First look: The new Bailey Unicorn 2 and its panoramic front sunroof

Bailey Unicorn 2 impact resistant front

The Bailey Unicorn S2 range has arrived and let there be light. Lots of it, in fact, due to the swanky new vertical front skylight and the lighter weights across the range; up to 100kgs of weight loss has been achieved in some models by use of alternative materials and more advanced design techniques using the patented Alu-Tech body shell.

Bailey Unicorn 2 open front window

For example, the Unicorn Cadiz Series 1 had a MTPLM of 1593kgs; it’s now 1498kgs and Team Bailey has taken the decision to limit the MTLPM of all its 2013 single axle models to 1500kgs or less, thus making them more accessible to younger drivers, given the driving licence restrictions, and compatible with modern light-weight tow cars.

New 14 inch wheels as standard

All models feature new 14ins Alloy wheels and a weight-saving new winch operated spare wheel carrier shaves 6kgs of the weight; all very helpful with fuel economy.

Unicorn 2 light and psacious lounge

The Walnut frame for the skylight has integral energy saving LED lighting; the two-piece skylight’s blinds allow the top blind to be open and let in the light while the rest of the blinds are drawn, so you can wander round in your jim-jams and still enjoy the light. Dare we say sunlight?

Bailey Unicorn 2 kitchen

The contemporary style drinks cabinet is a feature, and the recessed three-drawer chest of drawers with a slide out table has a wider than ever front shelf, facilitated by moving the gas bottle locker to a central position. This has reduced the all-important noseweight too; in the Cadiz by whopping 10kgs.

Unicorn new round sink

Kitchens have been re-designed and up-graded with a dual fuel hob, more useable work space, more power points and a round sink with a free standing drainer and chopping board which neatly store under the sink when not in use.

Unicorn 2 oven and worktop

Shower pods have been re-designed and sport sexy looking shower towers, with an integral waterproof light and eco-friendly shower head thus reducing water use.

Bailey Unicorn 2 Bedroom

There’s enhanced practicality on the exterior too, with a new single sheet impact resistant GRP outer skin and new front and rear integrated bumpers. Bold graphics are stand-out feature and there are now awning channels on each side.

New unicorn graphics

All new Unicorns are fitted with AL-KO Secure, AL-KO ATC, Alarm, TRACKER monitor stolen vehicle recovery system, new high performance Michelin branded tyres and a new high security door lock. Having such good ‘as standard security’ will earn new owners fantastic caravan insurance discounts too.

Unicorn 2 Madrid side on


Unicorn Series 1 was a multi-award winning caravan range, the most decorated range ever produced by Bailey. The highly refined Unicorn Series 2 is a strong contender to usurp that accolade. Light and spacious interiors, a host of practical features, a regard for reducing the motoring cost of your touring holiday and the lighter weights than Unicorn Series 1, make Unicorn Series 2 caravans more accessible to more of the public. Plus the Bailey Unicorn tourers come with some fantastic ‘as standard’ safety and security devices, meaning insuring your new caravan will be much cheaper.

Prices for the Bailey Unicorn 2:

Bailey of Bristol has announced that it will freeze prizes at the start of the 2013 model year, hence prices for the Bailey Unicorn 2 range will be in line with those for series 1 models when the new models first go on sale.

Unicorn Seville £ 18,895
Cost to insure: £220*

seville floorplan

Unicorn Madrid £ 19,995
Cost to insure: £231*

madrid floorplan

Unicorn Valencia £ 19,995
Cost to insure: £231*

valencia floorplan

Unicorn Cadiz £ 20,195
Cost to insure: £234*

Cadiz floorplan

Unicorn Barcelona £ 21,995
Cost to insure: £330**

Barcelona floorplan

(Model prices are correct as of 6th August 2012. They include VAT @ 20% and exclude a Retailer Delivery Charge of up to £565)

*Insurance quotes based on: Caravan stored at home on an open driveway, HX4 0BE. Quoted with hitch lock, Al-Ko Secure axle wheel lock, alarm, tracker & Al-Ko ATC. Includes a 10% online discount. Policyholder is a Club member, over 30 years of age with 3years No Claims Discount. £100 excess. Includes standard European Cover (180 days) & standard Emergency Accommodation (up to £75/day for 15 days). **The Unicorn Barcelona is a twin axle caravan and was quoted as above but on a home driveway with a 24 hour locked barrier. Quotes correct as of 19/09/2012.



For more information

Where and when can you see Bailey Unicorn 2 models?

Unicorn models will be on Retailer forecourts during the week commencing September 3rd and the national Unicorn product launch will be at The Motorhome & Caravan Show 2012 to be held at NEC 16th to 23rd October.


Details correct at time of publication (06/08/2012) but may be subject to change.

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31 thoughts on “First look: The new Bailey Unicorn 2 and its panoramic front sunroof

  1. Bad news, Bailey attended to 80% of the faults, mislaid the CD with detailed pictures backing up the letter, customer service guy not interested, we found a 300mm x 1mm deep scratch on a window, the mattress had been damaged, pretty sure its not the original and the fridge not been checked. After a 7 hour round trip we don’t want it back. If we keep it what next will go wrong!!??
    We are now waiting for a reply and will never buy another Bailey again. Its a shame because we loved the van at first, but now the fire has gone out! What more can I say?

  2. Unfortunatley the van has gone back to Bailey in Bristol to be hopefully sorted.
    Will we buy another Bailey?……………………….BIG Question to ask ourselves! Lets see what it’s like on return?!!!!

  3. We finally changed our trusty 2004 Ranger 550/6 for a 2013 Unicorn Valencia, we looked at all the models within our sector and this van came out on top. Once in the van the view is amazing, it also is a pleasure to tow with my Insignia 2.0 cdti. The double bed is soooo cumfy and with the central heating on its better than at home!!
    On the down side we have a few build quality issues with the van and are somewhat disappointed, but our dealer was eager to listen and hopefully rectify next week – well done Chichester Caravans.

    • Hi Jim
      Good to hear you are enjoying the new Unicorn. It certainly appears a popular choice of ‘van amongst Caravan Guard customers. Hope you get those niggles sorted out.
      Kind regards
      Caravan Guard

  4. We have just taken delivery of our new Valencia we think its a stunning van with great looks the finish is fantastic and the equipment is simply the best

  5. love our barcelona 2, its very bright and welcoming. ok the pullout table is not very stable but most of the time we eat in the awning or outside, much better to have more leg room.

  6. We have ordered the Unicorn 2 Valencia with the rossini interior, i have to disagree with the bad comments on the van, after viewing many new vans at the NEC this year it was the Unicorn that outshone all others for us, cant wait for it to be ready!

  7. Just returned from 11 nights away in our new Valencia.Absolutely lovely!
    We traded our mk1 Valencia in which we had 2 years and loved that.
    Bailey have made a lot of changes which we have found to be really good,not just cosmetic.
    he old bed was comfortable,this is even better.The Belfast sink looked good but was not very practical. To have a wash took a lot of water from the Aquaroll.
    The GRP body is much stronger and the weight reduction an added bonus.We like the new look kitchen and I think the drinks cabinet is stylish.
    There are a few more things that we like as well and not many things to fault.
    I can,t find anything to complain about so far. There were a few on the old model which were soon put right.
    All in all we are very pleased with it.

  8. Had a second look at another Unicorn 2. In a different light, looks altogether different. Much better. Interesting new layout and style. Not to everyone’s taste, but refreshingly different. Well done for trying out new ideas, Bailey. And it is much lighter in weight because of clever decisions. Wish II could afford one.

  9. Went to Campbells caravan’s in Preston for some pink and blue,had a look at the Unicorn 2 Valencia and ended up putting a deposit on one. We have a Sterling Europa 550 2010 and weren’t thinking of changing . Externally the Unicorn is not the best looking van on the market but inside ,wow!. At the end of the day we are going to spend more time inside the caravan than worrying about what the external looks like. Pushing the draws in the lounge area back gives so much more seating/leg room. Can’t wait to pick it up roll on February.

  10. Previous observers not wrong! Ugly, badly made, cheap materials, got up like a tart’s tatty boudoir inside. And open the hot oven door:- Just about burns the double bed end. What about the illuminated mirrored booze locker, right opposite the door? Very tasteful – not! Also, check the quality of the outside locker panels and catches, and imagine them at 60mph on UK dual carriageways. Pure Bailey only dealers must be really upset, to think of their livelihood on the line. Bailey used to be the epitome of style and quality. This caravan is sadly so sixties. When you’re at the top, maybe you think you can foist any old tut onto the public, and get away with it. You’ll only think it once. This caravan may actually be made from absolutely top notch materials and be the pinnacle of cutting edge design, but it manages to appear to be much less so. Tragic.

  11. we have had a bailey orion 2 berth since july 2011 and have loved it, the only problem was a water heater failure which was changed under warrenty, we have never stayed on a site with electricity so the microwave is used as the breadbin, the height of the caravan can be a problem so 5 tread steps are the norm, also I use solar panels and have never used a generator – any way lovely caravan, tows beautifully and the design is right for us and our 3 dogs.

  12. Had my Unicorn Valencia for about 2 years now…Thinking of upgrading to the new model so went for a look today. Some nice new additions eg. modern design internal locker doors, big front window and reduced weight. But at what cost? Decision: No chance, not unless Bailey redesign it.
    Will they get new customers or upgraders? In my opinion, they’re alienating their current Unicorn owners by improving some things but taking a huge step back with others.
    For example…sofas now can’t be made into a double bed…only singles. Pull-out table on front chest not big enough to eat off (and not lockable). Front external mouldings appear to have been designed by someone who wants to put Bailey out of business.
    Lovely big new window, but theyve put a smaller front skylight overhead instead. Bathroom sink and shower older design-now gone a bit 80s. Not enough positives to encourage me to part with about 6 grand net-I’ll stick with the old one. Maybe the price of mine will go up!

  13. I must admit who ever is designing for Bailey needs to go back to design school it looks dreadful, no where near as good looking as the sterling vans what are you thinking of bailey please wake up and start thinking about what families want from a van you have lost the plot sorry to say!

  14. I have just inspected the 2013 Unicorn Valencia and was not impressed. I feel Bailey have missed a thing or two and taken a step backwards. The front and rear mouldings are Ugly and I hate to think of the cost to replace a rear light pod. The loss of two front storage lockers for the large window, bad idea. Electric socket near sink and water , a no no. The round shower is smaller than series 1 ( square) as is the loss of the Belfast sink. The awning rail would give me concern as it looks very narrow on the corners. All this from a quick inspection so will not look further and stay with my 2010 Valencia

  15. After reading all these comments I’m a tad shocked at the negative comments on the 2013 Barcelona ??? My self and my wife have just purchased a Barcelona ( 2013 ) and both of us are VERY VERY impressed with this model ! We are now on our third bailey and well what can I say it’s out of this world in our eyes that is ! But hey at the end of the day we are all different people with different views and that’s why there are so many makes/ models out there so as too accommodate for us all ? Well we are soooooo looking forward too our first trip away in the new van very soon

  16. I’ve seen new Unicorn in the flesh today & I think it looks even uglier than in the pictures. Not sure what Bailey are up to, seems like a backward step to me, even interior looks old fashioned.

  17. I’m not trading in our lovely Barcelona 2010 but if I did I’d have to pay out £5700 for the new.

  18. We,ve had the Valencia for 2 years now and love it. Just ordered the Cadiz.Can,t wait to get it. We love the look of it and improvements are a real bonus. By the way,nothings perfect

  19. look sort of nice at first glance then on seeing in side the sockets at the back of sink not good idea as water to near also not alot of work space and interior curtains cushions i know flowers are in but they will soon date cant beat the unicorn valencia

  20. I agree with previous comments, the front mouldings are ugly and the jockey wheel looks cheap. I can’t understand that Bailey have not only taken 3 steps backwards but are charging the earth for it. I have a Swift caravan and liked the look of the Unicorn series 1, I think I’d prefer a Bucaneer or Eldis if I was forking out £22,000

  21. Not sure what Bailey are thinking of here. While other manufacturers are building ultra smart modern shaped van, Bailey go for old Romany very ugly look. Trouble with all those ugly front plastic bits that look like an afterthought is that after a very short time they look a different coulour to the front panel. Definite the ugliest thing produced since the jelly mould Orion & talking to recent Bailey owners build quality is not great either.

  22. Looks ugly to me, would not be in my list of caravans to view.

  23. Melvyn – without knowing what model you own it’s hard to compare, but I know that on some of the models in this new range of Unicorns the larger lockers run down the sides at the front, rather than above the front window.

    Chris – We liked the LED lights on the outside handles too but unfortunately a change in government legislation means that they are no longer allowed. It was out of Bailey’s hands apparently.

    thanks for all your comments,

    Caravan Guard

  24. I have to agree with a previous post that this is a bit of an ugly duckling, the mouldings on the front and graphics also make it look a bit dated – the interior also appears to be a tad old fashioned an conservative. I do however appreciate the new construction used in the body but overall I’ll stick with my Baily Senator Indiana.

  25. The sink unit is the same as the Retreat and I’m not impressed with the new design. Very happy with our now outdated Barcelona.

  26. Now in our 3rd Bailey, the 2nd Alutech one, I think this new caravan is nice but seems a step backwards… step up towbar, side mounted jockey wheel, no LED lights on the handles which was quirky….just seems more mainstream and perhaps a bit boring??

  27. Has to be the ugliest van on sale,with the front window closed it looks like darth vader+ when its open it looks like an elephant seal,yuk no thanks.

  28. sorry Bailey but that front panel looks like a dirt trap to me,but otherwise a very nice looking caravan but too expensive for me.

  29. Nice idea this front window but to be truthful I prefer the two large roof lockers on my series 1. Each takes a sleeping bag & a pillow, where would I put those on the new one. Extra security is always a good thing, no argument there, just wish the Alco wheel lock was not such a b####r to fit.

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