2016 Swift Challenger 530: Turning up the heat

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  1. Richard says:

    We took delivery of a 2016 Challenger 580 at the end of February and had our first outing with it for 10 days over a very wet and cold Easter in the Lake District. Believe me the extra weight of the Alde system is worth it – and we got it free by taking advantage of the offer Swift were running during the Caravan & Motorhome show at the NEC. The 580 is a wonderful layout with the transverse island bed – you do have to compromise on cupboard space though as the sunroof eliminates the 2 useful overheads that were in the front of our 2011 Challenger 540.

  2. Erwin Williams says:

    From your review I find the paragraph “Few would disagree the former isn’t a more attractive heating and hot water option, although it adds weight to your vehicle” a little confusing.

    Should the above read the former is a more attractive heating and hot water option, although it adds weight to your vehicle –?
    If it isn’t a more attractive heating and hot water option, as stated in your report then shouldn’t the paragraph continue… as it adds weight etc.?

  3. Gary Owen says:

    I bought a 2010 Conqueror 530 this year. I have to say I like the design better than the newer versions, but that’s just my preference. The model I managed to buy has the nicer stainless steel and black trim on the fridge instead of the grey plastic look.
    The shower on the Challenger is more practical than our S shaped unit. Ours looks great, but not that big when you finally get yourself in it.
    I also have the Truma combi system. You can’t really fault if apart from the long heat up time on electric. Can’t really see the point in the central heating approach. Maybe it’s just a question of changes to keep up with the competition. I fitted a direct water fill for those elite pitches we like to use. It’s brilliant and saves lugging the water containers around. We have also been using our van over the winter. We left the thermostat on 7 by mistake one day and it was like a sauna when we returned.

    Swift make a very good product, so I’m sure the new Challenger 530 will be a great buy, if you like the layout. We have had dinette versions twice before. If there are only two of you the pull out table is just as easier to dine at, although the dinette always comes in handy for spreading out a little.

  4. Dave Hedges says:

    Still a good useful caravan. I bought the 2014 model new in 2015 and my only criticism with it is that there are no access doors to the lockers under the dinette. I see that they have now been added.
    I have a friend with an Alde wet system and I have the Truma combi. I think the Truma combi is better and more flexible particularly with its timer and ability to close off the sleeping area vents at night so that the bathroom is toasty warm in the morning

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