The Hymer B534 motorhome reviewed

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  1. Peter Webster says:

    In the MMM magazine it shows the rear bench can lift upwards therefore giving ‘garage’ room. It can also make into a single bed.
    The 2 optional seats take up room under the seats but with a garage ‘hey’.
    What a totally unique van,wish it was affordable.

  2. Peter Bridgham says:

    We are currently staying at a site in Spain. At a guess I would say that 99.9% of all the motorhomes here have only 2 people in them. I want a motorhome with just the 2 berth over cab bed. Ideal! And brilliant to have the rear lounge. I would like an automatic so hope this model will be available by the time I have saved up to afford one!

  3. P Webster says:

    The photo shows a storage/garage door at the rear,yet inside the van at the back the seats look too low for there to be one!!

  4. Penny Nichol says:

    As I understand it, one of the unique features of the new B534 is the belted travel seat(s) which pop up from the floor if you remove the side sections of the rear sofa. Judging from the photo in this article there are two, one either side of the ‘van. When I read the original review, it seemed there was one but whatever, there are definitely more than two belted seats in this ‘van. I can’t wait to see it at the NEC in October.

    • Craig says:

      Just heard back from the Editor at Which Motorhome, Peter Vaughan, with regards to the travel seats on the Hymer B534.

      He says: “Yes, the B534 comes as standard with a rear U-shaped lounge and just the two travel seats in the cab. As an option you can add the rear travel seats which fold up from under the settees and have three-point seatbelts incorporated. My understanding is that you can buy one or two of the rear travel seats.”

      Hope this helps.

      Caravan Guard

  5. Mr B H Ellerby says:

    This day and age Only 2 seatbelts will stop me even going to have a look,In fact i thought it was a law to have only seats belted

  6. John Hateley says:

    Four berth with two seatbelts? What about the (grand) kids. Need to leave the ignition on to listen to the radio, I thaught that was sorted years ago!

    • Craig says:

      Hi John
      I think the seatbelt count is an error in the article we have been provided. Just checking MMM magazine’s buyers guide, the Hymer B534 is listed as having four travel seats. I will check into this for you and post a further response on the forum.
      Kind regards
      Caravan Guard

  7. Martin Wilson says:

    Good build quality? A replacement headlamp will cost £1200 + fitting + VAT from Hymer UK but they do look good. Also plastic vacuum formed parts round doors and front windows rattle when driving. Now changed our Hymer for a British built RS Motorhomes Equinox and we are delighted with it.

  8. john golightly says:

    why do these companies insist on making 4 berth vehicles with only 2 belted travel seats.

  9. brian lynn says:

    whats the point of only 2 seatbelts

  10. Kranis nektarios says:

    Beautiful auto caravan,bat I have 4 children……

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