Camp-let Classic trailer tent review: A folder to make you think again

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  1. Jayne says:

    We have one and have used it every year for the past five. It is as good as everyone else says but there is one big problem. If you are touring and are forced to take the camplet down in the rain to move to your next location, any rain on the canvas will end up inside and this can be quite a lot which will move around when you are travelling and can find it’s way to the mattresses.No chance of using it at your next stopover. So we now carry a great big plastic bag, which was on a new mattress we bought for home . So you take all the bedding you can out and put it in the car then cover the mattresses with the bag before folding down the tent. Only had to use it once but it worked.

  2. Matk Newman says:

    Just bought a camplet classic, to the person saying holiday over if you bend the kitchen tube, not true, go buy a tent pole insert, cut the damaged bit off, rebolt it and pop rivet it when you get home. I cant fault this camper, no condensation if you vent it, now off to france for 3 weeks in ours, no problem.

  3. Peter Rear says:

    Just thought I would add a post, having done the whole route from backpacking tents to a Conway rio to a caravan ( hated it ) and back to tents , we picked up a new camplet 2 GO last week from Camperlands, obviously not used it yet -well it is November but quality is certainly very good and very well thought out

  4. Shaun Moorcroft says:

    Hi everyone, I know this post is old but as we’ve recently bought and used for the first time, a Camp-let Basic+ I thought I’d drop a line and see if anyone would care to reply. We tried it out for two nights at Delamere CCC last month. It stayed dry so no problem with overly wet valance going in to the trailer. My real and nagging concern is that the Camp-let doesn’t have a ground sheet that can be zipped in. There is a velcro-in option but at over £300 it is out of reach and making me angry that Camp-let/Camperlands should want to charge so much for what on most tents/trailer tents is a standard. So, there we were trying to push up a breathable ground sheet to make ‘walls’ to hopefully stop insect encroachment, but without success. I’m typing this now at this ridiculous time because the notion of selling up and buying a Trigano (Oddysee) is playing in my mind. Should I or shouldn’t I?? Any thoughts , guys?

  5. mark says:

    Riddled with condensation, one mistake with the fold down and it`s a bent frame and holiday “OVER” – DO NOT BUY THIS ! camper of 25 yrs, one trip – now “for sale” !!!

  6. Janet says:

    We are yes
    I suppose the only downside is if it’s wet you can’t put it away immediately but that was the same with the awning.
    I would recommend (as we were recommended) a transit cover to keep things dry on the luggage rack whilst you are travelling and we recently purchased a storage cover and now our camplet is as ‘snug as a bug in a rug’!

  7. Janet says:

    As much as we liked our caravan soaring costs- tax storage etc and putting up the dreaded awning made us think… we sold the van got a smaller car and bought a used camplet concorde!
    Ok the salesman has put it up a ‘few’ times so what if it took us a little longer and we disagreed about what went where eg. table and chairs!
    We had a fantasticweek in cornwall (September) anddespite strong winds the camplet never moved!
    The bed was as comfortable as the one in the van if not more so and packing away well again we took out time and people passing were amazed at how everthing fitted in.
    Are we glad we got it of course!!!!!

  8. Jane says:

    Thanks, Lucie. Some people turn up their noses at trailer-tents – but so do I when I think of the ones my sister had in the 1980s. Not impressive. But your review (by far the most comprehensive and informative I’ve seen) picks up how different the Camplet is – so maybe some people will think again. I can only echo your verdict: “Case closed for trailer tents”!

  9. Jane says:

    PS: I should note that 500 kg is the stated maximum laden weight and mine doesn’t exceed about 275 kg even with some extras packed inside and on top. I should also say that drying-off at home can be easily done within one warm, sunny afternoon (erected on my driveway) – it’s just in prolonged rain that there could be a problem. My friends just leave theirs up for as long as it takes until it’s dry! – but I haven’t room. It’s a problem that hasn’t happened for me yet, anyway, just something for buyers to think about. My Camplet and I are off touring today, so a happy season to all!

  10. Jane says:

    This is a superb bit of kit, I’m in my first full season of using it, and every detail delights – it’s been honed for many years and they’ve thought of pretty much everything. The beds are dreamily comfortable, with sprung birch slats below and a memory foam topper – everyone who tries them loves them. The kitchen is efficient and can be swung out in seconds for use en route – not that I’m likely to do that, but still. I am easily able to erect it by myself in a few minutes, though you then have to unload the stuff which would have been in place in your caravan – mine’s neatly categorized in matching plastic boxes which act as cupboards once in place. They say there’s a lot of storage room for boxes inside the closed trailer but I can’t fit much in and I prefer it light, so I use the car for storage. Towing behind my small car is an absolute dream – I have to remind myself it’s there. There’s no impact on handling and probably not much on fuel consumption – it weighs only 250 kg unladen and 500 kg fully laden. One worry was unfounded – I thought I’d be unable to see this low trailer through the rear window but no, it’s just visible enough without restricting rearward vision of the road. The closed trailer can be pushed or pulled with one hand into position with no effort. My main deciders were:1:not changing my car, 2:a really comfortable bed, and 3:storage; and it overwinters on its side in the garage with one wheel removed – I feel more comfortable with that than caravan storage. There’s one significant disadvantage compared with a caravan: wet canvas. It’s designed beautifully so that if you put it up in the rain everything inside (bed, etc) is covered by the canvas from the moment it’s opened… it’s just the chore of drying it properly at home after a wet camp that might put some people off (and that applies to all trailer tents, of course.) The acrylic canvas shouldn’t be damaged by wet storage but obviously you’d want it dry. You can take the canvas off the Camplet to dry it inside if it rains for weeks, but I’m guessing that would be a bit of a task. Camplets seem to hold their value nicely, and you see very old ones for sale so I guess they last well. All in all, I think this was a good purchase and look forward to future seasons using it.

    • Hi Jane,

      Thanks so much for getting in touch. It’s great to hear feedback from a Camp-Let owner! It seems as though the Classic really does tick all the boxes for you – fingers crossed the weather picks up a little and the wet canvas isn’t too much of an issue.

      Caravan Guard

  11. DougS says:

    Had a trailer tent years ago with some great memories.
    Always much noisier in TT and the hassle of being closer to the ground.
    BUT now need all the facilities and features of a caravan so at the moment, no contest…

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