Reversing cameras for caravans – helping to reduce claims

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  1. Don O Byrne says:

    I use an ipad for gps wondering how easy to use as reversing camera it’s the wi-fi one



  2. Allan Green says:

    We have been using a LS701 reversing vidio system and a TFT LCD Monitor for several years. The system has two cameras, a button one in the car bumper and a infered night vision camera fitted at high level on the back of the caravan, which is hard wired through to the car. We use an additional pigtail connecter between the car and caravan. Whilst travelling solo the button camera works on revering and the monitor, clipped to the existing mirror, works as a mirror until the revers is engaged. When the caravan is hitched we have a switch in the car that activates the caravan camera and gives excellent view of tailgaters, cycles coming up the inside and a good distance back down the road. As well as extra help in the UK we have found it invaluable whilst travelling abroad rather than just relying on th LH mirror. We checked with the police if using a video system in the drivers vision, in this manor was legal, and they said anything that improved safety was OK. We bought the system from a company in Ashborne but they no longer seem to be trading. The only drawback is that the camera blanks out if the sun is directly behind the caravan, but this is better than being blinded through the mirror.

    Hope this helps

  3. Andrew Taylor says:

    PS my email address is andrew,taylor(a)zen,co,uk (with commas replaced by full stops, and the @ sign popped in).

  4. Andrew Taylor says:

    Phil and Mike – hope the link above works for you; it seems to…

    Richard – I made a bracket out of aluminium plate which holds the camera and traps positively in the rear (bathroom) window. I can send a picture to an email address if you wish…


  5. Richard Davies says:

    I too invested in a permanent on system this year, I think it’s great and gives so much more confidence (especially those drivers that come right up behind before popping out just behind the van). I use a wireless system as it’s easier than wiring through the van and car. It does suffer a little from interference, but this is transitory, and doesn’t affect the prime function an electronic rear view mirror.

    I started off with a wide angle camera, but this was useless as everything was too small any significant distance away. My current camera is a 90 degree, and that’s perfect for seeing further back and guaging distances.

    I actually have the camera mounted with white-tack with the wires runnnig in through the bathroom window (they’re so thin you can still close it), and I take it off when not in use. The first camera was front heavy and would gradually drop down, the current camera all the (very little) weight is at the back and it sits perfectly no matter how jolting the road. The other advantage with this mounting is the view is at the same level as looking through a normal rear view mirror so it takes no getting used too.

  6. Andrew Taylor says:

    Phil – this is the mirror…

    Hope the link works.

    Otherwise, Google “Sainspeed 7 Car Rearview Mirror Monitor”.

    Good luck


  7. mike pocknell says:

    Andrew,can you ask your brother to email me the supplier of the camera equipment please.regards mike.

  8. Andrew Taylor says:

    Phil – my brother has one which he can switch between camera on back of tow car to camera on back of caravan. I will try to find details.
    Mike – my caravan camera takes its 12v feed from the car 12v into the caravan (which would be pin 9 on the 13-pin plug I believe), so the camera and transmitter are off when the car supply is removed.


  9. mike pocknell says:

    Ilike this idea,however is an additional connection through the 13pin socket required?or is there connection space within the 13pin socket.

    • Lucie @ Caravan Guard says:

      Hi Mike,

      If you’re referring to wireless models then no additional (13 pin socket) connection is required, as the camera can be powered from the reversing light, side light, or number plate light.


  10. phil wilder says:

    Does anyone do a rear view camera to replace the mirror? Anyone have any comments on the idea?

    • Lucie @ Caravan Guard says:

      Hi Phil, I put your query to Neil Todd at Trailer Vision who says: Yes, lots of companies do that. It’s the monitor not the camera that replaces the rear-view mirror. Trailer Vision are just about to launch such a product, although currently most monitors are attached to the rear view mirror, or the rear view mirror windscreen fixing.

      Hopefully this gives you a better idea of what’s available Phil.

  11. Dave Milton says:

    used a wireless reversing camera for years both on tow vehicle and caravan, caravan one also works on constantly whilst towing great aid when overtaking also good for watching tailgaters. would not be without one

  12. Andrew Taylor says:

    WHY do so many caravanners and mobile home owners only use rear cameras for reversing? I have a 100% duty cycle rear view camera simply fixed to the rear of the caravan, and a 7″ screen on the dashboard. With a 60˚ view-angle laterally-inverting camera I get a perfect view of all traffic behind, however close, and better than when NOT towing – because there are no C-pillars and headrests to block the “mirror”. Vehicles appear about the same size as they would in the rear-view mirror without the caravan.

    The 60˚ view-angle may not be the best for reversing (I find it fine) and some may choose the more common 110˚ – but for driving that 110˚ gives very small images of vehicles on the road behind.
    You can have two cameras (even in one housing) and – dare I say it, but – if you create your own system it can be a LOT cheaper than commercial kits.
    £120 bought me camera + 2.4GHz transmitter + 2.4GHz receiving 5″ TV. All I needed… and no wires to the car.

    Oh – and whilst you’re thinking of “reducing claims” – why not fit a FORWARD facing recording camera in the front of the car. “Crash for cash” ?? “Sorry, friend, it’s all recorded on TV!”.

    Don’t you just LOVE technology?

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