Tips on caravanning in bad weather

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  1. John says:

    Before you turn in fill your kettle or pan with water incase your water is frozen overnight so you can have a warm cuppa during the night or early next morning to start the day.If it’s forecast windy during your stay find the direction and have your entrance to the caravan opposit to the wind so it’s easy to open and close the door.

    • Craig @ Caravan Guard says:

      Great tip to leave some water in the kettle John, we couldn’t get going without a cuppa in the morning!

  2. Andy Wilson says:

    Set your ‘fridge vents to winter setting or fit the manufacturer’s approved winter grills to keep it running efficiently.
    When pitching up consider a pitch facing into the prevailing wind so you can use roof vents to remove condensation without rain or snow being driven in.
    Take an extra dog to put on the bed in case it gets really cold!

  3. Val says:

    Any suggestions for those of us lucky enough to hook up the water directly to the tap? Should it be disconnected and drained overnight to stop it freezing? Thanks

    • Lucie @ Caravan Guard says:

      Hi Val,

      Thanks for getting in touch. Yes, you should always disconnect the hose if the temperature is low or freezing to stop the water in it from freezing. I hope this helps.

      Caravan Guard

  4. ian says:

    always find this is good time to clean rubber sael around doors windows and rub down with silicon spray etc this prevents windows sticking to the rubber and makes then easy to open when weather gets better

  5. Charlie Tribe says:

    Hey 🙂
    Dome brilliant tips there, thank you.
    Wondering if we could ask for a few more?
    We are going away tomorrow for half term….. In this predicted hurricane!
    We are gonna make sure we have gas and the battery is charged in case the on site EHU fails but can anyone give any tips on dealing with the driving rains and 80+ mph winds that are expected?
    There’s a part of me that wants not to go and the other part that says no, sod it! I will not let the Weather spoil it!
    Thanks in advance xxx

    • Lucie @ Caravan Guard says:

      Hi Charlie, hopefully the storm won’t affect your plans too much. There’s more advice on caravanning in strong winds, tips on how to avoid snaking and how to tow in difficult conditions on our blog. Click here for details. Have a lovely trip! (weather permitting!)

  6. Lucie @ Caravan Guard says:

    Two great tips, thanks Andy! Keep them coming everyone!

  7. Andy Binns says:

    Carry spare fuses, if one blows in your heating system and it’s freezing outside, it won’t be long before you are shivering. Also keep a small handy toolkit containing essentials under a bunk, at least the tools won’t be cold and damp and dirty in your van.

  8. Andy Binns says:

    If driving in snow and ice either to or from a site, ensure tyres and weights are adhered to and keep the tow car in as high a gear as possible so as not to induce rear wheel spin which will jackknife your outfit.

  9. Lucie @ Caravan Guard says:

    Glad you find these useful Phil!

  10. LJ says:

    When the temperature gets really low, unplug the water pump and bring it into the caravan overnight. If you are on hookup, a pond heater dangled into the aquaroll will stop it from freezing over. Dont forget to take a Carbon monoxide alarm with you, its easy to accidentally block vents.

  11. Phil Clarke says:

    As a relatively new caravaner all hints and tips be they winter or summer are vital for such as I to learn the easy way rather than the hard way so, keep them coming please

  12. David Clark says:

    Always place your aquaroll on a piece of wood as well as insulating.
    Fit an auto changeover valve for gas as it always runs out in the middle of night.

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