2017 Bailey Unicorn Cadiz caravan review

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  1. Patricia Hogan says:

    We are about to purchase a Cadiz 2017. The foam trim inside one of the top cupboards over the bed is a bit discoloured and although everything felt dry, I am worried about the roofstrap. Has anybody else had this problem?

  2. Joe Scicluna says:

    We recently changed our Swift Conqueror 480 for a 2016 Cadiz 3, which overall is very good. The washroom is a bit smaller but adequate. What no one seems to be mentioning is the apparent quite common problem of water ingress via the rear roof bar. We found this within days of picking up the van and have since heard from a number of other owners who all had the same issue. I found the water inside the rearmost lockers along the top edges. Easily fixed so why did Bailey allow so many vans to go out without the redesigned roof bar or not do a recall? In fairness to our dealer, we did collect the van after a period of several weeks of hot dry weather so a damp check on the GRP walls would not have shown up a problem, and they were very quick to carry out a repair.

  3. Anthony Jefferies says:

    Have just bought a 2017 Bailey S3 Cadiz, is there any way that the table can be fitted under one of the single beds as in the Rimini as it is ridiculous to have it stored in the back of the wardrobe.

    • Liz @ Caravan Guard says:

      Congratulations on your new purchase Anthony. You would need to speak to your dealership or contact Bailey direct on [email protected]. Also include the caravan or motorhome VIN (Vehicle Identification) number and the name of your supplying retailer.

  4. June Robinson says:

    We bought a new cadiz in 2016. Absolutely made up with it. The quality is 1st class. Only wish that there was a door under the two beds on the inside. Other than that it’s brilliant.

  5. mauureen weaver says:

    What size awning will I require for a CADIZ 2017?
    Thank you

  6. Dave Williams says:

    In the Bailey Cadiz the battery is located under the carpet between the beds. After a bit of use the outline of the plastic trim around the battery box becomes apparent after a little while. To over come this i have cut a shape from 6mm ply to fit inside the plastic trim. This brings the carpet level and you will not see the trim outline.

  7. Dave Williams says:

    We have a 2015 Bailey Cadiz and love it. There are a few comment on payload. I would like to inform all that for £66.00 Bailey will send you a sticker to upgrade your payload to 1550 kgs. The order description is Unicorn lll Cadiz Max Upgrade Kit. All you need to do is stick the new sticker over the old one and you have an upgrade. Hope this helps.

  8. Lynne Edwards says:

    We looked at the 2016 model when choosing our first fixed bed model, but the problem mentioned in the review of a shorter second twin bed ruled this van, and several others, completely out. The Caravan we chose – the Pegasus Rimini – has twin beds on the same floorplan, with a longer second bed. We love it. Please, manufacturers, don’t assume all couples fall into the “one tall and one short” category!

  9. Brian Johnson says:

    Brilliant Cadiz, just love it, 2016 model, value for money , quality with comfort. The Alde heating and hot water system is so quiet, especially at night, would not ever go back to blown air system.
    Review above is very accurate and I do concur that the one drawback with not only Bailey, but with all caravan manufacturers is the lack of payload.
    Invariably this leads to overloading of caravans, on purpose or legitimate mistake by the owners,so easy to do.
    This one problem just invalidates all the other safety features, that the manufacturers boast about, as an overloaded caravan being towed, becomes unstable, especially in critical situations
    Perhaps insurance companies could work on this with the manufacturers.
    The Bailey Cadiz has 4 stars from us

  10. Bill says:

    We have a Cadiz 2016 and are able to get a Avtex 21inch in the allocated opening at the rear of the fridge with no problem. Bailey state 18.5 inch is the max, however if you fit a quick release bracket you are able to fit your TV to the bracket either from above or the side. I do agree the TV does seem a long way away.

  11. Les Mason says:

    A good balanced review. I would also add that the gas locker amidships provides better balance and is also a good higher storage compartment – no banging heads on a front locker catches. The TV position adjacent to the fridge only accommodates a 12in set and is a bit far away from the front seats, but is a fair compromise. Curved storage in the kitchen is very handy for storing toaster, slow cooker and pans, rather than under the cooker itself. Shoe locker by the door is good as is the external n/s side lockers which are not found on new end central bed layouts. But why arent they fitting USB points in froont shelf as standard?

  12. Neil says:

    Is the floor wooden or have they improved it to the fibreglass like the swift

  13. Maurice Wilson-Brown says:

    we have just taken delivery of our new 2017 Cadiz and the review certainly sums it up, having inspected it throughout we agree with everything you say and we are very pleased

    • Liz @ Caravan Guard says:

      Thanks for the lovely feedback Maurice. We hope you love your new Cadiz and have lots of fantastic holidays with it. Hope your first trip is somewhere good…?

  14. Erwin Williams says:

    The Unicorn range from Bailey are in my opinion very good caravans, even with a clear toilet window! It is located very high up when viewed from the outside.
    One point though the Alu tech construction does not give a wood free construction, the floor is still ply wood, we found this out on our first unicorn which showed 60% damp along the front on its first service. It was fixed under warranty.

    • Liz @ Caravan Guard says:

      Hi Erwin, you’re correct. We checked with Bailey and only the upper bodyshell panels in their Alu-Tech construction system are timber-free. The floor is made of conventional materials. I’ve amended the review accordingly.

  15. Ian MacKenzie says:

    As a Cadiz owner this review is well balanced. However some light from the large front window is lost when you place the telly in front of it!

  16. Andrew Reid says:

    Am A 2017 Cadiz owner good review

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