A caravan motor mover is essential

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  1. David Dodd says:

    Got my Van without one, on site was fine and so far I’ve not needed it on site but when its getting parked for storage and out ready to go its an absolute joy to use the motor mover. Due to a narrow road it was shunting back and forth with the car to get it out. Press of the buttons and its now waiting for the car to attach. Wouldnt be without the motor mover now.

  2. Barry Lomax says:

    My mover came part of my package this year when purchasing a new Crusader, I tried moving it without the mover, and why bother. Movers are the way forward and if they are part of the Caravan from the factory then they will be less costly.
    Caravans seem to be getting lighter so they will come up with something to way up the extra weight.

  3. Lou M says:

    We love our mover especially when getting the lateral levelling right. However we did have a problem with it at first – its obviously really a caravanning man toy and husband was getting so grumpy with it one day when it just would do what he wanted so I strolled over to have a little look only to find that the main cause of his issues were being caused because he had the controls the wrong way round – Yes I know its got a diagram of a caravan on it. I laughed till I cried…..

  4. 'The Craftyfox' says:

    I am a now long retired trucker of some 45 years driving artics and drawbars on multi drop work – so reversing etc; no problem and have often gone to the aid of lesser experienced members. Upon retirement I fitted my own mover and have since twice transferred it.
    I find this device invaluable for precise infinite location of through the wheel locking and, levelling on nicely kept but soft grass pitches, rather than damaging the site.
    Tip.- I now use a few short lengths of decking board as ‘step ups’ as a better method than the yellow ramp type which cause the van to often swing round.
    I do not advocate fitting as standard on new vans – bumping up prices even further, such things should be left to choice- with exception of Tyron banďs which should be- if not already.

  5. Phil says:

    I have never had a mover in 30+ years carjacking but think they’re great. I do all my manoeuvring by careful planning and reversing but just on the odd occasion wished we had one. As vans get heavier (why?) I am more tempted but remember the extra weight is lost from your loading margin.

  6. Colin Charlett says:

    Shaun sounds like the sort of know it all that I would hate to be pitched next to. I had an HGV for 37 years and can reverse my caravan and trailer if I need to but why struggle when you don’t need to. I assume that Shaun doesn’t use mains hook up or on board heating either. Just like the good old days eh!

  7. Peter Dale says:

    I bought my caravan new in 2000 and had a mover fitted in the same year. Both the van and the mover are still working well. I would doubt that I would still be caravanning at my age (79) if I did not have the mover, it’s a question of being ‘strong’ enough to be doing the manual manoeuvring of hitching and unhitching and pushing the caravan into its home parking spot when reversing it is impossible. I have caravanned for 42 years and do not doubt my reversing skills.

    I feel that the mover is an essential part of the modern caravan and should be fitted as standard when new

  8. Steve Heath says:

    Movers are great until you need them to help levelling. My last 2 birth had one installed but anything more than a shuffle on the level and you find yourself hooking the car back up, which then gets embarrassing. Cars with manual transmission may risk clutch problems but automatics prevent that problem. As a very seasoned caravanner i’d say i’m swung each way but now with a 2024 twin axle needing 2 movers…£2000 isn’t value for money.

  9. Bryn says:

    Read the comment Shaun made about reversing. Think you’re making the very incorrect assumption that caravan owners don’t know how to reverse. With barely 2″ either side of my drive I’d love to see you reverse down there hooked up, not to mention the manoeuvring at the bottom to put it to one side (which will not accommodate the length of a van and car).
    So Shaun – horses for course. If you don’t need one – fine. There are those of us who find them essential (not because of our driving skills)

  10. Peter Tomlin says:

    REF Shaun Coates comment,i have been reversing caravans,40ft trailers on the back of my artic for the last 45yrs, I have a motor mover as due to a disability and the way i have to park our van at home (ie in gate forward)i think they are a brilliant invention so it might be a good idea if maybe some people should put there brain into reverse gear before they put their typing into gear,,im a professional driver and have the licence to prove it.

  11. Chris Scrimshaw says:

    there is always someone who has to belittle those who might in their opinion not possess the “required” skills to handle a caravan….. I wonder who fits the bill in this discussion?

  12. Peter says:

    We have a motor mover so we can park our van onto our drive forwards making harder to steal without it we couldmt do that as our road is narrow and full of parked cars .
    A merry Christmas and a happy new year and safe caravaning

  13. Graham Billington says:

    All else aside it is a crucial safety aide where I live, the road is totally manic I have had people drive up curbs to get around me rather than wait a minute or two to allow me to maneuver my caravan up the drive. Now they wait, I park the 4X4 20 feet down the road and use its shelter to take the van now revengefully at my own pace up the drive! No regrets and absolutely no stress.

  14. Shaun Coates says:

    I think they’re a dreadful invention. It would be far better if caravan owners learnt how to reverse them before being allowed out on the road.
    I’m a caravan owner, I love it and I know how how to reverse it!

    • Liz @ Caravan Guard says:

      Thanks for your comments Shaun. Everyone’s different and many of our readers do find the mover a great help, particularly if they have mobility issues, or have hilly driveways, but they’re definitely not for everyone.

  15. Alistair H G Allcroft says:

    Following recovery from a heart attack I didn’t find it so easy to manhandle the caravan into it’s storage position at the side of the house. Because of this drawback we were quite a few years where the caravan went un-used with consequent great limitations on our holidays and outings.
    DIY fitting of a Powrtouch Classic and everything came back on line! Piece of cake to get the van out, prepare for the off …and return to base after a trip. Absolute Godsend …..go get one if you are lacking.

  16. Bryn says:

    Whilst I only have a small van (Avondale passion 380/2). I have a very narrow drive and without a mover would undoubtedly damage the sides. It’s an absolute essential for me.
    Additionally, after breaking down in France we were dropped off at a campsite just in front of the pitch. Without a mover I’d have had great difficulty in positioning it on the allocated spot.
    Wouldn’t be without one again.

  17. Colin Charlett says:

    We have an uphill slope on the road and another slope up into the garden. The lane we live in is also very narrow. With a mover we can unhitch and have the caravan in the garden in a couple of minutes. Without, we would be holding the traffic up for much longer, which the leads to abuse from impatient drivers. Wouldn’t be without the mover

  18. Martin Dawson says:

    When I was taking my caravan in for a service my 4 year old powrtouch had konked out. When trying to move said caravan with a friend I did my back in 6 months later it still isn’t right the mover was repaired under warranty, pity my back couldn’t have been. Thank goodness for my motorhome so much easier. They are a godsend but a pain in the butt to operate(powrtouch) that is.

  19. mike says:

    i agree with what you said i never had one till last yr but i love it couldn,t do with out it

  20. John Turner says:

    Your pie chart percentages come to over 100%. To be fair you do state 7% in the text but 9% in the chart. I minor point but it made me chuckle.
    As for the Motor Mover, yes, I would not like to be without mine for sure. I don’t use it every time but when I do it’s a godsend.
    Happy Christmas everyone!

    • Liz @ Caravan Guard says:

      Thanks John – well spotted! We’re working on changing that now. Merry Christmas to you too 🙂

  21. Peter Tomlin says:

    Being mature and slighty disabled couldnt do without our motor mover best thing we got for our van,as we have to park it in forwards for security reasons and there is no way would we be able to push it.

  22. B Boyle says:

    In agree with every thing said about motor movers couldn’t do without mine

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