Auto-Sleepers Windrush Motorhome Reviewed

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  1. CC says:

    Nice to read a review on the Auto-Sleepers Windrush, thanks.

    Any Auto-Sleeper owners reading this Windrush review might also be interested in The Auto-Sleeper Owners Forum (ASOF) – The site welcomes owners of all Auto Sleeper models both old and new, the site is totally free to join and we have a very friendly community with helpful members.

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  2. Steve Rous says:

    I am looking for a Family campervan 6m or under that can accomodate the 3 of us on longer touring trips with the option of bringing a friend along also. Yes we are a family that tour with our Son whos is currently 5 and rough it sometimes on french Aires I’m not into pre-booking campsites and staying there for the duration with a motorhome defeats ths whole point of having one in my honest opinion. So you’ve probably established we’re porbably not the norm and hence perhaps why we don’t seem to be able ot find a motorhome that is any more suitable than the old Auto Trail Tracker we currently own. This however looks like it could fit the bill except that 1. It’s a van conversion and 2. Storage seems limited, unless the whole area under the bottom bunk can be filled up and accessed easily – I don’t think it can though looking at this. Personally I find it dissapointing that they seem to come up with such a great design on a Van Conversion but not on a Coachbuild. Were this a coachbuild you could have a mini garage accessed from the side with the bottom bunk folded up. A drop down bed arrangement could also be encorporated and a smaller side door would allow for additional storage lockers above. Ths Gas Tank sounds really innovative, presumably this allows you to fill up cheaply at Fuel Stations wherever you are in the world without having to take a Camping Gaz cylinder along as we currently do on trips abroad.

  3. Ken Chapman says:

    20 year with 2 versions of Harmony owned. Don’t do roasts removing cooker and have cupboard fitted instead. Lower Cab floor so no step which will allow increase depth of over cab storage and allow 2 single berths rather than double. O/S Single table storage is shin kicker and knee smasher as Mounting base sticks out to far. Flap required on O/S seat as per 96 Harmony for extra storage. Where do I store my folding outside chairs. Don’t store on rear bunks heavy braking will throw anything forward

  4. Campbell Sayers says:

    I’m sure most couples tour without children (or put them in a tent!), and it would be interesting to see what better uses Autosleeper could put the bunk space to: a challenge. Apart from the bunks, this looks very interesting.

  5. Michael Baxter says:

    Hi there we are thinking of a auto sleeper susex duo what about the
    singleglased glass for consendsation ?your faithfully Michael Baxter .

  6. Peter Warburton says:

    I agree with Mark. We too have a Symbol and we love it. One feature ours has which the Windrush doesn’t is an electric hot plate which is really handy when you are hooked up. I’m surprised they haven’t included it here. The under floor gas tank sounds an excellent innovation – as does the BBQ point, and the van looks the business. There’s no comment about the heating though. I’d be interested in a van conversion for 2 adults with a fixed bed that doesn’t have to be made up every night. Is Autosleeper considering such a thing?

  7. Mark Duder says:

    To each his own I guess, but my wife and I have just returned from 3 months touring Switzerland and France in an Autosleeper Symbol which is smaller and we had no problems with space. Having said that, there are only 2 of us. An outside silver screen solves the lack of cab space at night.

  8. Ron Parker says:

    I have to agree with Mike. We have Hymer B544 which is marketed as a 5 person vehicle but it is really only comfortable for my wife and myself as far as efficiently setting up for the night, on arrival, is concerned.
    Next day, after showers and breakfast, getting ready to move on for our daily site-seeing excursions then finally returning to our site for the evening it is only easy for 2 people in this size vehicle.
    Even while reading or watching TV with 5 people onboard, making a cup of tea or going to the toilet isn’t fun.
    Your roadtest comment “For longer trips you could simply carry a couple of storage boxes on the lower bunk and re-site these on the cab seats at night.” isn’t realistic and points up these types of problems.

  9. Craig Thompson says:

    Hi Mike
    Thanks for your feedback. We thought the reviewer had covered off many of the key features of the motorhome. As the pictures show the reviewer did carry out a live in test with his family and was impressed. It’s good to have comments from yourself to provide an alternate point of view especially with you having owned and used a similar motorhome over a much longer period. We would certainly be interested to get some more thoughts about the Windrush from motorhoming families.
    Kind regards
    Caravan Guard

  10. Mike Richards says:

    What a ludicrous review – bland comments like” bunks have individual curtains so kids can be put to bed at different times” and wardrobes that “won’t hold a whole designer collection but they should be enough for a family camping trip” show quite clearly that the reviewer has a total lack of understanding of a) family camping and b) the amount of space required to live in. Readers should treat this “review” as nothing more than coffee table rubbish – I have an almost identical van and my wife and I struggle to overnight in it.

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