The New Bailey Motorhome Range Previewed

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  1. Mick says:

    I am considering purchasing a Bailey 740 motorhome. The very keen price of £46k at the motorhome show has attratted me. I have looked at an auto sleeper Broadway FB which is almost identical in layout but is £10K more in price.

    Can some one tell what is the catch?

    Are the build quality of the Bailey inferior?

    Has anybody had any damp problems with them?

    The salesman tells me that they are built to modern techniques , e.g.alu tech body ? chasis, no wood , less joints etc.

    Does any body out there have one?

    Can some one give me any feedback without the flannel off the salesman , or is it not flannel



    • Lucie @ Caravan Guard says:

      Hi Mick, thanks for getting in touch. There’s a bit more informatiopn on the Bailey 740 here if you want to take a look.

      We’ve also covered a few Auto-Sleeper Broadways (although not the FB model), that might help you compare the two.

      Hopefully someone on the blog can offer up some advice or insight on either of the two.

      Many thanks

      Caravan Guard

  2. Paul Marchant says:

    I love my 740 approach . But ..The locks on the side hatches are flimsy and the key bolts just slide out of housing . Their needs to be ceilant around floor in toilet .power steering notification has come on and lack of steering felt when pulling away in morning. Re er shocks need more spring .when hit a pot hole you get loud bang . Drove down 2000 ft mountain and had smoke come from front wheel assume brakes overheated. Just some things that fine tuning with this great motor home.

  3. Eddie Strong says:

    Sorry for late reply,just got back after week away in van. I honestly don”t know the answer to your query. I would suggest you phone Bailey Technical Dept at their Bristol factory and see what they say. I have contacted them myself when I had queries both before and after purchase. They were very helpful and informative. We still luv the Bailey, so warm and comfortable. Best wishes.

  4. Mr C Bostock says:

    Thinking of purchasing the Approach 740 but there may be a snag. Can I fit a tow bar to this van to carry my Honda 125 scooter? I have been advised by one dealer that there is no ‘Type Approval’ for a tow bar for this motorhome yet. Is this correct ?

  5. Mr Eddie Strong says:

    Have purchased a Bailey 740 se motorhome,and believe we maybe first owners of this van. Very pleased withe vehicle. Only gripe so far is that we do not have Bailey,Peugeot or Truma Heating manuals so we are “flying blind” Our dealer whose staff are first class,are endevouring to obtain these for us.The 740 is a very roomy and warm two berth second home.

  6. AliB says:

    Lets hope Baileys get a good dealer network at the start of launch as we have found many cowboys on our travel only interested in “how much can you spend” and how wil you finance it ?. The North East of England hasnt one honest dealer.

    • Mark says:

      We have recently purchased a new Bailey 745 Autograph from Lowdons in Huddersfield. The sales process was flawless, the staff attentive and the whole process hassle free. We were not oversold to (I despise this) and not pushed into finance deals etc. highly recommend you speak to Andy in sales. Good guy and straight speaking.

  7. Homer the Motorhomer says:

    Regarding Ken Vernon’s comment above, I was repeating what I was told on an Autotrail factory tour. Trigano are a massive group, but Autotrail still operate as an autonomous company, and they say Swift etc get parts cheaper than they do.

    Autotrail, and Autosleeper are both expensive in comparison with Swift/Elddis.

    Different subject, but the A/S VW mentioned would be a panel van conversion, not a coachbuilt.

  8. les davies says:

    so bailey have tested their new motorhomes to near destruction, hope that included reversing them up a hill with the vans fully loaded and without gunning the engine, cause my fiat made on the same prodution line as the boxer struggles like hell to reverse up any gradient.

  9. ken vernon says:

    what drivel written about Auto-Trail not having the buying power of the Tourer manufactuyers.
    Auto-Trail are part of the Trigano Group, who are largest manufacturer of leisure items in Europe, making Trailer Tents, Caravans and Motorhomes. Therefore they have more buying power than than any Uk Manufacterer.
    Please get your facts right as you have suggested that A/T are not competative on price. Maybe you were confusing A/T with Auto-Sleeper who now charge £50K+ for a VW camper van.

  10. Homer the Motorhomer says:

    Definitely on my list of possibles for the next change. Bailey have a sound business plan.

    Autototrail build motorhomes only – they build good ones, but they can’t get their prices down because they don’t have the buying power the caravan manufacturers have.

    Swift, Compass etc, build cheaper motorhomes, but use lower strength caravan style construction methods

    Bailey have brought their caravan construction up tomotorhome standards, rather than the other way round.

  11. Tony Stanier says:

    Cant wait to see the dedicated 2 berth Bailey, why dont manufactours make a sub 6mtr A class..2 b erth any more ?

  12. RON THOMAS says:

    If the New Bailey Motorhomes are to be put onto Fiat Base,will this be on the New engine which is being produced by Fiat for next year?

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