Auto-Sleeper Broadway EL Duo: Cosseting times for two

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  1. Pete Fisher says:

    The socket water pump idea is only good if it works reliably, if it doesn’t you are stuck without fresh water. What on earth was wrong with good old gravity? No moving parts and totally reliable. If you are planning on staying on aires you need to carry your water with you so hope that the breather on the tank doesn’t let half your water out en route.
    For two people with all their gear and a couple of dogs 450kg is not generous.

  2. Pete Fisher says:

    Did your “tester” actually use the Broadway? As an owner I have to say that the water pump socket is most certainly not a bonus. If you can’t rely on the thing actually working then you are stuffed for getting water into the tank. There was nothing wrong with gravity fills as previously used. After all there are no moving parts save for the filler cap and it works, unless gravity stops of course when I really won’t give a damn. It’s a solution in search of a problem that didn’t exist.
    As for 450kg being a generous enough payload, has your tester ever loaded a van for a continental trip and then weighed the van to discover the payload in use? Dont forget, if you are thinking of staying on an aire you possibly need to have brought your water with you, 78kg if you can keep it in the tank. As a minimum one needs at least 500kg to have a decent margin if only for bringing the wine/beer back.

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