2019 Randger R535 campervan

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  1. Mark says:

    I think you are right. I also took one for a spin from my local Marquis. It drives well and that’s about it.The rattles from poor quality workmanship tells, it would drive you insane on a long journey. Also already sign of rust on some of the hinges on roof. I also looked at the sister model but although more conventional layout, quality and finish not up to much. I was looking at VW California or a VW conversion and thought this could be a better alternative at a better price, but not the quality I wanted. I did in the end settle for a Wellhouse Ford Transit conversion as the quality blew me away and more space for luggage and the seating system makes it so versatile. Check them out you will not be disappointed.

  2. Alex says:

    From an owners perspective could not be more wrong, I’ve lost count of the VW owners who’s jaws have dropped seeing what is in the van. Sure it’s tight but that’s something all small vans have to worry about. It’s absolutely perfect for a young adventurous person/couple, who want a basic shower available after a day hiking/running/biking in the wilderness. Comfort, well seats are fine but if you want to be super comfortable just grab the small cushion from the door seat and use it as a back rest and sit on it side ways with your legs stretched out (you can even use a shelf as a foot rest if you want lol). The target demographic for this van are not going to be “living” in it much, and won’t be scared to go out on those rainy days. The single door seat is amazing for getting back and taking off hiking shoes etc. Never made the downstairs bed so can’t comment on that, the excess cushions are stored in the house. I’d hazard a guess that not many people would use that, let’s be honest none of these size vans are for long term 4 person camping, we use the upper bed and it’s perfect. Got storage sorted to a T, got about a dozen really useful boxes of optimal sizes in the drawers and cupboards. The bathroom area is great for storing larger items in transit, this does mean that every time you stop you tend to move things from back there to be stored up in the cab area which is a minor hassle especially if you want to move often when you’ve setup camp. Sure it’s very niche, not for the elderly or larger more inactive people. But for more active younger people, who need a low top van and to be adventurous I don’t know of many other options available 🙂 Not regretted my purchase at all, infact it’s been a life changer so far!

  3. Andy says:

    I had a look at this model at my local Marquis dealership recently, it’s a good job there’s a ‘sister’ model with the more conventional VW style layout, much, much more practical. There is too much in this van and in my view none of it works! There is no comfortable seat in the back, all are perches, no room to lounge on a wet day anywhere! A kitchen too small and low, and a loo/shower with little space and less privacy. There’s no room for anything at all bulky (a box of cereal!) and a jigsaw of cushions to make the downstairs bed….. I always look forward to seeing something different on the scene. I am shocked this got through design and prototype stages and staggered it came to market! This is a conversion layout that I predict will be around for the shortest time!

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