Video: Caravan and motorhome secure storage site tips

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  1. Edward Beaman says:

    You mention a discount for GOLD sites but not platinum, I presume I do get a discount for being on a PLATINUM site?

    • Hi Edward, We do indeed offer a discount for Platinum storage sites as mentioned in the article:
      “Many storage sites are rated by the Caravan Storage Site Owners’ Association (CaSSOA). They give platinum, gold, silver or bronze ratings, based on the levels of security and services offered and list these sites on their website. Werecognise the levels of security at CaSSOA platinum, gold or silver-rated sites by offering a caravan insurance discount.
      You can find out more here:

  2. JOHN ASPINALL says:

    I agree fully even between trips I always fit a JSB Hublock it takes 20 minutes to fit but is well worth it after having a caravan stolen with an Alko wheel lock fitted. The Caravan insurance companies really should consider a discount for this very effective deterrent which has proven to be far more effective than the Ako lock

  3. Andrew says:

    So if I use my caravan to go to the South of France, Spain or warmer climes for the winter months between November and February does my insurance become null & void if I use my water system whilst away on my travels??

    • Liz @ Caravan Guard says:

      Hi Andrew, if you’re using your caravan between November and March you don’t need to drain down. It’s only when it’s not in use.

  4. mark lambert says:

    Last year our caravan was broken into when on a secure site. It took the thieves a very short time to disable the CCTV and then cut off the Alko wheel lock and the Milenco hitch lock with an acetalene cutter or similar. The site was surrounded by a ditch and secure fencing, apart from the single entry/exit. Given their easy removal of sturdy locks, it would have taken no time to cut through the height barrier too. They got into the caravan easily with a screwdriver in the lock (thus damaging the door and the lock) and given that fact we will be leaving the door unlocked whilst in storage this year, given that we leave it empty and there is nothing left inside to steal. We have added three extra security levels to try and beat the thief this year.
    1) A Milenco door lock/handrail but this is to protect our belongings on site and will not be used when the caravan is empty and in storage.
    2) Lock em out window locks which again will not be used in storage.
    3) JSB hublock which will be used in storage. When we fit this device we will be taking both that wheel and the spare wheel away from the caravan and storing them elsewhere. In that manner the thief will not only have to remove the lock but also remember to bring a spare wheel.
    I recommend the JSB hublock and believe that it should be considered for more formal recognition and maybe a discount like the less effective Alko wheel lock. It is more cumbersome to fit and I still believe the Alko lock to be very effective on sites where there is always activity but the JSB lock is far more secure for storage.

    • Liz @ Caravan Guard says:

      Sorry to hear about your caravan break-in Mark and great to hear about the extra layer of security you’re adding to beat the thief. We would advise you do lock your caravan but perhaps add a sign to say that nothing has been left inside and leave curtains and cupboard doors open to deter thieves. We’ll pass on your comments about the JSB hublock to our claims team.

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