Sterling Eccles Sport 544 Caravan Review

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  1. Jan Bryant says:

    Can you advise if you have a plan of the rear bed arrangement as we are struggling g with our 2013 Sterling Eccles Jade se which is the same layout
    Posted 20 01 2019
    Jan Bryant
    Happy to give email address for someone to email a copy
    Many Thanks

  2. Alison says:

    We have one too, we had problems with the rear bed cushion arrangement but contacted our dealer who contacted the manufacturer we were then given a plan showing how to make up the bed we leave this in caravan for reference.

  3. Morman bowie says:

    Ive got one, good points you can lie on front bunks and watch tv easier than other vans where tv sits on centre drawers and u end up with a stiff neck but you need a degree to work out how to arrange cushions on rear bed never seen a set of instructions for that . Im quite tall so panaroma window is good saves you having to bend down to see out when your standing up and yourright with teenage son rear bed is usually down till well into the afternoon but you can pull across divider and forget he,s there

  4. John says:

    You state that the 544 is 50K lighter than the Charisma 545 yet the MIRO is actually heavier. 1280 -1282. Can you expain please?

    • Craig says:

      Hi John
      We have checked this out and the the figure we have now found for the MIRO on the 2011 Swift Charisma 545 is 1322KG, so the Sterling Eccles Sport 544 still looks to be lighter by 40KG. Sorry for the confusion.

      Caravan Guard

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