Results of Community Poll: Your most essential piece of caravan or motorhome equipment is….

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  1. Sue says:

    forgot a few things … fire extinguisher and fire blanket, smoke and CO2 detector, hook up lead, unless you are planning to use 12v only, a torch, plus batteries.
    a spirit level, unless you like rolling out of bed (yes I have)
    you’ll need a water pump if you have water containers, this SHOULD be supplied with your ‘van or motorhome though..
    a small tool kit wont hurt either….
    more wine

    • Lucie @ Caravan Guard says:

      Hi Sue, some really good suggestions there, thanks! It sounds like you’re fully equipped for every situation!

  2. Sue says:

    I understand .. ok so a list of things you MUST have in a caravan or motorhome…
    always get a decent water holder, an aquaroll type is best as it comes with a handle so that you can pull it behind you and not have to carry it.. also a good waster water container also with wheels 🙂 …
    a step, spare wheel, gas bottles, use ‘red’ gas (propane) if you are planning to camp in england, its good for cold weather… battery, mirrors if you are towing, a corner steady winder..
    wheel chocks and levels guarantee you’ll need them on a pitch when you dont have them.
    and toilet chemicals
    if you can afford one, get an awning, great for storage and sitting in in the cool of the evening (and the rain of the afternoon)
    Oh and most importantly, a kettle, bottle opener, wine glasses and wine 🙂 … ‘spose you ought to take tea bags, mugs, sugar, milk and biscuits too
    Personally though the most important items in my van are my family, friends and my dogs (and the fire..I get cold)
    hope that helps a bit

  3. Rubbish poll/not very constructive. says:

    Being new to motor home family i would have expected and hoped for more constructive and use full advice.”Not a kettle”.
    IE: Must have pieces of kit which make life more comfortable and easier, or could be a problem if you do not have something?.
    As i said new to motor home`s and would have liked good ideas from survey.

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