2015 Swift Challenger Sport 514: This sporting, caravanning life

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  1. Martin Whitesmith says:

    We have just bought this 514, the Sterling version. My wife was particularly taken by the upholstery while I found the smaller bathroom suited us as we tend to use sites with shower facilities. Having moved from a rear kitchen 2-berth Sterling Coastline we are really enjoying the extra space this van offers and the bed being always ready.
    The only negative is some of the drawer lock mechanisms are temperamental but as my dealer is some distance away we will just live with this until it’s first service when we hope to have the problem handle/locks replaced.
    Looking forward to our first major outing in August, ferry to Scotland for a few weeks in Yorkshire, Norfolk and the Home Counties.

  2. Tom Anderton says:

    Thank you to those who gave constructive feedback. I would welcome those who would like to comment on Swift’s products to join the Swift Talk forum which has around 13,000 members. This is an excellent place to provide comments which members of the Swift Technical team can pick up.

  3. Carolyn Tucker says:

    I like the idea of squeezing all the comfort in just a small space but i think they could have given more room for the bathroom. Women would love to see more functional bathroom. You know how important it is to us. Just saying.

  4. David Marsh says:

    We have the 544 sport not a fixed bed but horseshoe seating area, but with a full washroom toilet etc. Cannot fault it tows lovely has a roomy wash room handy after a days walking. the blown air heating if very quick to heat up a very well insulated caravan. We’ve just returned from a tour of the Lakes, Cairngorms and North yorks moors, not once was the caravan cold. For sites with limited or no facilities this is a very comfortable useable caravan.

  5. John Devlin says:

    Not sure about the drop-leaf table over the seating; drips do occure. Almost identical layout to our Lunar Spirit. The grainy woodwork looks cheerful. I do not see a heater, but presumably there is one somewhere. Window lighting seems good, but does the front roof window open? The corner fixed bed can be a challenge for a quick exit, but they are more comfortable. The front seating by the doorway may benefit from a cushioned wedge; I’m thinking elbow-resting-facility.

  6. Linda Cooke says:

    NOT my layout of choice. Of the fixed bed styles, I love the new island bed layout with the retractable bed, and would only choose this over my current L shaped lounge/sleeping area. If I’m going to lose living space, it has to be for a good reason and not to be squished up against the caravan wall.

    • Lucie @ Caravan Guard says:

      Thanks for sharing your feedback Linda – layout is such an important feature in a caravan so it makes sense to go for one that best suits your needs.

      Caravan Guard

  7. Graham Bates says:

    I think this layout is superior to those using a full width rear washroom which really is a waste of space for those who use the full campsite facilities. I is a pity that the small shower / toilet cubicle has been abandoned by most manufacturers.

  8. Paul Woodman says:

    Another variation on the Sport 554 however it does not address the issue of a proper mattress and better utilisation of internal space so why not make the bed fold down and use the space for extra seating similar to the 544. due to height restraints the rear seat cushion could be used to fill in at the top end of the mattress under the pillows.

  9. John Spencer says:

    why do all caravans waste space by putting a shower unit in when I would say only a small number of people use them

    John <

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