Caravan spring checks: Preparing your tourer for the new season

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  1. Roger Blackwell says:

    After reading your article servicing your caravan which I agree is most important and preferably done by a professional. This is where I have a problem.
    We have a Bailey caravan with a 10yr warranty and nearly 2yrs old,is now due for a service. I am told it will cost £300 and has to done as the warranty will be void unless completed.
    This to me seems expensive for less than 6 hrs work. I can get the same work done by a mobile qualified service engineer for half the price, but how can I find out if this covers my warranty and who do I call and check the mobile engineers are genuine. I live in Pembrokeshire and feel it is unfair to give the companys name who quoted £300.00

    • Craig says:

      We took advice from the National Caravan Council on this Roger.

      They suggested to check if the mobile service engineer is enrolled into the NCC Approved Workshop scheme.

      This will mean that the service engineer is subject to an annual independent assessment to ensure they continue to meet industry standards and best practice. Employing an approved workshop will also protect your warranty as Bailey fully supports the scheme.

      Visit to check if the mobile service engineer is enrolled.
      Kind regards
      Caravan Guard

  2. Kevin Thomas says:

    With reference to the Fire Extinguisher mentioned in your article. Most of these extinguishers are filled with Dry Powder, it is a good idea to remove these from their bracket (6 monthly or before every journey) and give them a good shake. the powder settles and can become so solid that when you go to use it nothing comes out. There is usually a pressure guage mounted on the neck mof the extinguisher, this should be well into the green area or towards the top of the green. If it is at the bottom or going into the lower red area replace the extinguisher. Personally I prefer a Co2 extinguisher, a bit more expensive but a lot less messy than dry powder. If you use a dry powder extinguisher get out at least until the powder has settled, nasty stuff, you will be cleaning it up for the next six months. A bit like exploding a very large tin of talcum powder!

  3. Neil says:

    David A – What you say is absolutely right, and I would agree that if you walk in to a caravan and there is an instant and obvious smell of damp then there is clearly a serious problem. In the article, when we refer to smelling damp it is on specific items and a smaller scale. i.e. Moving a cushion or opening a cupboard and it having a damp or fusty smell for example. In minor cases like this the actions outlined in the article will generally be effective.

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    Caravan Guard

  4. David Clarke says:

    What do Caravan Guard do exactly? How did you get my name? Do I have the benefit of your services – presumably as a security agency?

  5. kevin pickering says:

    very sound advice

  6. David Atkinson says:

    I would take issue with the advise about damp. If you can smell damp then there is a serious problem. This requires a seal or section of awning rail to be removed and rebeded. If the caravan is over a few years old it is possible a variety of seals have started to fail. I suggest once the damp has been repaired the caravan is serviced by a main dealer in the autumn. Over the years I have replaced a lot of seals, however the last time our caravan leaked we took it to the main dealer!

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