Solar powered motorhomers!

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  1. Norman Chandler says:

    I have had three 100w solar panels on my Motorhome. The first one failed completely just after the warranty expired. I replaced this with another one and just over a year ago this one blew off the roof shortly after emerging on the northern side of the Dartford crossing (although I wasn’t aware at the time it happened). I turned to Fleabay and purchased a cheaper 120w which so far has been one of the best buys I ever made. Both batteries stayed fully charged over the winter period

  2. John Burgess says:

    Never had a problem with low batteries, don’t stay anywhere more than two or three days and all our lights are LED. The batteries are charged from the alternator and the fridge runs off the underslung gas tank. I have two 110Ah batteries which if necessary will power our motorhome for at least five days and if we stay on a site then the hookup keeps our battery topped up.
    Not allowing batteries to cycle is not good for them as it can reduce their capacity and cause sulphation to the plates.
    I have never found the need for a solar panel.

  3. Alan Mason says:

    There is no need to put holes other than cable entry via a correct gland, panels can be attached with adhesive.

  4. MARY says:

    We plug into mains when we’re at home to charge the battery etc – we have solar panels on our house roof!
    Don’t relish the idea of putting holes in the roof of my motor home.

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