Should touring caravans have to pass an MOT?

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  1. CW. Wicks says:

    I spent time saying NO to caravan MOT’s only to get a reply from Caravan Guard showing a 2012 vote ? This is 2015, but having seen moor reviews by genuine caravaners, I still say NO.

    • Lucie @ Caravan Guard says:

      Hi CW Wicks,

      Apologies, we’ve only done one poll on this topic before therefore I was only able to reveal results from 2012.

      We appreciate that this is still an issue for caravanners, so it maybe that we revisit the topic in a new poll in the coming months.

      Many thanks


  2. CW.Wicks says:

    First who is going to pay to set up an MOT bay ? Then what will be the cost of this proposed MOT, will we get a reduction against our insurance for the caravan ? I have been towing caravans for about 55 years and never had a mechanical problem that an MOT would have brought to light. How many accidents have been caused by mechanical failure? The only 2 that I know in the Southern region of the C&C club in the last 2 years have been wheels coming off within the recognised mileage time for nut tightening distance had JUST Been serviced. So would an MOT have sorted that ? As you can see I am against your idea, and would add that the follow up to MOT would be road tax, and that would affect everybody including Caravan Guard Ins. co. So it’s a No. Regards and would appreciate a reply and a number of for and against report. CW .Wicks

    • Lucie @ Caravan Guard says:

      Hi CW Wicks,

      Thanks for getting in touch – and for sharing your thoughts on the topic.

      Following the poll (which was done in 2012), the results revealed that of the 357 total votes, 58% of voters said ‘Yes – caravans should have to pass an MOT’, and 42% disagreed with the idea, so there wasn’t a huge amount in it.

      See here for further details.


  3. Ray Tallett says:

    Number plate recognition. When your caravan is annually serviced the service centre can check for road worthiness of your caravan. If it is road worthy and safe information can be forwarded to VOSA similar to the MOT system. If the caravan is not safe the owner will be informed what is required to make it safe and how much. If the owner chooses to ignore the advice from the service centre then number plate recognition will inform.

    Also, is it not difficult to identify each individual caravan especially if you can’t find the serial number. I’m referring to older caravans now

  4. Mike says:

    Yes,, great idea, even if it consists of a basic check, tyres, brakes, lights for example.

  5. Richard Woods says:

    Wayne says compulsory servicing and a register – what the difference? Mine being done right now – fingers crossed!

  6. Denis says:

    Everyone should have their caravan serviced every year by a qualified engineer, this should be sufficient and no need for M.O.T’s.

  7. yvonne says:

    not if the touring caravan is left all year on a seasonal pitch, but yes if it is towed. should be part of yearly service.

  8. Wayne Christiansen says:

    I dont think Caravans should have an MOT, Although i do feel they should be a register for caravans that have been serviced every year, So complusory servicing should be implimented, And also the weights of the car and caravan should be checked yearly

  9. Richard Woods says:

    Frankly I have my van serviced every year but then I use it for 12-16 weeks. I would welcome a system by which I got a certificate of roadworthiness and gas safety BUT there are a few big BUTS .
    1 It should not increase the cost of safety so needs to register mechanics via a trade organisation.
    2 The test should be restricted to safety issues so chassis, suspension brakes, brake actuation, lights and tyres outside and gas inside.
    3 It should not need to cover electrical and water issues.
    4 It should not be needed before the van is five years old at least (in view of general light use and low mileage) and should then be two yearly at most for the same reason.
    On that basis I would vote for it.

  10. John Punshon says:

    To CW. Wicks… What a load of tosh…. I know quite a few people who only use their vans once or twice a year and have them serviced…
    A friend of mine has his serviced and it’s not moved for 3 years from his seasonal pitch…. That includes his brakes and tyres…

  11. K.Barry says:

    Well CW.Wicks
    I am not am member of your stated clubs but have been touring for thirty years, I am responsible and have my twin axled caravan serviced every year as I have done for all the touring caravans I have owned
    how dare you state the point “its the non members” its snobs like you give all decent caravanners a bad name
    get a life and move on MOTs would ensure all people comply this is about road safety

  12. CW. Wicks says:

    Out of the large membership of the Camping and Caravan Club AND the Caravan club, only 357 voted Is this a proper and fair poll ?
    I think genuine club members would object to an MOT as in the past. It’s the non members Travellers and once a year people who do not look after their caravans, and who not abide by weight of caravan to car.

  13. Dom Olds says:

    Since there is no requirement in law to have a caravan serviced by a “Competent Person” this alone cannot be relied upon to ensure all caravans & trailers are in a roadworthy condition. Responsible owners will have this done but responsible owners are not the ones who are the problem. If everyone was responsible about it there would be no need for an annual test.

    So, with that in mind, we already have the legislation in place in the form of the Road Traffic Act, it just needs proper enforcement, and that’s where the trouble comes. Too many police officers are not mechanically minded enough to understand what they’re looking at, and an even bigger number are way too afraid to tackle the travelling community who seem to be a large part of the problem.

    Even if there was an MOT for caravans & trailers, this could not guarantee that they are not overloaded, or badly loaded, or well matched to the tow vehicle.

    So, do we need a caravan MOT? No thanks. If we accept this then next will be road tax for caravans, seperate registration documents and a whole heap of things which make ownership too costly and tedious. No, what we need is for the police to do what they’re paid for and use the existing legislation already at their disposal to remove the un-roadworthy outfits from the roads.

  14. Chris.Flemington says:

    If a yearly service is carried out by a reputable caravan service engineer all faults with the van would be found during the service and should be rectified at that time.Sadly, the facts are that not all caravan owners have their caravans serviced every year.If they did any faults would be noticed at that time and could be dealt with.A roadworthy certificate could be included in the price of the service as a norm providing that the cost is reasonable to cover the engineers costs and not to generate revenue for the Government.

  15. C. Redding says:

    I do not agree with caravans having to have an M.O.T. How many accidents are caused by caravans not being road worthy, not many if any I suspect, and they do very little mileage a year. The majority ,like me have there caravans serviced each year, and that cost enough, and should sort out any problems. This is just another excuse to screw yet more money out of us . What will be next Cameron ( BICYCLES ) ???

  16. d.delaney-jones says:

    As a retired motor fitter, I think I can judge if my outfit is roadworthy, and I also think that, Once again the motorist is being singled out for more Ongoing costs,(as if he isn’t already penalised) by rising costs of fuel/servicing/insurance/MOT’s/CarTax/Rising site fees/Clubfees/bad roads.Very soon our camping holiday will be the very few. people camping in all its forms.

  17. James Ross says:

    I think if caravans get a yearly service as they should to comply with the requirements of your insurance, NO MOT system is required for caravans as any faults would be rectified at the time of the service, and a little sticker showing who has carried out the work is stuck on the caravan “A” frame to advise anyone that a service has been carried out and any faults rectified

  18. John Punshon says:

    James… The government gets extra revenue off a caravanner… Each time we hitch the van onto our tow car we use more fuel…. As far as I’m aware due to a discussion on a forum i’m a member of, it’s the EU that are wanting to bring this into effect. If it was the government i personally think it would of been in years ago….

  19. james campbell says:

    No, Touring caravans should not have an MOT as correctly said if ? annual service is done it would be roadworthy.I think the governments past and present would like revenue from caravaners ,as we have seen evidence in the past,caravans do not have engines but you an mot would cost as much
    There are thousands of caravans in storage only used on site( tourers) and
    it is now possible to get internal service gas electiric) and or chassis axle.
    A responsible persons would get all done but if touring should have chassis
    axle service .NO NEED FOR EXTRA MOT as already done then.

  20. Derek Travers says:

    What are the statistics that support this proposal? How many accidents/casualties are due to mechanical failure of caravans?
    I wouldn’t be surprised if the majority are due to driver error!
    If that’s the case, then it’s just a revenue generator.

  21. Cliff Roe says:

    Yes, I do feel that caravans should have a road worthy test, it is being towed and should it have a fault it could an accident. I have mine serviced once a year before the season start’s and I can tow it with peace of mind. I accept that most caravan owners do look after their vans, but there are a number that do not bother. Yes, for the safety of other road users.

  22. John Punshon says:

    If you have your caravan serviced it should be included in that…. If you don’t then you should be made to see if it is roadworthy…..

  23. Vaughan says:

    If all caravans are serviced every year by recognised engineers, I see no need for an MOT

  24. Mike Thompson says:

    No to caravan MOT,S most caravan owners are responsible people its the contractors and travellers who show disrigard for the van condition ,there are the few that should be off the road. I see this a another tax grab by our rubbish government

  25. Phil Joyce says:

    I feel ALL braked trailers should have to pass a safety inspection. It would be irrational to just say caravans must be tested as other trailers on the road can be as badly maintained as caravans.

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