2014 Trigano Galleon trailer tent review: up in a trice, on site forever

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  1. Adrian Cronin says:

    We had our first outing last weekend. It was drafty in the sleeping area – the space by the tow hitch was quite exposed. Would the storage box sort this out I wonder? Any ideas? A huge unit with lots of space for us and the 3 kids. A bit of a learning curve first time out but off to France for 2 weeks shortly.

  2. Lenny walker says:

    Has anybody had problems with the draught coming up into the sleeping part. Just come back after a weekend away the draught was bad. Cheers

  3. Derek Keeling says:

    I like that idea Adrian! I suspect that being tall will help (which means I’ll be pulling it over while the missus and kids hold the poles 🙂 Hoping to set up this weekend if the weather is dry so will post how it goes.

  4. Adrian says:

    1st time putting up the galleon, we ignored the instructions and the youtube video and followed the advice given by the previous owner. Once the trailer section is set up lay out, peg out and zip the groundsheet to the trailer. next zip on the awning (honestly) and once attached throw over the trailer section out of the way. next simply erect the poles on the groundheet and once done simply pull the awning across the poles. couldnt be simpler and sooo easy

  5. Essexman says:

    We have had thsi tent for 3 years, and can probably get the bedroom section up in three minutes. The actual main tent is something of a different matter though. I would put about an hour on that. You have to fold out the ground sheet, zip it on, fold out the tent, zip it on, arrange your poles, put front arch together, pull up, fight with side poles, argue with wife, put up more poles, more arguing, then eventually do all the pegging (there are around 35-40 to do), Dont get me wrong, this is a wonderful tent, but lets be realistic about the put up time! Cheers

  6. John Whitehouse says:

    I have the SE variant with the kitchen unit. I agree that 3 minutes is a bit over optimistic. I have only used it 2 or 3 times so far and we are getting quicker at getting the tent setup. Its a great unit with lots of space and for a good price too.

  7. Derek Keeling says:

    3 minutes? impossible even for the basic set up. Had our Galleon new this year from Black Country Caravans. You couldn’t un-hitch, drop the legs and level the unit in 3 minutes, never mind some basic pegging out. Don’t get me wrong it’s a great unit, even if getting the main awning up still involves a bit of swearing!

    • Craig @ Caravan Guard says:

      Great to hear from an owner. Sounds like our reviewer was a bit optimistic with his three minutes. Maybe he was going for the world record shortest time to set up the Galleon? Perhaps it’s also good to take your time a little during set up, might help ensure the unit stays in good shape long term. Although a 20+ year lifespan promised in the review already sounds impressive.

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