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Protecting your caravan from damage during high winds

Published in Caravanning Top Tips on   - 17 Comments

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  1. All advice is most welcome, and should be mostly heeded to, however the best ally to the motor home / caravaner owner is purly COMMON SENSE. If you are unsure, then step back and think! It is worth missing a day or two of your holiday, or risking injury ( or worse ) and damage to your unit.

  2. Having experienced some very strong winds on a camp-site on the Pembrokeshire coast, I would also suggest that, in addition to facing into the wind, it is a good idea to position the tow vehicle close in front of the caravan, as close to the towing position as possible. This simulates the sort of condition that is experienced when towing, breaking the force of the wind and deflecting it over the top of the caravan.

  3. I have been in Wales when the wind got up and was hammering the van and awning. I couldnt get the awning down so opened all the doors and let the wind blow through it. This worked very well an no damage caused.

  4. in high winds i have turned van into winds and left car hitched on dont know if leaving car hitched is a good idea or to park car at front of van did notice at oban last year and other sites people taking gambles with there awnings even when i took mines down saw one new van getting side and roof burst open by metal stakes when wardens were trying to pull awning of van the stakes were still attached to ropes and flying about could have caused alot of damage to the warden and people helping him this hapend at north ledaig oban ps was not the normal pins but proper stakes

  5. All fantastic advice, which we had to use on Outer Hebrides in 2010. Site owner kept telling us wind directions to turn to. Also had to remove big Isabella awning in Lakes when Hurricane arrived in September 2011. I have a Lunar Clubman with ATC, and a Disco 4, but my unaccountable snaking stopped when we had A2, tyres supplied on request with new car were removed. We are still to hear if they were faulty.

  6. lot good tips,, i sometimes tow my new c/van with a renualt trafic minibus and when it gets windy, i place the minibus to break the wind blowing against c/van,, great jod “”

  7. Well Done Caravan Guard. Some very useful tips. looking forward to Excel Caravan & Camping show at Excel in afew weeks time.

  8. Great to get your feedback.

    David – the tip about using your car to break up the worst of oncoming winds is a really good one so thanks for that, we’ll definitely use (steal) that when giving advice in the future!

    Captain! – Top tips, and as we mention in the post positioning your caravan so that winds are hitting head on is a great way to reduce the risk of it being blown over.

    Michael – The AL-KO ATC is an excellent device that makes a massive difference to the stability of your caravan during towing. Plus, don’t forget you get a 5% insurance discount with Caravan Guard for having one fitted, so once it has been installed be sure to give us a call and we’ll make a note ready for your renewal. Or if you aren’t currently with us then mention it when you get a quote.

    thanks guys,

    Caravan Guard

  9. Excellent information from you, and good feedback comments too.I for one am so pleased I have booked my new c/van in to have Al-Ko ATC fitted. Hopefully the wife will relax more whilst we are towing.

  10. In very strong winds in addition to moving to a more sheltered position, if possible position your caravan nose into the wind to reduce the cross sectional area and wind loading.. – this is done with aircraft on exposed aprons in high winds. The caravan is most vulnerable when the wind impinges on it’s side. When we tow our van at 60mph on a calm day then the nose of the van is subject to a 60mph wind! (Ignoring shielding effects of the tow vehicle :) )

  11. Good advice, consideration to the position on the site if possible, don’t forget trees blow over. Also position your car so it breaks the wind before it hits the caravan(do not hitch up,you may damage both) if possible.

  12. Thanks for your comments guys.

    Keith is spot on in what he says above, and our advice is always to avoid using your caravan in high winds. The guidelines in this article are for the situations where being exposed to high winds are unavoidable, and are no substitute for avoiding the wind altogether!

    many thanks,

    Caravan Guard

  13. weather forcasters will warn you of predicted high winds, so why not plan you journey a day later or earlier, even if it means leaving a site. the sight of a caravan broken in pieces is very distressing for all, and is also a negative advert for the pastime we love.

  14. Consider the type of ground on which your caravan is sitting. Our caravan was in a meadow where the earth had been softened by rain and the grass allowed to grow longer than usual. When it blew over in 1989 it suffered no material damage. We pulled it back on its feet using two cars and after refixing an internal door it was ready to go again!

  15. I found the article very interesting to read and the advice good.
    Thank you

  16. what a lot of very good advice thank you i will be taking this advice and sending it on to all my camping friends

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