VIDEO: Caravan cleaning guide

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  1. Chris Tiller says:

    May I say that it is pleasing to see the video – many of the products suggested are those which, over time, I have come to use in my caravan cleaning business. I am also pleased with the advice to avoid using a pressure washer. I know of a window cleaner who has used a pressure washer on a caravan resulting in damage to the caravan seals plus a small dent in the thin aluminium sidewall. Needless to say the owner was not impressed.

    Regarding the ‘black streak’ problem which we have all faced – my recommendation would be to use Fenwicks Caravan Cleaner Concentrate (The same product as used by you in the video for the cleaning of the caravan roof). Use a 1 litre hand held pressure washer and dilute the mixture – Fenwicks recommend a 10:1 mix but from experience I dilute to a 5:1 mix. Spray this onto the black streaks, leave for 10 minutes and wash down using a soft caravan cleaning brush. This is a cost-saving and effective method of removing any offending black steaks.

    Whilst I have used and have had no issues using Care-avan Shampoo Wash you could, of course, use the same Fenwick Caravan Cleaner Concentrate. These are both concentrate products and are similarly priced. However it avoids purchasing (and storing) several products which, ultimately, have the same function.

    I hope these observations are of interest and I look forward as usual to further Caravan Guard e-mails.

    Kind regards,

    Christopher Tiller
    Caravan Cleaning Services

  2. alan hall says:

    thanks very good

  3. Dave King says:

    Good video but steps are too short never stand on the top step, should have 3 points of contact with the step ladder

  4. Lesley stafford says:

    Very good video, great cleaning products and ways of cleaning Caravan.

  5. David R says:

    Very thorough job and well done to the ladies concerned. They can come and clean mine if they want to?

  6. Philip Wright says:

    Useful video and comments. It’s also a good idea to open the windows, lockers and doors and run a cloth around the edges and seals to dry them and then spray/wipe the rubber seals with a silicon lubricant. This increases the longevity of the seals and prevents windows from sticking shut.

  7. Vince devine says:

    Cleaning video was really helpful,applying and using the different products good idea

  8. Sally says:

    That’s really helpfully, how often do you recommend cleaning this thoroughly

  9. Peter Lack says:

    This is an awful demonstration as the lady stands on top of a step ladder that clearly states “do not stand- no step”. This breaks health and safety regulations and should not be encouraged.
    I am very surprised you allowed this to be posted.

  10. Chris says:

    Good guid on products. Pity you don’t follow step ladder safety. You should NEVER stand on the top tread of the steps.

  11. Peter E says:

    Excellent tips with some good products, I must summon up to energy soon for the coming season. Thanks

  12. RobT says:

    Pity they did not clean out the awning tracks, as that is where most of the black streaks emanate from…Also open all the locker and hatch doors as lots of green lurks in there!! Good show though….

  13. Ian Hills says:

    I was shocked to see that the lady cleaning the caravan was standing on the top step of the ladder. Having worked in industry for many years this practice was strongly discouraged by the HSE as many accidents occur due to people doing just this. I would love to see your risk assessment!

  14. Dave Vincent says:

    Nice Video on how to clean your caravan, only have one issue, the steps being used are inadequate for the size of the caravan, everybody know that you don’t stand on top of steps, surprised the lady did not slip. Accident waiting to happen, invest in bigger pair of steps.
    I have nothing to do with this company, use a set of these at work

  15. Tom Mitchell says:

    Has some useful information. However do not allow anyone to stand on step ladders like this.
    You really need to re-shoot the video.
    This is a serious accident waiting to happen at home or at work.
    For an employer you are permitting “working at height” and under HSE legislation the correct equipment must be used. You are responsible for any accidents including broken bones and serious brain injury. Who undertook the risk assessment for the job? Had they had any training?
    As a business you are encouraging unsafe working practices and what is more you video it.
    What is needed is to emphasis the choice of suitable ladders or working platform before working above ground level. It is easy to incorporate in an updated video.

    • Thank you for your comments. You are 100% correct we shouldn’t have used those ladders like that. Tha for pointing that out and we can only apologise. We agree some tall platform step ladders with high handrail or even a platform would have been a better option. Even on platform ladders with a handrail, standing on the platform itself is ill advised. To be completely honest the team didn’t fully complete the cleaning of the caravan roof so weren’t up there for more than a few seconds at a time during filming but even so the risk was high in those periods. This has been discussed internally and appropriate training given to prevent a similar situation in the future. Hopefully it doesn’t detract from the cleaning tips in the video. We will add a disclaimer to the video to discourage viewers from using similar ladders.
      Kind regards Craig Thompson

  16. Anthony Newman says:

    Brilliant Article Well Done

  17. Geoff Mullin says:

    Really informative i liked the step by step sequence guide to get the best results

  18. Terry says:

    I always lower the front of my caravan when washing so that all the water runs off easily and doesn’t “puddle” on the roof.

  19. Mike Marsden says:

    If your caravan has a protection like Paint seal or Guard X you must be careful which cleaners you use or it’s possible to take the protector off.

    Best if you contact the company to check.

  20. Concerned says:

    Probably the worst bit of ladder safety I have seen in a long time, you should not be promoting cleaning the caravan in this way.

  21. Julia says:

    Excellent, thank you.

  22. Richard Caley says:

    I thought your cleaning guide was excellent. Thanks for showing me how to obtain a showroom finish!

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