A guide to winterising your motorhome

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  1. Gillian Clancy says:

    We bought an MH in October and are using it regularly we are booked through Nov Dec and Jan will be in use outside the house so we keep it plugged to the electric and gas water etc as it is used daily even when not away. Is there anything additional we should or could do whilst in use at HQ Home

    • Great that you’re using it daily throughout the autumn and winter months Gillian. Continue to make sure all your security devices are fitted and that any subscriptions are up-to-date, as well as your motorhome insurance policy. You could also chock the wheels slightly so water runs off the roof and keep an eye on the leisure and starter batteries.

  2. Daniel ANSON says:

    Aren’t you supposed to leave the external fridge vents on when using the vehicle below 8c?

  3. Alan Everett-Davey says:

    I use a large plastic clothes peg on each wiper arm to keep the blades off the screen when not using the vehicle.

  4. Sally Lynton says:

    Thank you for all your tip.
    WE also keep ours at home and have a low heater on through the winter. It really does help.

  5. Don Campbell says:

    Didn’t see if anyone said to over inflate the tyres by about 5 psi to help maintain shape.

  6. Andrew Harcourt says:

    Where I park mine the low winter sun shines directly on to the offside tyres. I put light-proof covers over them to stop the UV affecting the rubber. If you don’t have a vehicle cover, draw the windscreen blinds closed, or put exterior glass screens on to stop the sunlight getting in and fading the upholstery – that which you cannot remove, of course. Also you might be able to put coarse grade wire wool or a plastic scouring pad into the engine air inlet to stop creatures of the night getting in.

  7. Robert Crouch says:

    Regarding the prevention of ‘U’ bends freezing I pour a little antifreeze (diluted to correct strength) into each plug hole to be on the safe side.

  8. spikeymatt says:

    A wselcome reminder to prepare for the winter .I also use wheel covers

  9. John Clifton says:

    Good tips, I’ve made my list thank you.

  10. Alan Percival says:

    Great article for us newbies

  11. Ed Carling says:

    Don’t forget to empty “U” bends especially the ones for the shower tray as (like my van) they are likely to be outside, underneath the van and will freeze easier than the sinks inside the van.

  12. David HUDSON says:

    If you have a a motor home such as ours weighing over 3.5 tons make sure you stand it on tyre savers in order to preserve the contour. Also fit wheel covers in order to help the brake discs escape the moisture in the air and therefore the production of surface rust. Also spray inside the chassis inside with Supertrol rust inhibitor or similar.
    We also spray or hand paint our rear leaf springs with Carplan Tetroseal or similar wax / oil product then wipe all the brake pipes over with the same on a rag so no corrosion starts. We have always done the latter as a five litre can is both inexpensive and very effective. Finally do not foreget your spare wheel in its carrier under the vehicle and check the turn key threads to ensure no rust can form as every year we hear tales of people who get a puncture and simply cannot access the spare wheel simply through neglect and therefore ensuing corrosion.

  13. Wilf Bourne says:

    Good commonsense information.

  14. jonathan white says:

    Good advice. Worth including a note regarding aircon. In order to keep it tip-top, fire it up every few weeks so that the system will circulate the gas. This will also de-humidify the air a little. Also worth mentioning the wipers: if possible, leave them off the screen so that they don’t freeze in place and make sure that the screen wash is full strength too. WD40 all door catches and hinges after the wash so that the water does not freeze the locks.

  15. Gordon butler says:

    All good advice for first time owners. We are able to keep our moho on our property and can run power to charge battery ect or power a small heater if it gets very cold. Hope to use it through the winter months.

  16. Arthur Lawrence says:

    This is really good advice, particularly for newbies like my wife and I who just bought our motorhome in September and are facing our first winter with it.

  17. Tony Shaddock says:

    Very helpful a good comprehensive list of things to do

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