Guide to safely loading your motorhome

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  1. Jacqueline price says:

    Hi I need advice on covering my motor home will it create damp if I buy a complete cover

  2. Richard stanley says:

    Do you know where and how much it costs to take a C1 test

    • Craig @ Caravan Guard says:

      Hi Richard
      Sounds like you’re looking to drive a large motorhome. As you probably know the C1 driving licence category allows you to drive motorhomes between 3,500 and 7,500kg MAM (with a trailer up to 750kg).
      There are driving schools up and down the country that can give training towards the C1 test. The best option to find one of these is to do a google search.
      Once you are ready to take the theory and practical tests you could do so via the .gov website.
      Details about taking the test can be found here:
      Costs of the tests can be found here:
      I hope that helps
      Kind regards

  3. Mick Guy says:

    Very helpful advice, but it would be good if pressure was brought to bear on manufacturers by insurers, to force a standard weighing regime, and a certificate of weight when it leaves the factory. That way us mere mortals might stand a chance! After all, if the insurance industry said “We will not insure any vehicle that has not been supplied with an accurate weight, which includes driver/water tank/fuel tank & 1 gas cylinder” you could bet that the caravan industry would fall over to comply if it felt customers would not purchase an unweighed van!

  4. Brian McMinn says:

    Requested that new campervan plus optional extras, including 2 light weight 6kg gas cylinders (now being discontinued) and 1/2 tank of fuel be put on a weighbridge before accepting.
    Only 200kg left……No passengers, nothing in cupboards and no bikes!
    Had MTPLM upgraded. A well worth the exercise and fortunate that driving licence is pre 1997.

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