Votes split in poll on electric tow cars!

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  1. Berty van Hensbergen says:

    I bought my Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV without any idea that I would be buying a large 1490kg (loaded) caravan two years later. Last year I towed it 2200 miles through France and Spain. No problem with power on long ascents although the tortoise light came on for about 30 seconds to a minute a couple of times indicating lack of battery reserve. Still able to outpull our friends with a similar caravan towing with a 2.0 litre diesel Golf. MPG while towing came in at about 21 mpg but this is very speed dependent. Between 50 and 60 mph the figure drops from 23mpg to 20mpg. I tend to sit with the lorries at about 55mpg on the motorways. Our worst MPG figures came in at 15mpg during a very long ascent over a mountain pass in Spain but by the time we got to the bottom on the other side this had increased to 25mpg average for the complete ascent and descent combined.
    While not towing most of our trips are short enough to be done about 90% on battery alone so we benefit strongly there.
    As in our hybrid Prius of which I have had two since 2004 you have to get used to the high revving engine when there is a demand for power.

  2. Raymond Bonello says:

    I think we are still in the early days of towing with an electric car. One must keep in mind that when towing with electric it is like going up a hill all the time and therefore there is more power used, with the result of more frequent stopping and time taken to recharge.

  3. Alan Forrester says:

    What’s happening with Hydrogen ? the future fuel we were told was on the way,no end of life battery’s too find away to dispose them ?!!

  4. Peter Zunda says:

    I have an Outlander PHEV. My usual weekly trips are covered entirely on electric, charged up at home in the daylight with the benefit of having solar panels on the roof at home. Long trips and towing are when the petrol engine comes into play, the lower MPG not being to dissimilar to that of my previous diesel vehicles when towing. Overall, lower costs balancing the lower performance when towing which is more than acceptable as the car is used without the caravan far more than the other way around.

  5. Ian Miller says:

    A good read and mostly comments are accurate. The biggest issue is range and that hybrids are petrol electric so when you click into fossil fuel model the economy is a joke. Often the petrol engine is paltry too e.g BMW X5. I’ll stick with my Porsche Cayenne S Diesel which will pull anything! One reader is mistaken about torque, the electric motor has plenty of torque, more than a combustion engine. Just doesn’t have the range. I also agree with the comments about the green credentials. There’s no denying them at the point of use but it’s fair to say that they are not green on whole life use nor when you consider the amount of electricity that is generated from fossil fuels. Also, if everyone went electric the power generation companies couldn’t cope with the demand and this government is not investing in new power generation. Just banning fossil fuel vehicles from 2040 is ridiculous show boating unless they invest in generation and infrastructure. Typical lies and misrepresentation from this government I’m afraid

  6. Caroline Jackson says:

    I am looking forwards to the day we have solar panels on the roof of the car to charge the batteries, this is being worked on! Once we have such efficient solar panels and in great quantity then every house in the country will have no excuse and we can be so much better for the earth as a nation! I know that there are currently batteries for Astra size cars with a range of 500 miles, these are in testing so shouldn’t be too long before they are available.
    Battery with 500 miles plus solar panels on the car is planned within the next 3 miles. Free motoring, once the car is purchased!

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