2013 Rapido 891M motorhome: A-Class act on a Mercedes

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  1. Brian Lees says:

    Hi Lucie – I read the comment from the 76 years old owner of the Rapido 999M with a lot of pleasure. We have an AutoSleeper Gloucester on a Merc chassis and I want to ‘swap’ it for the Rapido 999M which we’ve seen. The Rapido is a 2009 but ours is a 2012 and the better half thinks it’s too old. We would never buy another A/sleeper product.

    Can you contact your correspondent and ask him if he would mind dropping a note with a view to asking him for his opinion on the Rapido?

    Thank you.

    Brian Lees.

    • Lucie @ Caravan Guard says:

      Hi Brian,

      I don’t actually have a contact at Rapido as yet. I’ve referred Andy’s query to a media contact who hosts the Rapido UK wesbite. Hopefully they’ll be able to give me a direct contact.
      This could take some time though so I’d suggest you speak to your nearest Rapido dealer in the meantime. They should be able to tell you everything you need.

      Many thanks

  2. Anthony Keaveny says:

    I am now on my third Mercedes Rapido, (2009 999M) Fully loaded. I will certainly buy another, (If Spared I am 76 !) I have two requests to Rapido. I am sure by using lighter materials the weight could be reduced to 3500. The low down rear view mirrors are cheaper to fit but they are a collision waiting to happen. The top ones are much less likely to hit a passing truck.

    • Lucie @ Caravan Guard says:

      Hi Anthony, it’s good to hear such specific feedback first-hand. I’ll pass your comments on to Rapido and see what they come back with.
      Caravan Guard

  3. john mcGowan says:

    Just bought an 891F 2013 model. Any tips for my good lady or me! re draining/washing dishes. No drainer!!

  4. kenneth dempsey says:

    looking for the best cash price 891m, and delivery time

  5. BRIAN LEES says:

    Pity we didn’t buy one of these instead of the Auto Sleeper Gloucester that we bought in March 2012. All Rapido’s extras were included in the price but it’s a fair bet that the build quality was nothing like as good as a Rapido.
    Why do we British put up with second rate assembly and design. Auto Sleepers claims for quality build do not stand up to their claims.

  6. Terry Young says:

    We prchased our new Rapido 891F in September and have now covered 2,000 miles. Its our 3rd motorhome and It’s absolutely brilliant, we can not fault it.

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