Caravan axle wheel locks – the benefits and how to fit

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  1. Geoff Isaac says:

    Having read all the comments on here regarding any type of lock I can tell you one thing for sure having been the welder all my working life, I would remove any lock on a caravan within five minutes with a mini angle grinder, and now you can buy a grinder which is cordless it is even more possible to do it so. At the end of the day any lock is just a deterrent and nothing else

  2. security guard says:

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  3. Jim Munro says:

    I have a Going UK Go Pod Falcon single axle and my insurors have insisted I fit a wheel lock. Can you please tell me which would fit this make and model

    • Liz @ Caravan Guard says:

      Hi Jim, we’ve checked with Go=Pods and they don’t have a receiver fitted to fit an axle wheel lock. Your insurer might accept two wheel clamps instead.

  4. Security Services says:

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  5. Lynda Smart says:

    Help please I have an Elddis Crusader Cyclone Twin 2007 what wheel clamps/locks do i need as I know the AL-KO will not fit

    • Liz @ Caravan Guard says:

      The BPW Diamond wheel lock is suitable for caravans built on a BPW chassis Lynda. Its also sometimes called a Winterhoff or SAS Diamond Wheel Lock or the new style iWD Wheel lock.

    • Liz @ Caravan Guard says:

      The BPW Diamond wheel lock is suitable for caravans built on a BPW chassis. It’s also sometimes called a Winterhoff or SAS Diamond Wheel Lock or the new style iWD Wheel lock.
      The Purpleline Fullstop Excalibur is supplied with a bolt which means it can be locked into the AL-KO Secure axle wheel lock receiver.

  6. Steve S says:

    Well just starting out and think the Al-ko lock is the way to go, I understand might be a little bit of jiggling to fit it but surely the exact location of the van is not so important over fitting the lock quickly and easily.
    Im planning on getting itvstraight and then moving it a little forward or back to fit the lock, we’ll see?
    Another question though: does the Al-ko have to be registered to attract the insurance discounts mentioned or just fitted?

    • Liz @ Caravan Guard says:

      Thanks for your comments Steve. The axle wheel lock needs to be fitted to attract the insurance discount.

  7. Andrew Willis says:

    I read all these comments with interest and I also experience the difficulty in fitting the chassis lock, presently I am developing a system on my single axle where I can achieve the alignment without leaving the towing vehicle when pitching up and wonder how much interest there is out there in having such a system and how much would one be willing to pay for my invention. My first outing with it fitted worked flawlessly. Second outing to come..

  8. Chris Murray says:

    I have a 2017 Hobby 650kfu with standard wheels. We use a Milenko wheel clamp at the moment but I realise they are not very secure. Does anyone have any other options? I believe Hobby’s don’t have the receiver for the Al-ko type wheel lock. Thanks.

  9. lyndy says:

    Can a nemesis Ultra be fitted to an alko receiver

    • Liz @ Caravan Guard says:

      No we don’t consider the Nemesis to be an axle wheel lock as it doesn’t lock into the AL-KO Receiver. It has a bar that protrudes through the caravan wheels and this fouls on the underneath of a caravan when the wheels rotate. For more information on the axle wheel locks we do accept please click here. Bear in mind however, that the conventional AL-KO Secure wheel lock has been fully tested by Sold Secure and carries the Diamond Standard for its resistance to known theft techniques.

  10. Martin Johnson says:

    Hi, I’m just about to buy a new caravan, a Sterling Elite 480 (2017). Does this come with a receiver already installed/ attached to the hub of the caravan or do I need to buy this part as Well?

    • Liz @ Caravan Guard says:

      Hi Martin, according to the Swift website it comes with a receiver for optional AL-KO Secure wheel lock. You’ll need to buy the Al-KO wheel lock but it will give you an insurance discount with us.

  11. Peter amule says:

    Can anyone tell me which approved wheel lock will fit a hobby de lux 560 kmfe

    • Craig @ Caravan Guard says:

      I don’t think you can get an axle wheel lock Peter. Only certain BPW and AL-KO chassis are built with the receiver for the axle wheel locks. My understanding is that most Hobby’s are built on a Knott chassis.
      It’s been known for AL-KO to retrofit some of their products to Knott chassis – such as the ATC anti snaking system.
      It therefore may be possible to retro fit the back plate and receiver mechanism to the Hobby chassis – worth checking with AL-KO
      Sorry I can’t be of more help.

  12. Bob Quinn says:

    Having just sold my Euramobil 866 motorhome after 25yrs of motorhoming and bought a Elddis Buccaneer Clipper twin axle caravan reading these remarks about the fitting of the BWP Diamond wheels locks fill me with despair, at 72yrs old gone are the days of of pitching up and putting the kettle on or having a chilled beer after a long drive.

    Now I have to crawl about on my hands and knees on a dark and wet evening on a muddy pitch to fit two wheels locks, try and level the Van without getting crushed to death just to make sure I will be fully insured, oh why oh why did I do it.

    The insurance companies are extracting the urine if they think that everyone will take these precautions every time they pitch their Van, and what about daily touring, or long distance travel overnighting when you will use several sites over a number of days.

    The insurance for my new £28000 van is more than the cover I paid for my £40000 Motorhome with far less security on that and stored in exactly the same place.

    Methinks I have have made a serious error of judgement in buying a Caravan if I want to be sure the insurance companies will not find a way of refusing any claim if I do not fully adhere to their security policies.

    • Lucie @ Caravan Guard says:

      Hi Bob,

      Like ourselves, most insurance companies ask that certain security devices are fitted to the caravan when taking out a policy. This is the case because caravans are attractive to thieves. Having devices such as wheel locks in place means the caravan could be less likely to be targeted by thieves. When calculating a premium insurers take in various different factors into account in addition to security (storage location, mileage, driver experience etc).

      Many thanks
      Caravan Guard

  13. Firepit says:

    Hi all,

    I’m totally new to caravan holidays and pick up my new van later this week. Here’s what I found. I’ve bought a Bailey Unicorn which has the ALko wheel lock. I learn I have to level the caravan and there are different methods. Some safer than others. All depends on the terrain and the owners personal abilities. Being new I’m not really biased one way or the other so I started looking hard for a simple and safe solution. I’ve come across airbag lifters in the car world and thought I would see if there was such a thing for the caravans, Well too much delight I found one called “lock n Level” It’s new and solves many of the alignment and leveling issues being raised about the ALko. So I bought one!! I’m sure I won’t have any of the troubles mentioned. On my opposite wheel I’ll fit a Nemesis.

    • Lucie @ Caravan Guard says:

      Hi Paul!

      Thanks for getting in touch, sounds a though you’ve found the perfect solution! If anyone wants any more information on ‘Lock N Level’, click here to see the website.

      Caravan Guard

  14. John Dillon says:

    I raised the issues about the ALko wheel lock a long time ago. If you jack up the caravan to line up the receiver the suspension drops. When you lower the caravan with the jack the receiver will be a long way out. If the lock is clamped on in that position I am sure you can seriously damage the running gear. The only safe way to fit this thing is to move the van, using a mover is by far the easiest and safest method. I am going to switch to the Nemesis.

  15. Lawrence says:

    What a lot of wusses and grumps! A wheel lock is a good thing; no argument. We have an Alko. Yes, it can be awkward to fit, although I have never failed regardless of whether level or not. If there are two identical caravans in similar locations; one with an Alko lock and one without, you can bet your pension that the thief will go for the easy option. Nothing is going to stop a determined and skilled thief. They can find trackers and sometimes it’s even easier than removing a wheel lock. All one can do is make the caravan less attractive to steal than an unprotected one. Insurance companies know this which is why they offer discounts for these add-ons.

  16. Arthur Branthwaite says:

    I have a Bulldog wheel clamp fitted to my twin axle Coachman and was considering purchasing an Al ko wheel lock but after reading all contributors comments now have reservations! As an alternative I looked at the Nemesis website but there are so many bad reviews about their customer service I am now totally confused. I am 75 years old and don’t fancy grovelling about on the ground to fit a security device . Would appreciate any advice!

    • Lucie @ Caravan Guard says:

      Hi Arthur,
      AL-KO is one of the leading wheel locks out there, I guess it helps to hear other people’s reviews before you buy. Hopefully a few people will get in touch with further advice.

      Caravan Guard

  17. Barry M says:

    I wish to add a footnote to my earlier response to the AL-CO locks.
    I stated that it best to fit these while attached to the tow vehicle.
    I note that Paul agrees too.
    What neither of us have mentioned is that if your on a downhill slope or have reversed into position. The van wheels will be locked with the over run brake. If your pointing down hill, chock the other wheel to allow the brake to release.
    Simply apply the hand brake to the van and pull forward two inches to release the brake.
    Happy hols
    Barry M

  18. pedro davis says:

    Hello Lucie,
    Managed to release the barrel lock after much effort.
    Now on site and tried to fit the wheel clamps, difficult trying to line
    up wheels without jacking up van.
    They are good clamps, nobody takes any notice anyway so just have to get used to the difficulty of fitting them. Thanks anyway for your time.

  19. Peter Howells says:

    I’m an ex police officer and agree with those who claim that determined thieves will overcome even the most innovative and sophisticated security devices to take what they want. That said it is up to the individual to make things hard for them wherever possible and the fitting of a variety of security devices can delay them or cause them to have to make so much noise or put so much effort in that they may seek out an easier target. I own a single axle tourer on which I have fitted a variety of safety and security devices including the Alko wheel lock and personally have no issues fitting it using the motor mover and always level the caravan at the same time. Thre are no doubt lots of scenarios which could make the fitting of it difficult but have not yet encountered any other than occasionally finding that the tyre valve has ended up exactly where the receiver is positioned and have had to re-adjust but found that it has been worth it for peace of mind. I do sympathise with those with twin axles and can see how difficult it would be to apply both and maybe due consideration should be given to that by all insurance companies. Overall though a little bit of patience and effort to help protect what you feel is a valuable asset can help avoid the alarm and distress caused by the theft of it. Believe me I have seen the devastating effect that crime, no matter how minor, has on individuals subjected to it that any steps which you can take to deter or avoid it is worth it.

  20. jack lucas says:

    I have the alko wheel lock and have no problem locating the receiver by using my caravan mover—am surprised no-one has mentioned this approach

    • Lucie @ Caravan Guard says:

      Thanks Jack. Can I ask which motor mover you use? I’m sure other people would find it useful to know. Thanks

      Caravan Guard

  21. Kevin Walters says:

    Having to jack up the van for both ALCO’s to be fitted on my twin axle was a pain.

  22. Paul Horton says:

    Hi Lucie, do we need anymore on this? Try & give me an answer on my question, you must have talked to your powers that be. & what is the answer to our last blokes QUESTION, if he has no joy. (I had a question about health & safety) look back at the E.mails & try & find an answer R.S.V.P

    • Lucie @ Caravan Guard says:

      Hi Paul,

      I do believe I’ve answered everyone’s questions now including yours about what Caravan Guard would do if a customer had their caravan stolen when their insurance had run out. The underwriters would have to look at the individual case in detail. It’s not something I can give an hypothetical answer to.

      I’ll do my best to answer any other questions you have.



  23. pedro davis says:

    Many thanks Lucie, Will try again but not to sure this will work.
    regards Pedro

  24. pedro davis says:

    Have two alko wheel clamps fitted to my twin wheel bailey.
    Agree they are a pain, have experienced problems jacking the van, chocking wheels and still moving and coming off jack! spent hours over the last 5 years with these clamps!
    Have a problem at the moment, I cannot remove one clamp due to barrel lock turning, have tried spraying wd40 into barrel
    but key will not engage to release barrel so i can then remove clamp! what about fire hazard? How do you remove clamps in a emergency? still trying to release the barrel after 1 can of wd40! any ideas on releasing this clamp so I can get o my holiday!! please help.

    • Lucie @ Caravan Guard says:

      Hi Pedro,

      I’ll put your question to AL-KO and see if they can help. I’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

      Caravan Guard

    • Lucie @ Caravan Guard says:

      Hi Pedro,

      I’ve spoken to an AL-KO Representative who recommends the following:

      Ensure that you have pushed the barrel lock key right into the lock to the point where you cannot push it in any further. This should then stop the barrel lock from turning and enable you to turn the key and pull the barrel lock out.

      If this still does not work, there is a serrated section around the edge of the barrel lock that you should be able to get enough on to stop the lock from turning and then turn the key and remove the barrel lock.

      I hope this helps but if you need anything further then please let me know.


      Caravan Guard

  25. Rob Hayes says:

    Looked around at the sercurity locks that i am happy with as i paid money for the caravan so i want it to be safe, just like the rest of decent people who pay their hard earnt for there bit of pleasure.
    Bought an AL~KO Hitchlock then after looking around decided that the NEMESIS wheel lock to be the easiest to fit and at a fair price, as the AL~KO wheel lock was twice and a half the money which was in my belief wasnt that good anyway has the people that owned them said Quote {they are hard to fit} and are easy to get off by the thieves. Also fortunate to have a Tracker fitted whjch i hope i will not have to seek the phone call

    • Lucie @ Caravan Guard says:

      Thanks for the feedback Rob. We’ll be passing these comments back to AL-KO.

      Caravan Guard

  26. Paul Horton says:

    Thanks Lucie my little chicken, (I like an efficient woman)

  27. Paul Horton says:

    Hey there Lucie you have gone off the issue of the people who had their van stolen by thieves & lost all they had because their insurance had run out £17.000 worth, you hav,nt answered my question this is relevant to this issue of caravan security & insurance, come on tell me what your insurance company would have done to get YOUR money back through Brussells as per human rights, you did,nt put my question on before. Is this a sore subject we need an answer as customers. I won,t give up on this issue

    • Lucie @ Caravan Guard says:

      Hi Paul,

      We would refer the case to our underwriters Paul, whose decision it would be to recover the costs and decide whether to take the case further. I’ll put your query to our underwriters RSA.

      Also, comments on the blog can take time to be approved which is why your previous comment hadn’t appeared.

      Many thanks


  28. Paul Horton says:

    Hi lucie Tell me this, If those people were insured by your company & you paid them their £17.000 back would you have fought Brussells to get your money back or just take it with a pinch of salt ?, good question eh

  29. Paul Horton says:

    The non taxpayers who steal our vans & live in them have a right to if they have nowhere to live according to the law. do you remember the couple who had their new bailey stolen, well when the police tracked it down it was a family of the said ……. tramps & thieves the van was worth £17.000 the vans insurance had run out, the thieves said they bought it in a pub for £300 he was,nt sure who off. The police said they could,nt evict them or roposess the van because it was against their human rights as he had a written receipt scribbled on a piece of paper. The moral of the story is don,t have any locks or security cos if they want it they will get it & you can,t have it back till it,s in a s..t state, insurance companies want your money but look for any clause not to pay out

    • Lucie @ Caravan Guard says:

      Hi Paul,

      We do remember that, in fact we posted a link to the story on our Facebook page at the time. Most people agreed that the situation was unjust but it was the police who intervened rather than the insurance company. Let’s hope nothing like that happens again!


      Caravan Guard

  30. Robert Smith says:

    Dear Caravan Guard, there has been a lot of adverse comment about the AL-KO Axle lock here. Of course it is not directed at you but at the shortcomings of the product. Have you made AL-KO aware of the comments made? If they have any interest in customer relations or listening to customer feedback, I’m sure that they would be very interested.

    • Lucie @ Caravan Guard says:

      Hi Robert,

      We have made Al-KO aware of these comments yes. They’re very keen on listening to customers’ feedback.


      Caravan Guard

  31. Dave Johnstone says:

    In a peverse sort of way II was pleased to read so many negative comments about Alko locks as the views all echo my own experiences to a greater or lesser degree. However my real gripe is the insistence of insurers that two locks be fitted to twin axle caravans. My own van, a Sterling Elite Explorer has twin axles and an all wheel drive motor mover. I can usually position the van with the mover so I can fit one lock but the only way to fit the other lock is to jack the van up. Guess what, the mover obstructs the jacking point, making it impossible to fit the second lock. I have discussed this with my insurer who will not allow any discount on premium without the two locks, even though they are unable to suggest how I can fit both locks. Do Caravan Guard take a similar approach?

    • Lucie @ Caravan Guard says:

      Hi Dave,

      Thanks for getting in touch. In response to your query, I can say that we do not insist upon 2 axle wheel locks on twin axles but it is good practice to have two if you are able. This is because if you only had one wheel lock fitted a thief could puncture the tyres on the axle with the axle lock on and tow on the remaining two wheels.

      That said, we do still give a 10% discount for one axle wheel lock on a twin axle.

      I hope this answers your question, let me know if you need anything else.

      Caravan Guard

  32. Rob Wakelin says:

    Bob Smith,, spot on assessment of lock. Back to the drawing board and think tank. How many years have caravans been made and still no easy to use lightweight universal devices insurance approved by all companys that fits all vans at a set price. Its going to take a clever caravaner to crack this as lock and clamp makers still wrestling with it. Come on fellow vanners, ideas at the double. Somebody could make a fortune if they cracked this.

  33. Robert Smith says:

    Lucie – The weight of the Halfords trolley jack you referenced is 14Kg!! OK for securing a caravan in storage perhaps, but way too heavy to take touring. What is the point in having a 2 Kg lock if you have to carry a 14 Kg jack around to fit it?!!

    From all that has been said it is clear that AL-KO have come up with a poorly designed and costly product that a lot of people find difficult or downright dangerous to fit. They need to go back to the drawing board with something like the following set of design objectives:
    1. Lock the wheel securely to Sold Secure Platinum standard
    2. Fit wherever the wheel is stopped without having to jack up the caravan or rotate the wheel. Must be able to be fitted after levelling and without releasing the caravan brake.
    3. Able to be fitted when the wheel is on a ramp and any motor mover is fitted to the van.
    4. Be fitted from a crouching position in less than 1 minute.
    5. 10 year corrosion resistance.
    6. Not cause damage to alloy wheels in normal use.
    7. Universal fitting to any alloy wheel
    8. Less than £150 retail price.
    9 Weigh less than 5 Kg.
    Does anyone else think these objectives are reasonable, or how should they be modified?

    • Lucie @ Caravan Guard says:

      Hi Robert,

      Of course you’d need to shop around for the right weight trolley jack – these were just some examples.


  34. Ron F says:

    Hi Lucie, our new caravan does not have a motion sensor, it has a retrieve tracking device which is supposed to be superior, as I discussed last week with caravan guard.The new retrieve system does not have a motion sensor and relies on the owner contacting Tracker informing THEM if the van is stolen; If the owner does not know when his van is stolen, and it is in storage, how does this “significantly” reduce the chance of a van being stolen.

    • Lucie @ Caravan Guard says:

      They may not reduce the risk of thieves targeting the caravan altogether but as I say, they do help to reduce successful thefts because in most cases the caravan can be retrieved and returned to its rightful owner. Meaning the thieves can be stopped in their tracks.



  35. Ron F says:

    Hello Lucie, referring to your reply can you explain to me how a tracker reduces the risk of theft and break ins when caravan guard clearly state that no stickers should be displayed on the van? Additionally your discount of 15% is virtually the same as tracker cost over 5 years!

    • Lucie @ Caravan Guard says:

      Hi Ron,

      Our statistics show that tracking devices significantly reduce the chance of a caravan being successfully stolen without recovery. In addition pro-active devices which are linked to a motion sensor or alarm will trigger upon break in, meaning that the tracking device company can alert owners of a break in taking place.

      This gives a possibility of catching thieves in the act or the chance to resecure the caravan following a break in preventing further theft of items from inside and further damage.

      Many thanks


  36. Frank Ashfield says:

    I have two No 6 Alko wheel locks, previously fitted to a Lunar 640 RS, looking for a good home. Very reasonably priced

  37. Barry M says:

    I have 2 AL-Co locks fitted to my Bailey Senator twin axle.
    Certainly a secure device, but no way are they easy to fit.
    I have bought a small trolley jack to make fitting these locks easier.
    As the handbrake needs to be off. I jack up the van and fit while still hooked on to the tow vehicle.On a grass pitch I also have to put a large wooden pad under the jack to stop it sinking into the ground.This is no easy task in the rain or at night.During the learning curve.I jacked the van with the legs down to try to give the van more stability, but this put too much weight on the opposite legs.Leaving it attached to the car, even on a slope is a lot safer.

    • Lucie @ Caravan Guard says:

      Hi Barry, some great advice there thank you!

      It does appear from the feedback we’ve received that some people find wheel locks difficult to fit so any hints and tips you can share are really helpful. If anyone wants to know more about trolley jacks, there’s a few examples on the Halfords website, see here for details.



  38. Ron F says:

    My latest “new caravan” has an Alko wheel lock its easy to use and I have always used it across europe on sloping pitches etc.etc. of course sometimes you have to site the caravan the opposite way round to that preferred..but at least its insured…………..sometimes you have near misses with a 1.5tonne caravan almost trapping you…….but at least its insured……….my new caravan is fitted with a retrieve tracker………….now do I really want it retrieved..after certain non tax payers have “borrowed it”…………..come on insurers help us!!

    • Lucie @ Caravan Guard says:

      Hi Ron, it’s great to hear that you’re pleased with the ALKO Wheel Lock. Trackers are a great way to reduce risk of theft and break-ins. We endorse tracking devices by offering a 15% insurance discount to customers who have one fitted to their caravan. Click here for further details.
      Caravan Guard

  39. Geoff J says:

    First Alko lock was number 16, using motor mover to line it up was not easy, recently changed van now use number 15, this aligns up much more easily. The shape must in some way make it better. Something to think about when changing your van, with Tracker and alarm as well as the lock and Hitchcock my insurance is a great deal cheaper.

  40. Rob Wakelin. says:

    Easy to use product as long as you can get wheel spokes lined up bang on. Sometime valve is in way so lock cant be used. Doh lock desighners…. Cant be used when you are up on leveling ramps either unless you get a lucky break. Doh lock desighners….. Who is going to spend time in the rain jacking a van up in the dark with impatient family hanging around. Doh lock desighners….. who is going to risk jacking up on a sloping pitch with handbrake off to rotate wheel. Doh lock desighners….. A big re think needed on what cud be a good product. Good luck with yr locks my fellow vanners. Robo.

  41. Tony Greenwood says:

    We bought our first caravan last year, a Swift Ace Viscount, and had a motor mover fitted. We also bought the corresponding Alko wheel lock. I find that fitting the wheel lock is very easy, even on our sloping drive, by using the motor mover to align the wheel first before fitting the lock.

  42. brian ashmead says:

    very bad advice about fitting the Alko wheel lock, if you have shock absorbers fitted as per my Sterling Eccles Europa then you have to jack up the van, rotate the wheel off center to the receiver and fit the lock, when you lower the jack the wheel rotates to due to the shock absorber pulling it in, if you fit the lock as you suggest then the lock will bind against the wheel and ruin the alloy and be impossible to remove unless you jack up the van again. I have to agree with the comments about the this lock it is a bitch to fit and results in muddy knees and dirty hands, I wish caravan guard would recognise the Nemisis which seems easier to fit especially when on a muddy cl also agree that the Alko lock was designed by a non caravanner very bad design

  43. PAUL HORTON says:

    should have read tried to put two wheel locks on, on my drive

  44. PAUL HORTON says:

    I,ve got a buccaneer schooner, tried to wheel locks on, my drive is on a slight slope chocked one wheel & van slewed around & nearly crushed me against a wall. They are only any good for a single axle on level ground, otherwise they are dangerous as I found out. (DO HEALTH & SAFETY EVER GET INVOLVED IN THE DESIGNING OF THESE PROUCTS) I now use my other wheel locks & hitchlocks & my tracker, I,ll take my chance in court with my insurance company

  45. Ray Barnes says:

    I have just changed my ‘van from a Bailey to a Lunar and guess what. The Alko wheel lock insert doesn’t fit ! So now I’m faced with buying an expensive insert for the Lunar’s wheel. What a waste of money! Is there any wheel lock which is universal for alloy wheels?.

  46. Keith Johnson says:

    Having recently returned to caravanning after a break of several years, it has come as a surprise to me how much more complicated using a caravan has become. Caravans are full of gadgets that are beyond the competent amateur, and axle locks are near the top of the nuisance list. The level of hassle has made me regret buying a caravan several times already.

  47. Robert Smith says:

    Caravan Guard, Can you explain your comment that “even a small amount of wheel rotation could help thieves get away” please? I don’t really understand how you can steal a caravan with a wheel clamp in place.

    • Craig @ Caravan Guard says:


      You asked “Caravan Guard, Can you explain your comment that “even a small amount of wheel rotation could help thieves get away” please? I don’t really understand how you can steal a caravan with a wheel clamp in place.”

      I referred this to security expert Tim Booth who helped us write the feature. He says:

      “The ‘small amount of rotation’ relates to the ability to cause the fitting to ‘rock’ in the wheel profile. This action can then cause the wheel clamp to have forces exerted on it that it has not been designed to withstand – so rotating the wheels ‘in drive’ as you might say in a ‘powered’ tow situation will exert considerable force on the locking device and could eventually cause it to fail.”

  48. Robert Smith says:

    All I can say is that the Al-Ko lock must have been designed by someone who has no practical caravanning experience. They need to find a way to allow the receiver on the inside to be moved round rather than moving the wheel…. and stop price gouging their customers. I used to wonder why caravan chassis designs do not also routinely incorporate movers these days, until I saw the price uplift charged for a caravan chasssis with built in mover at the caravan show the other year!

  49. Roger Smithson says:

    I find the Bulldog wheel lock to be more practical and secure for fitting on camp sites. I also have an Al-Ko lock which was included with my caravan purchase but this is impractical to use on camp fields. Thus, the Al-Ko wheel lock system becomes an insurance risk for those people who have them but are unable to fit them when out camping and do not have an alternative.

  50. Brian Negus says:

    My neighbour sold me his Full Stop Excalibur for my Sprite Alpine 4, because his new Swift was supplied with the Al-Ko wheel lock. He now wishes he hadn’t as he finds the Al-Ko so much more difficult to fit, because the wheel has to be so precisely positioned for the ‘lozenge’ to seat in the alloy wheel opening.
    My drive has a slope, so it is very unsafe to consider jacking up one side of the caravan, as obviously the brakes would have to be off to allow the wheel to be rotated to the correct position to fit the lock.
    The Excalibur fits the Al-Ko receiver perfectly and is able to accommodate moderate misalignment, of approximately 2cm of wheel rotation either way. Where this is not achievable, the kit includes an additional arm that can be fitted, and which passes through the wheel, thus converting the wheel lock into a wheel clamp.

    • Craig @ Caravan Guard says:

      Hi Brian, we do recognise the Excalibur as a wheel clamp as it has been certified Gold standard as a wheel clamp by Sold Secure. But we don’t currently recognise as an axle wheel lock as it hasn’t achieved Sold Secure approval as a wheel lock. We obviously appreciate the difficulties you face using the AL-KO Secure product given your sloped drive way.
      Kind regards
      Caravan Guard

  51. Royallen says:

    Why don’t alko supply locks for o/s/wheels

  52. Steve Cotterill says:

    I’ve just noticed that Peter Quayle on March 29th bought a Nemesis Ultra and he seems satisfied with it, and believes most insurance companies are okay about it. How does Caravan Guard rate it?

    • Craig @ Caravan Guard says:

      Hi Steve,
      We don’t currently recognise the FullStop Nemesis Ultra Wheel Lock as an axle wheel lock so do not offer a discount for its fitment. Our research indicates that this product has not passed the Sold Secure test. You can check this using the Sold Secure approved product finder.
      That said we do accept the Nemesis Ultra as a wheel clamp.
      Kind regards
      Caravan Guard

  53. Steve Cotterill says:

    I am considering buying a FullStop Nemesis Ultra Wheel Lock. It’s described as “Weighing in at just over 3kg and able to fit in a shoe box, installation of the Nemesis Ultra wheelclamp is a simple matter of locate, lock and go. Despite its compact size it is incredibly secure, boasting Thatcham Category 3 Quality Assured status”. Advertisers claim it’s Sold Secure Approved.
    Now this really appeals to me, but I don’t see it in your list above. Does it qualify for an insurance discount?

  54. Mr J. Ross says:

    I was about to purchase one of these wheel locks when a fellow caravaner pointed out to me how awkward it was to fit them, and you have to get down on the ground on your hands and knees to fit them which takes absolute ages, to say nothing of the mess you get into if the ground is wet or raining.

  55. Brian Green says:

    Just to paint a picture.
    Arriving at site in the evening, tired, hungry and it is dark & pooring with rain. Just want to go to the local pub for food & a well deserved pint. Do you realy think I am going to chock the wheels, jack up the van just to fit a bloody wheel lock!!!!

  56. Robert Smith says:

    Having to jack up the van is just absurd and must be time consuming and impractical – dangerous even – on a sloping pitch. Oh, and they say the price is “a FEW HUNDRED pounds”!!! Yes, they are £254.95 on the Al-Ko website. I have seen the Full Stop Excalibur receiver wheel clamp which gets over the positioning problem and is less than half the price. It has a Sold Secure Gold rating against the Diamond rating for the Al-Ko product. I’d be interested to know if they are any good. for when I eventually change my caravan, but for the moment I’m sticking to a clamp with mys steel wheels!

    • Craig @ Caravan Guard says:

      Just to reiterate, see response to Brian Negus. We do recognise the Excalibur as a wheel clamp as it has been certified Gold standard as a wheel clamp by Sold Secure. But we don’t currently recognise as an axle wheel lock as it hasn’t achieved Sold Secure approval as a wheel lock.
      Kind regards
      Caravan Guard

      • Craig @ Caravan Guard says:

        Update January 2016.
        Please note we can now accept the Purpleline Excalibur as an axle wheel lock subject to one condition.
        The Purpleline Fullstop Excalibur is supplied with a bolt which means it can be locked into the AL-KO Secure axle wheel lock receiver. Only where this bolt is used in a combination with an AL-KO receiver can we accept this device as an axle wheel lock and offer our insurance discount for its fitment.

  57. Robert Smith says:

    John Barker, I have a Bailey Arizona 2002 with steel wheels. I use a Krooklock wheel clamp (plus a hitch lock, and an alarm when not in storage). Make sure that what you get does not allow the wheel nuts to be removed, although as others have said, a determined thief will not be deterred by any device. There is not much that will resist an angle grinder or oxy-acetylene torch.

  58. Keith Slaughter says:

    I still use the Bulldog wheel lock. Does this no longer qualify for discount?

    • Craig @ Caravan Guard says:

      We continue to offer the discount for existing customers who have the Bulldog max fitted. This device is no longer produced.
      Kind regards
      Caravan Guard

  59. Mike Marsden says:

    The Alko locks we had on a twin axle were a pain as you always had to use a jack, fine on hard standing but on soft ground even with wood under the jack would nearly always start to tilt one way or another.

    Having said all that I have now got an Elddis on a BPW chassis which makes the Alko a dream to use. On the BPW you can’t even fit one lock without jacking, have just had to invest in a trolley jack to fit the diamond locks as the van is uninsured without both locks fitted.

    Can I have Alko locks fitted to a BPW chassis?

  60. John Barker says:

    What is the best wheel lock for a Bailey Pageant Monarch 2003 with steel (non-alloy) wheels?

  61. Margaret Craner says:

    The AlKo wheel clamp sounds a good idea, but once again, it makes life very difficult, especially for someone like me. I am on my own, having recently lost my husband, and there is no way that I can fit this clamp on my own. I cannot operate a jack to lift the van. ALKO really needs to rethink this clamp to make it easier for someone like me to operate it. If it can be burnt out as easily as the previous comment suggests, is it really worth fitting?

  62. iain rankin says:

    Does this mean that the Bulldog axle wheel lock manufactured for a short period(until Alco took them to court for infringing their patent?)which also uses the receiver is no longer included in the approved list,it used to be?

    • Craig @ Caravan Guard says:

      See above response to Keith – we currently continue to accept Bulldog Max for existing customers.
      Kind regards
      Caravan Guard

  63. ROBIN WARD says:

    The Al-Ko wheel lock is very efficient and an easy way to secure your caravan although my Al-ko wheel lock has made my alloy wheel corrode when left on over winter.
    I seems that water has been trapped between the Al-Ko wheel lock and the alloy wheel resulting in corrosion of the rim. of course it may be due to poor treatment on the rim during manufacture or just a poor quality wheel on my new caravan.I have reported it to both the caravan manufacturer *(Lunar)and Al-Ko but have not received a reply from either, unserprisingly

  64. Peter Quayle says:

    What a lot of faffing about. Got one fitted to my Bailey and it’s OK on a very level pitch if you have the patience. (I don’t). Just bought a Nemises Ultra. (£100). Worth every penny. Very easy to fit and most insurance companies are OK about it if fitted together with a hitch lock. If someone is set on stealing your van, nothing will stop the determined thief!

  65. David Seymour says:

    My caravan had Al-Ko Secure wheel and hitch locks, stay locks and alarmed and stolen last month. Replacement van now requires a Phantom GPS system for me to be insured. Moral therefore to buy the Tracker and leave the rest at the dealers. I could have bought a decent tracker for third of cost directly linked to my phone but NOT accepted.

  66. John O'Shaughnessy says:

    We use our Alko wheel lock when the caravan is at home on our drive, because it is level and we can easily align the receiver. However, it virtually impossible to align the receiver on any pitch on a campsite that is not perfectly level and has room for a bit of backwards and forwards adjustment, other than by using a jack. Anyone who says otherwise has not tried it or is happy not to level the caravan. And for twin axles, needing two locks the problem is even worse.An insurance policy that requires the lock to be fitted at all times is therefore pretty well useless in terms of theft protection.

  67. Phil strickland says:

    Waste of money my Alko locks were burnt off through the wheel spokes too easy.

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