Caravan winter wheels… and more

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  1. Mark Lambert says:

    Sorry to confuse matters but it was an Alko wheel lock and a Milenco hitchlock that were cut off. I found the JSB device after that incident and can’t see how it coiuld be removed. It is a great security device.

  2. mark lambert says:

    i Agree wholeheartedly with the first comment and for years have failed to understand why insurance discounts are offered for Alko wheel locks but not the JSB hublock. Our caravan was in secure storage with both Alko wheel lock and JSB hu8block and both were cut off in a matter of minutes. THankfully the theives were disturbed and left the caravan with the pieces of burnt lock on the ground. We invested in the JSB hublock and it appears way more secure. When will you offer a discount for this device?

    • Craig @ Caravan Guard says:

      Hi Mark
      Thanks for your comment to our blog article.
      Did you mean to say the JSB Hublock was cut off? The Hublock usually involves taking the wheels off so it seems unusual to have it fitted in combination with the AL-KO Secure.
      We will be monitoring the effectiveness of the JSB over the coming 12 months. It could be something we offer a discount for going forward. I wonder how popular the JSB is as taking wheels off could be quite daunting to some owners? (But at the same time a huge deterrent to thieves). I thought perhaps it would be more popular amongst seasonal touring caravan owners?

  3. Frank Gollins says:

    Its about time you put something on here about the JSB Hublock. Well done.

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