Stick or switch: results reveal how many would swap a caravan for a motorhome or vice versa

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  1. Gordon Edwards says:

    No comparison at all, its a motorhome all the way. There’s always been the debate about what to do for transport when you’ve arrived at a location. I find that this is where the caravaners like to pin their debate and talk about the ability to unhook the car and then go see the local sights. Well so do we, however we take the bicycles with us for that very reason. I get to see all the same sights, however I go green and don’t add to the pollution in the local area. I also don’t struggle to find somewhere to park, or pay the extortionate prices some places like to charge for parking. It also keeps us fit, which lowers cholesterol, improves the bloody low and let’s us sleep better at night. From some of the caravaners I’ve had the pleasure to meet could do with the exercise too.

    The bit I like most is to watch the caravaners when it’s time to leave again. So much hassle and faffing about putting down awnings, taking in the satalite, the water, the waste, manoeuvring the car, the cursing and all the while I’m still sipping on my coffee, while I read my paper and then a quick 5 mins and I’m away again on the next leg of my adventure.

    No, I certainly wouldn’t swop my motorhome for a caravan and besides, Europe is geared up for motorhomes and they’re most welcomed all across the Countries of our Forgein cousins and it’s the true home to tour in.

    Happy motoring one and all.

  2. mark price says:

    in my opinion There are a few different factors to determine which is the best,What type of holiday you are looking for,how old you are,your state health.years ago we traveled the length and breadth of the country in our fiat ducato hobby van with some fantastic memories.Nowadays in our latter 50s we are fortunate enough to own a Volkswagen campervan and a swift caravan.last year we did the scottish highlands and hebrides in our vw,for us a holiday of a lifetime with memories we will forever treasure but to be honest would not of been the same in our caravan.also whereas just the two of us and our westie dog.On the other hand a weeks holiday in the caravan with the grandchildren in June was pure bliss this year.Everyone has different requirements,and as long as we still have our health we will hopefully carry on using the campervan for many more years to come.On the otherhand we will not be without our caravan as they both have their plus and minuses.

  3. Janet Madge says:

    Give me a Motor home every time when I reach a site all I do is plug into the electrics get the kettle on, get my TV ready for the evening and just relax, no putting down the jacks trotting over to the water point with your aqua roll some times in the rain. In a Motor home when you go out for the day you can cook a meal or make a hot snack then do your washing up when you get back on site.

  4. Peter Smith says:

    Whatever the choice there are always compromises: I can see that a larger motorhome would be inconvenient for moving about at the destination. This is why we (me and my girlfriend) opted for a small campervan as it is easy to park and drive down small lanes although I have obviously had to compromised on space in the van so we have to travel light and be very tidy. As it is only 1.2m with the roof down so will go under most height barriers and is reasonable on fuel consumption. At under 5m it is cheaper on ferries. It suits us fine and I would never consider towing a caravan:

  5. Arthur Branthwaite says:

    Caravan is a much better option,more comfortable and spacious and you have the benefit of seeing the local area without having to unplug all the facilities each day .

  6. George Douglas says:

    Have thought about changing from our motorhome to a caravan but don’t like the idea of having to carry water back and forth all the time etc.I have arrived on site in the wind and rain and have plugged in and dropped the rear steadies,Switched on the sky dish and opened a bottle of wine.I do tow a car on a A Frame which enables us to get up and go anytime. However I may look again at the situation.

    • Lucie @ Caravan Guard says:

      Hi George, we received a lot of comments on the original blog post which may help you in your decision – click here and scroll down to the bottom of the page.

      Thanks for getting in touch.

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