Poll: What’s your favourite caravan beds layout?

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  1. PETER BROOKS says:

    We’ve had caravans with beds you needed to make up, a fixed side double bed and now an island double fixed bed. The beds we made up tended to be much bigger but had the joins just where you didn’t want them, so had us pleased to return to a better nights sleep – at home! The fixed bed suited us just fine, especially the island double. True, they take up space, tend to be in heavier vans, but suit us just fine.

  2. I boyd says:

    The trend of heavy caravans with fixed beds and all mod cons is pricing the next generation of caravaners out of the market. Compare club sites occupancy with independent sites. Club sites are older affluent people with a high percentage on motor homes. Independent site are used by lower income people with older caravans

  3. jeannie reilly says:

    We have a fixed bed at the moment in our oldish Pageant Bailey Bordeaux -and is much more comfy than the made up beds from the long seats -as there is always a join in the seats, right in he middle of your back I have found! It is even more comfy, as we have a mattress topper, which gives more comfort for us older people, with aching joints! But , the bed is against one side, and therefore, only accessed from one side – meaning I have to climb over my husband to get out of bed in the morning! So I have voted for a fixed transverse bed – so that we can get in and out of bed from our own side! However I am toying with the idea of fixed twin beds – as then I don’t get the duvet pulled off me in the middle of the night!

  4. Graham Sims says:

    I cannot understand the trend to fixed beds in van conversions. A rear dinette to enjoy open doors dining, reading etc., converting to a transverse (or longitudinal) double is much better value to a camper environment. Also provides a more useful secondary role of furniture, timber, bike transport as and when needed.

  5. philip says:

    why would you want to tow a doublebed behind you !!

  6. Jimmy Nees says:

    Who ever designed the stupid double bed layout in abbey 416 needs shooting. The “sculptured” back rest cushions and odd length seats leave great big gaps right under middle of your back .

  7. Ray Jones says:

    Fixed beds utilise so much living space unless you have a very large caravan with purse and tow car to match.

  8. edward baldwin says:

    My wife and I have a thing about fixed beds we don,t like them. The beds are better if you can put up the ones you need to use rather than being stuck with one that you have to walk round all the time.

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