Community Poll Results: Do you have Tyron bands fitted to your car or caravan?

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  1. cliff stanley says:

    No discount off my camping and caravan insurance

    • Craig says:

      If you have got Tyron bands fitted, give us a try at next renewal and claim our 5% discount.
      Caravan Guard

  2. cliff stanley says:

    local kwik fit charge extra for renewing tyres with Tyron bands.
    I bought secondhand caravan with Tyron bands,when renewing tyres found only one tyre fitted with band,other was on the spare!

  3. Philip says:

    Sorry to hear your local Kwikfit won’t deal with Tyron bands but both my local Kwikfit outlets (near Sutton Coldfield, obviously no help to you) fit Tyron bands.

  4. Terry says:

    Had blowout in France resulting in horrendous collision. Since returning to caravanning I have bands fitted and trust they live up to expectations.

  5. Terry says:

    20 years ago I had never heard of tyron bands and had a blowout on caravan tyre in France resulting in horrendous collision in which myself, my wife and daughter were severely injured. Since returning to caravanning I have fitted the bands for peace of mind and trust they live up to their claims.

  6. b t savage says:

    had 2 blowouts on the caravan in Spain due to faulty tyres both wheel arches damaged had to remove tyron bands myself and unable to have them refitted until I came home,

  7. John says:

    In reply yo Philip, my local Kwik Fit refused to do them, there mobile fitters might but the Kwik Fit here in Rutherglen refused even when I offered the tools and instructions.

  8. Ron Coles says:

    I have tyrons fitted now, but once had a blowout without them and the damage was horrendous

    • Craig says:

      Some fantastic stories explaining the value of Tyron bands on here. Thanks for sharing and keep them coming.
      Caravan Guard

  9. Richard Swainston says:

    I had my tyres changed at 3 years old the tyre fitter had some trouble with the tyron bands but charged me no extra.
    I have had one puncture in 20years of tyron bands, in Morocco on the tis-n-test pass, I was able to decend and drive to the next site but needed a new tyre on arrival.

  10. Gordon Best says:

    I have had tyron bands fitted to my new caravan. They seem like a really great safety feature which I hope i will never need.

    The only down side seems to be that tyre fitting firms are reluctant to change the tyres or repair them. We shall see if the firm Tyron can change this policy of refusal.

  11. Philip says:

    Reply to John.
    Kwikfit will repair tyres with Tyron Bands as they also fit them

  12. John says:

    I’ve had a puncture in my caravan and the Tyron bands stopped any real problems.
    I then discovered that no local tyre fitting firm would even try to repair the tyre, I had to go to a specialist caravan agents. I think Tyron need to get one or two of the major tyre fitting chains to undertake repair on tyres with the bands fitted.

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