I do this about twice a year usually after the winter lay-up and later on depending on the way it looks from an upstairs window

  2. Richard stanley says:

    I clean and wax above the cab by using atelescopic ladder with a towel wrapped over the top of ladder to protect the paintwork and the Mrs footing the ladder , moving it over every foot or so , be careful not to overstretch ,

  3. Barry Carter says:

    We that is my wife and I use our Motorhome 8 Months of the year and when in use it gets cleaned at least once a month and the roof at least 4 times a year especially if we’ve been under sappy trees. I clean the Motorhome with one of my (over 18 of age) grandchildren who is lighter than me and so goes up to clean and polish the roof on those occasions. As Ron Wintersgill has commented I also have difficulty with the over cab GRP moulding and would like to hear advice on how best to clean it.

  4. Bill Gard says:

    If you polish the roof the rain keeps it clean, no need for hard labour.

  5. Alan Gardner says:

    I, like Gordon (14 feb) Have my motorhome on my drive so I check regularly from my upstairs window to inspect for cleanliness. I still have to occasionally get the ladder out to ensure the solar panel is clean and so working efficiently.

  6. Ron Wintersgill says:

    I clean the roof at least once per year sometimes twice. I also regularly clean the bodywork and wax at least once per year. The most difficult bit is the GRP moulding over the can as it is almost impossible to reach. Would welcome any tips on how to reach that particular area.

  7. Patricia Worth says:

    I don’t actually do the job myself, I leave all that to the husband! But he does do it at least twice a year, more if and when the weather is warmer. I just have the job of washing/drying all the wet gear, he always gets wet through when playing with a hosepipe.

  8. Gordon says:

    I am able to see the roof from the window at the top of our stairs as the vehicle is parked on the drive.So do it before the dirt gets ingrained.
    Having the vehicle parked at home helped me once when a Chinese lantern landed on it a burnt a small hole in the fairing near a roof light before I had chance to put water on it.
    I think the lanterns should be banned of course.

  9. David Coulter says:

    I clean the roof twice a year beginning and the end of spring/autumn but I do check it regularly to make sure no debris leaves etc has built up around any of the vents and check the seals also give the solar panel and skylights a wipe down to make sure it gets max sunlight in.this quick look gives me chance to spot any potential problems not normally seen until to late

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