2022 Swift Challenger X 850 caravan

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  1. Kevin Barr says:

    Do you know what size of alcho wheel lock is needed for the swift challenger x 850

  2. Kevin Barr says:

    Why do some swifts come with atc but the x 850 doesn’t

  3. Michael Benjamin Wadlow says:

    Why don’t you discuss the price in the review? Surely this is a major consideration for most people looking to buy a caravan? List price and the price you could negotiate, second hand values of this manufacturer compared to rival manufacturers. Even if you are in the fortunate position of being able to up-date your caravan every few years you will still want to sell the old one on or trade it in towards your new purchase. I can’t be the only person thinking this is the elephant in the room?

    • Thanks for the suggestion Michael. We’ll certainly mention this to our reviewer and see if it’s something we can include more often. We obviously do quote the price in the article and our reviewer will often comment if he thinks a caravan is slightly pricey or great value. It seems prices for comparable models between brands in the main differ little and choice of caravan may come down to style and finishing touches. Residuals is an interesting idea, and something we will look into. Of course, at the moment second-hand values are high because of the huge demand and a lack of new caravans available. But it’s hard to predict if that trend will continue.

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