VIDEO: What is the AL-KO ATC system and how does it work?

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  1. Chris says:

    Hi up until last week all worked perfect when i hitched up yesterday no light no connection noise nothing the lights indicators etc worked but nothing from atc its a 2015 Bailey unicorn cartegena any ideas?

  2. Cliff Bullivant says:

    Does anyone know who would be best to check out my ATC, the green LED does not come on when I connect to my tow switch on my car?

  3. Karin manvhester says:

    Hi we have an elddis affinity 559 2016 we bought it on Wednesday took it from durham to Harrogate to try it out ?? Firstly we could not pull away from our drive we thought it was motor mover ?? As wirrling noise ?? We finally got away no probs (not sure how ) but after 4 days break it would not move from site ? Again thought we got it going so travelled home ? (Aprox 1 hour drive) the smell of the burning once we reached home and we are now sure it’s ATC ? Can you disconnect this or are we doing something wrong on hitching up light ? Not on ?

    • Sorry to hear of the problems you’ve encountered Karin. It’s difficult to say what the problem. It could be the ATC or the brakes. It’s worth having it serviced or at least looked at by an approved workshop.

  4. Andrew bull says:

    Have got this fitted to my lunar caravan just had tow bar fitted and was told this has to be wired as well can anyone tell me anything about the system and how it’s supposed to work thanks andy

  5. Haydn E Ebbs says:

    any one have a Certificate of conformity for this they are willing to mail me?
    Need it to register the caravan

  6. Rob Wilkinson says:

    Have unicorn valencia when attached to car green light does not light up and the mechanism does not sound. it used to up to three weeks ago (the button on the hitch shows it is connected) any ideas ie is there a fuse blown?

  7. Robert Beckett says:

    Worked great for me, caravan started snaking and applied breaking strait away.
    Not sure what would have happened if not fitted.

  8. PETER BROOKS says:

    Had this on our Senator California, and now have it on our Coachman Vision 575/4. Great bit of kit, but you still need to load the van wisely. Wouldn’t want to tow without it.

  9. David Bolton says:

    Well explained and makes me happier I have it fitted to my caravan

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