Caravan Guard guide on motorhome tyres

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  1. Keith R. Belson says:

    I have been advised that my motorhome must have tyres specifically made for motorhomes but I’m not sure if this is correct. Are Michelin Aglis Cross Climate 215/70 R15 van tyres with a 109 load rating legal for a 3,500 KG motorhome for insurance purposes?

  2. Steven Mason says:

    Are CP (Camper Tyres) not just 10-ply tyres in a cunning disguise?

    • Liz @ Caravan Guard says:

      Hi Steven, we’ve spoken to Tyresafe and here’s the answer to your question:
      CP-type tyres are not just 10-ply (10 PR) tyres in disguise, they have been specifically designed for motorhome conditions of use. Meaning that the tyre’s ride and handling, endurance at high continuous loads as well as grip on a variety of surfaces have been designed with motorhome use in mind.
      10-ply tyres would have been C-type tyres designed for light commercial (van) use and hence they will not be optimised for motorhome conditions of use. Also if the vehicle was originally equipped with CP-type tyres, the vehicle manufacturer’s tyre inflation pressures may not be correct if 10-ply tyres were used in their place. Hence we would not advise changing the original tyre specification.

  3. David Russell says:

    Excellent article, especially the section on changing tyres after 5 years regardless of actual wear. Thanks keep up the good work

  4. Jeremy Rowley says:

    We had terrible problems getting up a slight slope to our pitch in the rain this summer. We had to use two sets of ramp mats and walked it 60 cm at a time swapping mats over for about 100m. Is there any guidance on how to cope with this, or are there better tyres with more grip suitable for these conditions?

  5. Nick Lambert says:

    A very good article, for the majority of motorhomers.

  6. John Mosedale says:

    Your article on tyres is sound EXCEPT that it persists with the advice that “Motorhome manufacturers (and their dealers) should be able to provide recommended pressures for the vehicles they produce.”
    They don’t, at least in Swift’s case. What you SHOULD have said is that you should get your motorhome weighed – front axle weight and rear axle weight – when you have it loaded as you would when you travel. It takes 10 minutes and cost me under a tenner.
    Then contact the tyre manufacturer. Continental Tyres sent me a table with the tyre pressures for the different axle weights for their Vanco tyres that are fitted to our Ducato based motorhome. Pressure differs between front and rear axles for the same weight.
    The ride on our van is transformed from feeling like a shopping trolley – hard, bouncy and noisy, to resembling a swan on a lake – smooth, quiet and comfortable – as far as you can in a 3.5 tonne van.
    Don’t believe manufacturers are hopeless on tyre pressures? OK, this is what my Swift Manual says:
    “Please refer to base vehicle manufacturer’s handbook (Fiat or AL-KO AMC conversion handbook) for tyre pressure information. This may also be displayed in the driver’s or passenger’s door aperture.
    “Motorhome Tyre Specifications
    You should note that your Motorhome is fitted with “Camper Tyres”. Camper tyres meet a specific “CP” (Camping Pneu) standard for tyres on Motorhomes. The Camper tyres on a Motorhome (unlike a commercial van) are designed to carry a significantly higher load for the majority of their life and even when stationery for greater periods of time unlike a van which typically loads and unloads. As a result Camper tyres have stiffened side walls to withstand the increased payloads and pressure on them, this extra reinforcement also gives better vehicle stability on the rear with the heavier rear axle loads typical on a Motorhome. The tyres are also designed to improve mileage (wear) and offer better grip off road. When replacing your tyres we only recommend the fitment of CP or Camper Tyres.
    “Tyre Pressure
    The motorhome tyre pressures noted in the Technical book are the pressures stated by Fiat for your vehicle calculated in a fully laden condition. If you are not running fully laden, reduced pressures could be used but please seek clarification from the Tyre manufacture.”
    How unhelpful is that – why not GIVE us the clarification for the tyres fitted from new. And then the Fiat manual says 80psi front and back.
    Actually, if I go on Continental’s recommendation, I only need around 50psi for the load we carry. It’s the difference between running on wooden tyres compared to pneumatic tyres!
    Look; manufacturers OWE IT TO THEIR CUSTOMERS to tell them how to work out the right tyre pressure. TYRE PRESSURE IS A SAFETY CRITICAL SYSTEM. Isn’t it? Would insurers pay out for an accident of they found the tyres were significantly wrongly inflated?
    It’s high time that insurers, motorhome magazines and Tyresafe got their act together to collectively badger and INSIST that manufacturers give us the weight vs pressure tables that are available from tyre manufacturers and that we need. Do it once of all your customers. It’s stupid to ask us to all to contact the tyre company. OK, if I fit a different tyre later, then the onus is on me to find out the pressures to use. But NOT on a new van.
    They don’t listen to us. Perhaps they’ll listen to you.

    • Liz @ Caravan Guard says:

      Thanks for your comments John. I’ve updated our article with your advice about weighing the ‘van and checking with the tyre manufacturer for those struggling to find an accurate tyre pressure figure and have passed on your comments to Swift to see if it’s something they can look into.

  7. Tim Snowden says:

    Great article will be saving it in my email account.

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