Tyre safety for a caravan or motorhome!

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  1. Gordon Richardson says:

    I think that the Tyron tyre bands are a must, but will have to wait a while before I can afford to purchase them, just hope a win a couple.

  2. clive 1 says:

    Hello all Happy Easter,(never mind the weather)
    I have made this request to caravan guard previously as the subject of a possible article, so shall suggest it again,
    Should we use the base vehicle pressure in our motorhomes when the “base vehicle” becomes a motohome,
    No guidance is given by any motorhome manufacturers, of alternative pressures for their motorhome range, And ” theres more”
    did you know ?? that any vehicle with a standard recommended tyre pressure above 60psi, which almost all motohomes are, should NOT be fitted with rubber inflation valves into their rims
    But should be a metal rim valve.
    Only very few m/homes I have seen, have these metal valves fitted.
    It would be a “hot potato ” if manufacturers are supplying new vehicles without the best tyre valves fitted.
    We would, I am sure like to see Caravan Guard investigate this, and produce a definituive reply

    • Liz @ Caravan Guard says:

      “Dear Mr Hanham
      I’m sorry we never got back to you on this. We did investigate the issue with the caravan industry trade body National Caravan Council (NCC) for a definitive answer.
      David Whitehead at the NCC very kindly came back to me. He advised
      • Tyre pressures should increase if the vehicle weight increases – this makes sense to me. For instance a car manufacturer recommends a higher pressure if the driver intends to carry more passengers/load.
      • A base vehicle has to go through type approval before it is supplied to the motorhome converter. The base vehicle and chassis is supplied with tyres. To achieve type approval the base vehicle manufacturer (be it Fiat or Ford etc) must supply the vehicle to the converter’s specification, hence capable of supporting the weight of the conversion and any payload. The base vehicle’s manufacturer recommended tyre pressures will take into account the full weights of the converted vehicle.
      • The base vehicle would not achieve type approval without the correct valves and extension valves.
      I hope this answers your query.

  3. John Staton says:

    5 stars for this artical. It answers many questions about tyre safety and maintenance, it’s good to hear Caravan Guards’ point of view on the subject.
    I need 6 new tyres for my motorhome and was considering having a tyre pressure monitoring system fitted at the same time. I hope I win 4 Tyron bands to help with the big expense – what price safety and peace of mind?

  4. roy mahon says:

    i rate this at 5 out of 5 would love to purchase the tyron tyres but being a pensioner i just cant afford them.

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