Upgrade your motorhome storage security at home

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  1. Motorhomevalet says:

    An inexpensive security mod that I have on my van is having the reg. number on the roof. I had a local sign maker knock it up (about £15). My theory is that if it was ever stolen it would make it easier to trace (already have tracker etc.) as I often see police cars on motorway bridges.

  2. Kevin Rowbotham says:

    In reply to Gareth. I to moved my Motorhome from my drive t
    a secure storage site with perimeter fences, electronic gates, camera,s etc. They hit me with a further bill of approx £100.
    I complained and it was reduced to £70 if i remember correctly.
    The area was very quite and when i checked on internet it was deemed to be extremely low crime area. Another Insurance rip of me thinks.

  3. Derek Haslam says:

    The only place I have ever had a vehicle broken into was on a”Gold Plated” patrolled, camera watched, high security storage site! this is in 50 years of driving, caravan bing and motorhoming.

  4. Paul says:

    Hi, surely as an insurance company, the first thing you want is to minimise the number of claims, currently 20% are from home storage! the most effective would be to put vehicle in secure storage, so why say “EXTREME CASES ONLY” in my opinion it should be the 1st piece of advice given, and as an incentive reduce the premium for doing so! Not rocket science is it!

    • Craig @ Caravan Guard says:

      Hi Paul
      Thanks for your comment.
      We didn’t want to say motorhome owners should move their motorhomes into a storage site because our theft stats don’t currently point to motorhomes being less likely to be stolen or broken into when in a storage site than when on the home driveway. Note the 20% of claims statistic includes thefts from storage sites too.
      It probably depends on individual circumstances. If an owner does store at home but there has been a spate of thefts in the area, that’s when we’d recommend the owner consider moving the motorhome to a secure storage site.
      Kind regards

  5. Rex Hilson says:

    If you have a removable steering wheel, for seat rotation etc, take it out of the vehicle and store it indoors. Its almost impossible to drive a vehicle without special equipment, if it has no steering wheel.

  6. Nigel Williams says:

    Why nothing about CCTV ? I have 2 cameras aimed at the motorhome and a digital recording of movements…..to help put thieves away and signs to deter.

    • Craig @ Caravan Guard says:

      Nigel, there is a little line about CCTV in there (albeit near the end of the article). Sounds like you have a great setup with 2 CCTV cameras pointing on your motorhome. A great deterrent to would be thieves.

  7. Ben Griffiths says:

    The Fiamma awning was removed from the side of our motorhome. When we replaced it, we drilled out the screw heads and also put rivets in. If they tried it again, they would have to make a lot of noise to drill them out. We also no park it so that the awning faces the house.

  8. Gareth Doyle says:

    I have recently told you about the change in storage of our motorhome. At home it was on the drive without posts, locked gates etc. We have now moved it to a secure premises with perimeter fences, 2 sets of locked gates Monday – Friday, then industrial estate barrier at weekends, several CCTV cameras around the site plus one on the gates, we have to contact the owner when we want to remove the motorhome so that it can be watched on the TV And YOU HAVE CHARGED US £80 MORE!!! IS THIS CORRECT? Look forward to hearing your comments!

    • Craig @ Caravan Guard says:

      Hi Gareth
      I can query that for you. Email me your policynumber to [email protected].
      As mentioned at the end of the article, the postcode of a storage location has a big effect on an insurance premium. It could be that the postcode of your new storage site is viewed as a much higher risk than your home postcode meaning the premium loading applied for postcode negates the discounts applied for the security at the new storage site.
      Kind regards
      Craig Thompson

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