Which 2015 caravans save me the most on my insurance?

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  1. Geoffrey Bolsover says:

    I had been with caravan guard insurance for years,when all of a sudden they decided that my storage site was liable to flooding.Flooding was never mentioned all the previous years when I renewed my insurance.We have never had any flooding round here,and we are not prone to it.I am well in my sixty’ sand I have never seen any flooding here.I argued my case,but to no avail.I thought I was treated unfairly.I am now with the caravan club for my insurance.

    • Lucie @ Caravan Guard says:

      Dear Geoffrey,

      I’m very sorry to hear that you were dissatisfied with the service you received from Caravan Guard when your renewal was due back in August 2013. We endeavour to ensure the highest standard of service is delivered at all times, so it’s disappointing to hear that you feel you were treat unfairly.

      After looking into your record I’d like to explain a little bit about how we asses flood risk.

      Together with leading insurer RSA we regularly assess flood risk throughout the UK to ensure the safety of our customers and their caravan or motorhome.

      The risk of flooding is always subject to change; in order to establish the severity of such risks we use detailed reports from the MET Office, forecasting tools and data from the Environment Agency to assess if a particular area, postcode band and storage facility is susceptible to flooding.

      We also conduct assessments to measure how likely am area is to be affected by storms, high winds, excessive snowfall etc. Taking this approach ensures we can keep insurance premiums competitive for owners with units sited on most UK storage sites.

      Whilst I understand your disappointment that we could no longer provide you with cover, I would like to assure you that we declined to insure all customers in your specified postcode area.

      If you would like to talk to a member of the complaints team regarding this, please email [email protected] or contact us on 01422 396 815.

      Many thanks

  2. Michael Charlton says:

    Hi, following the placing a order for a 2015 Bailey Cartagena, I received three telephone calls from caravan guard asking to quote my new insurance. I agreed, and followed though with the standard questions and answers ect. I may say that all requirements were met, all accept one, ” is the security gate locked 24 hours each day ?” I informed the representative that there are two inderpendent gates, along with cct tv, two 24 hr watchmen on site. Also the owner of the storage compound lives only metres from the second steel barrier and keeps a keen eye on what’s going on. However I was refused cover as said barrier is not down 24 hours each day. I, along with the owner think that is rather a silly rule as I quoted ” Ronnie Biggs could not pinch anything from that storage compound.” So guys one of your competion received my cash quite happily. Regards, Mike?

    • Lucie @ Caravan Guard says:

      Hi Mike

      Many thanks for getting in touch; we’re always looking for ways to further improve our service and your feedback allows us to do so.

      In response to your query, we occasionally ask our customers to comply with certain storage requirements, which are often more stringent for high value twin axle caravans like yours, to ensure their units are as secure as possible and safe from a number of risks including theft and attempted theft, accidental damage and fire.

      Our requirements are based on what we know from historical claim patterns and are supported by years of research and experience. Whilst it’s great to hear that you’re confident in your chosen site’s security, our claims experience tells us that a caravan is less likely to be stolen if there is access control in place at all times with users having to get through a locked barrier to enter and exit the storage site. We are unable to vouch for individual storage circumstances such as the reliability of your storage site’s watchmen or owner to control entry and exit during the hours when the barrier is open.

      Many thanks


    • Jessica says:

      Hi Mike, I read your comment regarding being refused insurance due to the security barriers. I have also been refused insurance for the same reason and are experiencing difficulties finding a company willing to insure me. Could you please tell me details of your insurance company please?
      Kind regards

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