Improve your caravan’s security to protect it from theft

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  1. Les cooke says:

    What does Caravan Guard think of Winter Wheels and do you offer any extra discounts for same, as my wheels are kept separate from my van

    • Liz @ Caravan Guard says:

      Winter wheels are a good way of preventing damage to your caravan tyres in the winter months. They also have the added benefit of making your caravan more secure by making make it difficult to tow away. We don’t offer discounts for winter wheels but providing the tourer’s normal wheels are stored securely away from the caravan then a Caravan Guard insurance customer would obviously not need to fit a wheelclamp when “Winter Wheels” are being used.

  2. alan roberts says:

    hi.. i wish to remark about ALKO SECURE center wheel locks. I nearly bought one until i seen an e mail from a guy in Devon, parked up for a week, had alKo secure wheel locks fitted, and a clamp, thieves put a gas cutting torch to both of them and left them on the ground for the owner to see (pinched his nearly new van) most disappointing. Nothing’s safe, I seen with my own eyes a van being towed along the road with half the awning cut away, had a hitch lock they put rope around the hitch to tow it away, they have an excuse for everything, “oh i found it, next to my car, Police wont, can’t, do anything.

    • Liz @ Caravan Guard says:

      Hi Alan
      Physical security will slow down thieves and that can be enough in many cases. Thieves will always choose an easier, quicker option. Although probably not infallible, we’ve see a big reduction in thefts since AL-KO Secure was introduced.
      I can’t comment on the example you’ve given. A number of factors could come into play such as how secure the storage location was and how much time the thieves had to remove the AL-KO Secure. We’d always advise caravan owners to have as many layers of security as possible – hitchlock, wheel clamp or axle wheel lock, alarms, monitored camera, and of course secure storage either at home or in a storage facility. And the ultimate final layer of security is a tracking device that should quickly help police make a recovery following theft. When stopping suspicious outfits police will usually ask for proof of ownership and will validate this via CRiS.

  3. Pete Foster says:

    What about advice on locks for doors and windows. A 10 year old with a screwdriver could get unto the average caravan door in 5 seconds.

    • Liz @ Caravan Guard says:

      Hi Pete, there are extra security door locks and security door hand rails on the market that you can retrofit to your caravan, but check to make sure they don’t invalidate you caravan warranty. Watch this space as we have an article on locks planned for December…

  4. Keith Johnson says:

    There is some useful advice here, but the comment about not loading up the night before is completely impractical. In most cases, an early start is required and leaving the packing until the morning would delay setting off for up to two hours and may even need to be done in the dark.

    • Liz @ Caravan Guard says:

      Thanks Keith. We understand that it might be impractical but these are purely precautionary tips as we have dealt with claims where caravan’s have been stolen when fully loaded or broken into and contents stolen.

  5. Anthony smith says:

    Very good information will obtain.

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