2020 Bailey Alicanto Grande Porto caravan

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  1. Sz Bristol says:

    Anyone fitted a bracket for the TV so it can swing out to allow 4 to watch TV together.

  2. martin woodhead says:

    just bought one, pick it up hopefully and going away mid august. watch this space!

  3. ronnie says:

    Have a Lunar Delta Ti , Been caravaning since 1968 it is the worst built caravan that I have ever owned and I have had quite a few

  4. Karen Rawling says:

    Very impressed well done.

  5. Whitfield Welsh says:

    Had a look at them, a very nice caravan, BUT Bailey have not learnt from a mistake they made with the latest Unicorns
    They put a silly shelf above the hand basin in the bathroom and it’s impossible to get a wash, you cannot get your head above the basin.I e-mailed them and unfortunately wasted my time.I currently have a 2019 Cadiz but I am looking to make changes once my warranty runs out. Won’t be looking to buy Bailey again,this is my 3rd unicorn since 2013, unfortunately untill they start listening to customers concerns it will cost them.

  6. Dean Lord says:

    Looks like a Bailey Pamplona to me. It is only 19cm wider but is slightly shorter looking at the specs.
    I certainly wouldn’t pay the £6k more for this. Will stick with the Pamplona, the best van I have ever had.

  7. Carolpettingale says:

    Top of the range beautiful it would be a dream come true

  8. Anrew says:

    A good looking caravan but have not found anything to beat the Lunar top of the range outfits in single or twin axle. Not convinced that you get anything more by paying over £25,000 for any outfit plus the additional weight almost certainly means a more expensive tow car. Good luck to Bailey but I hope that the takeover of Lunar continues the Lunar credentials of price, quality and lightweight.

  9. Andrew says:

    Looks very good but the one thing that puts me off is the door that opens into the slipstream (known as a ‘suicide door’ in auto terms). We had a caravan with this type of door and it could always be seen in the mirror to be trying to open……. Soon fixed it with some sliding bolts, but was never happy about it. I would not like to do that fix to a 30 grand ‘tin tent’. Payload seems a bit on the low side, but I’m sure many will not use this much weight allowance.

  10. Rob says:

    What weight is it, given the advertising this will need a heafty towcar. I dont want to hear that that it depends on the options – tell your advertising staff to put all the options on the website – including all the costs of them
    I’m an experienced caravaner but disappointed by your lack of details as noted above.

    • Liz @ Caravan Guard says:

      Hi Rob, the weights and price are in the fact file on the right-hand side of the review (if on a desktop) or at the bottom of the review if on a mobile. The MTPLM is 1,779KG and MIRO is 1,619KG. Prices start at £30,564. For more information visit the Bailey website.

  11. Gordon lear says:

    Very nice caravan to expensive for us

  12. John f says:

    Why so little payload. No wonder people are changing to motor homes, as least you can take things away with you.

  13. Mrs A Atkinson says:

    Great article well done Bailey well impressed

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