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Rated number one for service and value

Our insurance for touring caravans has been rated 5 stars by Defaqto for 2019
Touring Caravan
Rated 5 stars by Defaqto for the last 6 years

Defaqto is a leading independent financial research company. They specialise in collecting, researching and comparing financial product information, using this to rate every product from 1 to 5 stars. Defaqto are completely independent, and never knowingly exclude a product or policy from their Star Ratings.

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Our insurance for touring caravans has been rated 5 stars by Defaqto for 2019

Protect your caravan against accidental damage, theft, storm, fire and flood today with reassurance of a policy backed by a leading UK insurer, RSA. All with up to 50% in discounts for careful caravan owners.

Our policy is rated 5 Star for cover by independent financial research experts Defaqto.

If you're looking for static caravan insurance, please click here for more information.

Fantastic value and great benefits

As a Caravan Guard caravan insurance policy customer, make sure you get all the discounts you deserve. Caravan Guard offer low prices to reward our careful owners.

Caravan Guard satisfaction promise

96%Thumbs up
We have 685 feedback comments on independent review site, with 96% recommending Caravan Guard for our exceptional customer service and value for money. (Updated 11/05/2019)

Award winning

Caravan Guard give you friendly expert advice from our Yorkshire based team. Our award winning training programme for advisers ensures you receive great customer service.

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9 /10

Our claimants rate our overall claims service 9/10 on average*

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5/5 stars
  • Plain English policyPlain English policy
  • Confidence in a trusted family businessConfidence in a trusted family business
  • Number 1 on ReviewCentre
    Number one for service and value
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  • Caravan Guard are members of the NCCMember of the National Caravan Council

Extensive cover

Caravan Guard's 5 Star rated tourer insurance policy comes with the reassurance of extensive cover backed by a leading UK insurance provider, RSA (Royal & Sun Alliance Insurance plc).

You can tailor your levels of cover with options to suit your caravanning needs.

  • Extensive cover whilst touring or in storage
    Reassurance of cover for fire, theft, storm, flood and accidental damage
  • Awning storm damage
    Cover for both your caravan and awning if damaged by bad weather
  • New for old option up to 15 years old
    Enjoy a new caravan and equipment if yours is damaged beyond economic repair or stolen
  • Highly rated claims service based in the UK
    Our dedicated team of caravan experts at RSA will take care of your claim and pay out any settlement
  • Protected no claim discount option
    Help to keep your premiums low, even if you have to claim
  • 24 hour emergency assistance and recovery, even when abroad
    When crisis strikes a specialist team will always be on hand to help
  • Legal expenses cover option up to £100,000
    To pursue injury, consumer and employment claims and recover uninsured losses
  • £2,500,000 public liability cover
    Protection for legal claims made against you following accidents, injuries or damage
  • Emergency accommodation or caravan hire options
    Benefit from up to £100 a day for 30 days so you can continue your holiday
  • European cover options
    Enjoy the freedom to take trips abroad for up to 180 days, or pay to extend this up to 240 days
  • Ill driver cover
    Including getting your caravan home from anywhere in the UK if the only driver falls ill
  • Flexible excess from £100
    You can increase your excess to reduce your premium
  • £25,000 fatal accident benefit
    A little extra peace of mind provided by a lump sum payment
  • £500 locks & keys cover for caravan & security devices
    Stay secure with replacement locks and keys following loss or damage
  • Family and friends
    Feel free to loan your caravan knowing that the same extensive cover applies
  • 14 day money back guarantee (subject to no claims)
    Our plain English policy comes with the reassurance of a satisfaction guarantee

Heart Research recieve a £1 donation for every paperless caravan policy

Plus, for every paperless policy we provide, we will donate £1 to our chosen charity - Heart Research UK.

This website provides a brief summary of the policy cover and options that are available to you. Your schedule will confirm cover features and levels applying. Benefits and discounts are subject to change and are subject to terms and conditions, cover level and underwriting criteria. Minimum premiums apply. For more information on this insurance policy, you can download a specimen policy or policy summary from our tourer insurance documents section. New for old option available on fifth wheelers up to 5 years old only, and the alarm, axle wheel lock, anti-snaking device, security marking, tyre safety and reversing aid discounts do not apply to fifth wheelers.

I'm with Caravan Guard because...

Watch our video and see what our customers think

"Platinum standard service"

We were unfortunate recently to have our porch awning damaged beyond economical repair. We decided to place a claim against our insurance to have it replaced. We contacted the claims dept on 19th May at about 09:30 am. We provided the information requested, and we were advised that we would be contacted within 24/48 hrs.

On the 20th at 10am or thereabouts we had the word that the claim was approved. By 3pm, we had our replacement awning ready for our next trip out. That can only be classed as PLATINUM standard service. The claims handler Cheryl was extremely professional when dealing with our claim, taking us through the process effortlessly.

We are now in our fourth year with CG it's our first claim but be sure we will always recommend them when ever we can.

Mr Carter, Flintshire

Our guide to insuring your touring caravan

Why is having insurance for your caravan a good idea?

A specialist insurance policy for your touring caravan ensures that in the event of the caravan being badly damaged or stolen you aren't left out of pocket.

What to look out for when buying insurance for your touring caravan

  • What's covered? Our policy covers you for damage to the caravan itself, plus fixed kitchen equipment such as fridges, freezers and cookers, as well as 'Caravan Equipment' which includes things such as Aquarolls and security devices, and any items which are used solely in the caravan, such as televisions or radios.
  • Removable items such as clothes and toys are known as 'Personal Posessions' and are often covered by your household policy. These can be covered on our caravan insurance policy but be sure to check with your home contents insurer first to avoid paying for the same cover twice.

    High risk items such as laptops, tablets, e-readers, MP3 players, fishing equipment, and pedal or electric cycles cannot be covered on this policy. However, we can insure such items on our exclusive gadget and leisure equipment policy.
  • 'New for Old' cover means that if your caravan is stolen or damaged beyond economic repair you will be provided a brand new caravan of the same or equivalent specification. Our policy offers replacement with new cover for caravans up to 15 years old.
  • Discounts are offered to customers who join a camping or caravan club or read a caravanning magazine. Plus we offer excellent caravan security discounts for satellite tracking devices, alarms, axle wheel locks and secure storage sites.

Does my car insurance policy cover my caravan?

In the event of a road accident whilst towing your caravan which is your fault, your car insurance policy only covers you for damage sustained to a third party, it does not cover any damage sustained to your caravan. Also your caravan is just as likely to be damaged or stolen when detached from your towing vehicle - and in this instance there is absolutely no cover provided by a car insurance policy.

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Caravanning club discount


The discount applies for all members of national, regional or owners' clubs.

It also applies to readers of leading caravan magazines such as Practical Caravan, Caravan Magazine and Discover Touring as well as Caravan Guard Facebook fans, CaravannersRus members, CSMA Club members, customers of our partner dealers and holiday parks and various online caravanning forums such as UK Campsite and Caravan Talk.

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Up to 10% for customers over 30 years old


We reward mature caravan owners with up to 10% discount.

No claim discount


No claim discount for insured and claim free years:

  • 1 year = 10%
  • 2 years = 15%
  • 3 years = 20%
  • 4 years = 22%
  • 5 years = 24%
  • 6+ years = 25%

It is possible to protect a 3 year no claim discount.

Don't miss out! An introductory discount may be available if you have previous experience of towing or driving a larger vehicle (even if it wasn't insured in your name).

Discount for caravan tracking devices


Such devices can help locate your stolen caravan by guiding police to its position using GPS, GSM or VHF technology. Not all tracking devices qualify for our discount. Please see our list of approved touring caravan tracking devices.

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Axle wheel lock discount


An axle wheel lock attaches to the caravan chassis. Once the wheel is jacked up and lined up with the chassis receiver, a locking plate is fitted through the wheel to lock it in place. Examples of axle wheel locks include the AL-KO Secure or BPW/SAS/Winterhoff Diamond Wheel Lock. We accept these devices in place of a traditional wheel clamp and you will also qualify for an additional insurance discount.

If you are unsure whether your device qualifies please click here

Discount for a caravan alarm


If your caravan already has an alarm or you plan to fit an alarm you can claim another insurance discount. There are many alarm systems available for caravans. The best types of alarm monitor movement inside the caravan using Passive Infra-Red (PIR) sensors and/or will trigger via tilt sensors if a thief attempts to tow your caravan away.

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Discount for secure caravan storage


The security in place at the location where your caravan will be stored could reduce the price you pay for your insurance. Having gates that you keep locked at all times or a security drive post at your home storage location will generally mean you will receive a cheaper insurance quote for your caravan. Or if you plan to store you caravan in a secure storage facility look for sites which have security features such as 24 hour access control, perimeter fencing, CCTV, and onsite wardens in place for a possible insurance discount.

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Discount for CaSSOA Silver/Gold Award storage


We reward owners that keep their caravans in a CaSSOA Gold or Silver approved secure storage site.

CaSSOA (Caravan Storage Site Owners' Association) awards storage sites a Gold, Silver or Bronze security rating dependent on the number of security features they have in place. These could include perimeter fencing, access control, alarm systems or CCTV. To check if your storage site has a CaSSOA Gold or Silver Award, visit

Electronic anti-snaking devices


Electronic trailer control systems such as 'Al-Ko ATC' or 'BPW iDC' work in a similar way to ESP in cars by braking the caravan's wheels if it senses loss of control. This helps to prevent snaking and keep the caravan under control during extreme driving conditions, such as hard braking or swerving to avoid an accident.

Some new caravans have a system fitted as standard. It can also be retro fitted to some caravan chassis.

Discount for VIN Chip Plus marking


We offer an insurance discount for VIN Chip Plus where it is fitted in addition to the basic Vin Chip kit found as standard on all UK caravans from 2016 onwards.

VIN Chip Plus provides an additional electronic RFID chip, microdot solution, UV marker and additional tamper resistant labels all coded with a caravan's unique VIN number. The kit makes it even harder for thieves to hide a caravan's true identity or helps police make contact with its legal owner following theft.

Please Note: This discount is not available in combination with the discount for other security marking products.

Other security marking

Most UK caravans have a CRiS or VIN number displayed in their windows. However, additional marking kits can be bought for extra protection. Marking is often applied using a liquid containing microdots or 'chemical DNA' invisible to the naked eye but revealed using a UV torch. These carry a unique code linking a caravan back to its legal owner therefore improving its chances of being recovered if stolen. We give an insurance discount for the following security marking products:

  • CRiS Extra/Plus*
  • Data Tag
  • DNA+
  • Micro-Tag
  • SelectaDNA
  • Smart Water
  • Stop Theft
  • Thiefbeaters

*CRiS Extra/Plus must be in addition to any standard 17 digit CRiS window and chassis markings found on UK caravans since 1992 and standard CRiS tag / chip found on UK caravans since 1998.

Window stickers are usually provided by the product manufacturers to warn thieves that the caravan is fitted with additional security marking. Please note this discount is not available in combination with the discount for VIN Chip Plus.

Please Note: This discount is not available in combination with the discount for VIN Chip Plus.

Tyre safety devices


Tyron bands

Tyron wheel safety bands greatly reduce the risk of accident through loss of control after tyre deflation by helping to keep the tyre in place following punctures, blow-outs and under inflation.

Discount for Tyre pressure monitoring

Incorrectly inflated caravan tyres can affect the way a caravan tows and may lead to a serious accident. That's why we offer an insurance discount for tyre pressure monitoring systems (TPMS) fitted to caravan tyres. TPMS systems work by placing sensors either on the caravan tyre valves or inside the caravan wheels. These sensors continuously measure the pressure and temperature of the tyres and transmit information wirelessly to a monitor inside the tow car and sound an alarm if there's any abnormality. Popular makes include TyrePal or Snooper's Tyre Pilot. We don't give insurance discounts for TPMS systems fitted to the tyres of tow vehicles.

Discount for tyre sealant

We offer a caravan insurance discount for pre-puncture tyre sealant or slime, which is a proactive defence against tyre punctures and can help prevent an accident when towing. It's injected through the caravan tyre valves and coats the inside of the tyres. In the event of a puncture, and when the penetrating object is removed, a small amount of tyre sealant is squeezed through the puncture hole to seal the tyre. We offer this discount for the likes of Phantom Tyre Protector and Ultra Seal. Please note the discount does not apply for post-puncture tyre sealant kits which are only used to temporarily repair tyres following a puncture.

Discount for reversing cameras


We offer an insurance discount for caravans fitted with rear view cameras or reversing sensors, as they can help to prevent manoeuvring accidents.

Mounted on the back of the caravan, reversing cameras are designed to give drivers a complete view of what is behind their caravan. The camera transmits images to a monitor secured to the towcar's dashboard or windscreen

Please Note: We do not offer discount on your insurance for reversing aid(s) fitted only to the towing vehicle.

Discount for reversing sensors

We offer an insurance discount for caravans fitted with rear view cameras or reversing sensors, as they can help to prevent manoeuvring accidents.

Reversing sensors (often slightly cheaper than cameras) are usually inserted or stuck onto a caravan's rear panel. They use ultrasonic technology to emit a series of audible beeps inside the towcar, which sound closer together as the caravan moves towards to an object.

Please Note: We do not offer caravan insurance discounts for reversing aid(s) fitted only to the towing vehicle.

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